Recap:Nandini finally decides to go for the job without knowing that it was a trap set for her by Manik .
Nandini calls her mom .
N: mom how is dad now ?
S: he is absolutely fun now .
N: mom I found a way to pay the bills
S: what way ?
N: mom I got a job in MALHOTRA COMPANY . I’ll get a high salary there . And after my first salary I’ll leave the job and resume my studies .
S: but where is it?
N: it’s in Mumbai . I’ll have to join tomorrow .
S: ok beta u can go but what abt ur accommodation?
N: mom don’t worry abt that my best friend Navya arranged it .
S: ok beta take care and call me when u reach there .
N: ok mom bye .

Navya and Nandini meet in the railway station .
Nav: I spoke with cabir and has arranged abt ur flat , it’s very near to the office . This is the address (she gives it )And yes meet cabir when u go to office
N : thank Navya so much , I’ll meet cabir for sure
Nav : there ur train has arrived . Have a safe journey . I’ll miss u soo much
N: even I’ll miss u soo much
They hug and Nandini leaves in the train .

Nandini reached Mumbai . She reaches the address. She freshesns up and prays to God and then off to bed .

The next day ( the biggest day in her life )

She gets ready .( she wears a black mini skirt with a white shirt and black coat )

She prays to God and leaves for office .

She reaches office and gets surprised seeing such a huge office .
She is infront of the office . At that time Manik arrives . He is heading towards the entrance when nandini’s pen falls down and she turns to take it , clashing with Manik . Her files and papers fall down . Nandini looks at Manik with anger
N: where ever I go u come behind me , right ? Like seriously problem Kya hai?
Manik doesn’t say anything instead just smirks . She picks up the fallen stuff. Manik leaves as he knows she came for job .His assistant gets relieved as a fight was avoided. Nandini gets angry .
N: Aiyyappa , why does he always appear whenever I start to do something good ?

She enters the office .
She goes to the front desk and asks cabir’s name . They show her the way .

She meets cabir . He is the manager of the company .
N: good morning sir . I’m Nandini , navy’s friend
C: good morning . Yes I know she told me . And ya don’t Call me sir call me my name ok ? Now we are friends .
N: ok
C : so u want to meet the CEO .
N: yea .
C: ok come with me .

They go towards manik’s cabin . When they reach infront of the cabin , a person calls cabir on his phone . He asks Nandini to go in and attends the phone . ( he goes away )
She knocks on the door . (Inside there is Manik with ALYA )
N: may I come in sir ?
M: yes u may
Nandini opens the door with a smile but seeing Manik inside , she gets the shock of her life !
M: WELCOME… MRS. NANDINI MURTHY …, surprised huh ?
ALYA (a) : who is she , Manik?
Nandini gets even more shocked .
A: personal assistant? She ? Like seriously Manik what’s wrong with u?
M : uk what Alya? She… Tried to mess with me . So I thought to give her a treat for her greatest achievement .
A: but still …( ALYA didn’t like someone else with Manik . She had been in love with him since 7th grade . But Manik doesn’t love her back .)
M: ALYA , did u finish ur work which u were supposed to ?
A: no Manik
M: then out .
ALYA leaves the cabin giving Nandini a daring look.

M: so Mrs Nandini murthy, what do u have to say abt this ? This great work done by … Me ?
N: what do u think ? U can do any thing ? If I say I don’t want this job then what will u do ?
M: well , if u say u don’t want this job , then I won’t do anything but u will regret . Cause ukr u lost that café job and ur dad is in urgent need of money . Just think nandu
With that Manik leaves from his cabin . Nandini Is left thinking .

Credit to: Manan


  1. Anandi

    Nice….waaitinngg to read more update soon naa…I hope you give us a looong update…sorry if it is too much to ask ..anyways…happy writing..I’m loving it…and thank god alya and manik are not in a relationship…I just can’t stand anything other than manan..

  2. Kyy




    Waiting for the next update…………….

  3. manan

    im really sorry guys . i can update only after 1 or 2 days as telly updates is adding sum new feature to this . so when they allow ill surely update … hope u guys understand

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