Ok guys so I’m happy with the way you all are loving my story . Thank you so much . So some of you wanted to know what Nandini read in that diary that she came to know about Manik being good.

So In the diary , Manik wrote about his childhood memories . How he used to take part in charity events but nyonika doesn’t like all this so she didn’t allow him . And how he had to obey nyonika when his dad was not there . she allowed him to become friends with only the children of rich parents. And so many good things he did in childhoo ams so on .And that he hates nyonika for some reason . (This reason is not yet revealed , I’ll be revealing it later )



Nandini follows Manik. Someone watches Nandini as she leaves the room. Yes it’s ALYA . She is angry that Manik didn’t shouter Nandini . She thinks if it was me or anyone else , he would have shouted at them then y not Nandini ?
Manik comes to cabir’ s cabin . He asks Nandini to wait outside. He goes in .
C: what’s up bro ? I mean sir…(teasing him)
M: chup kar yaar
C: acha what happened ?
M:u remember right ? Tomorrow early morning flight to Singapore.
C: ya ya I remember . At 3am right ?
M: yeah so I’ll come to ur house and then from there we will go . Ok?
C: yeah but Nandini is also coming right ? What abt her ?
M: Nandini … Yes she will come along with me to ur house. Ok then carry on with ur work .
C: yeah bro .

Manik comes outSide the cabin . Nandini is there .
M: Mr. Khurrana will send a mail by 6pm , read it and prepare the presentation for tomorrow’s meeting. Get it ?
N: yes sir
M: and yes the presentation should be made in such a way that we get the project ok?
N: yes sir
M: Gud .
N:sir , u have an appointment today with the Doctor .
M: ok let’s go .

They leave and Nandini alone returns to office to continue her work . Mr.khurrana send the mail . She makes the presentation and leaves for her home.

Cabir is at manik’s place
C: Manik is the presentation ready?
M: ya Nandini is doing it now
C: now ? At this time ? Office time is over right ?
M: ya but I asked her to do it .
C: Manik like serious can u be so rude yaar ?
M: oh hello I gave her the job bcz I wanted to make her suffer for messing with me . So ya .
C: like seriously Manik just bcz she messed with u doesn’t mean u give her a tough Time . I mean she’s a girl . At this time all alone in office is not safe for her.

Manik gets into thinking

In office Nandini is making the presentation .
Manik calls her .
M: did u make it?
N: sir I’m making it . Don’t worry I’ll finish it .
M: I called to tell no need go home .
N: but sir the presentation is important right ?
M: I said go ,so go. Get it ?
N: yes sir .
He cuts the call.
N: aiyappa ! Like seriously what’s his problem ? First he asks me to do t and then he asks me not to do it .
But Nandini makes the presentation and then leaves for her home .

She reaches her home and calls her mom . She talks to her mom about going to Singapore .
The next day early morning Nandini , Manik and cabir reaches the airport. They board the flight . They reach Singapore by 8:30 am .
Nandini is amused by the sights . They go to a 7star hotel . Manik , cabir nd Nandini goes to their rooms and freshens up . They get ready for the meeting and leaves .

They reach the Khurrana’s office . They are welcomed by mr.khurrana .
The meeting starts after sometime .
Manik talks to Nandini
M: Nandini did u prepare it well cause I didn’t even look at it once . I’m trusting u .
Nandini feels happy that Manik trusts her . Manik wishes her all the best.
She presents it well .
Mr Khurrana : I’m Impressed with ur presentation . I’m giving this project to the malhotras.
Cabir ,Nandini and Manik gets so happy .
The meeting is over . They all disperse . Khurrana congrats Manik and Nandini .
They leave the conference room .
M: thank u soo much Nandini
He goes to hug Nandini . He then stops . He just realizes what he was going to do . Nandini is also surprised. Manik then moves back and shakes hands with her . Cabir smiles seeing them and thinks this is some chemistry . Cabir coughs . Manik looks at cabir and goes to hug him . He hugs cabir .
M: lemme inform dad about this .
Manik calls KUBER .
M: hi dad ! Guess what ? We got the deal .
K: wow ! I knew it u would do this for me .
M: actually dad it’s all bcz of Nandini . She worked hard and got this .
Nandini is surprised hearing this . She is happy that at last Manik is being good with her . Cabir sees Nandini smiling at Manik .
Manik cuts the call.
Just then a girl comes from back and keeps hand on manik’s shoulder . Manik turns and the girl smiles .

Who is that girl ? Will Manik and Nandini come together or will their destiny have something else for them ?

Guys pls comment how was today’s update

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  1. Dont tell me it’s soha thst will be not fair for nundu.

  2. I think the girl non other then ALIYA……..
    but it’s just a random guess…..

    But ue story is too good….nd amazing yar….
    Keep going…
    Eagerly waiting for next episode…..

  3. Manan_0206

    Guys sorry there is a mistake

    They leave and Nandini alone returns to office to continue her work . Mr.khurrana send the mail . She makes the presentation and leaves for her home..

    Here she doesn’t leave for her home . She leaves when Manik asks her to .

    And I updated it yesterday but there was some problem so the website didn’t post it

  4. Not now can put her later in the story not now just let the story floow a little bit
    Just let us enjoy it first but the story is great

  5. Maybe the girl is alya…. Anyways today’s episode was great.. Too got,.. U r going good…
    Keep going…
    Thanks bye

  6. the story is great!!!! <3
    Go on writing!!!! Its awesome!!

  7. I think the girl is none other than Alya…she must have thought of surprising Manik, on the other hand Manik will be angry on her for not obeying his dads orders of staying at Mumbai…Or maybe it is soha….coming to create more problems between Manan…Anyways awesome update…waiting to read more from you…pls update soon?

    1. Oh my god’s me Anandi…somehow the name got changed..?

  8. Nice epi. Keep going.

  9. Manan_0206

    Thank u all

  10. the new girl will be obviously aliya but how could manik trust nandini so easily he told her to prepare and present the presentation I mean how come new comer to company that too in PA role can handle the presentation of such big deal………

  11. No doubt at all it will be soha any ways the update is nice

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