The Thirst – Revenge & Love: Synopsis


Arjun Akash Mehra, a multi millionaire business tycoon, youngest business man of the year with innate skill in business. This 6 feet height man is outstandingly handsome and masculine who attracts every gals around towards him, but the same way he is very robust and a cold hearted human.
Even though he is the owner of a multinational company, he opted, actually wanted to stay in Mumbai. Because, he witnessed the last day of his parents in this Mumbai city 20 years ago, when he was celebrating his 8th birthday along with his friends and family. Yes, this young business man is an orphan. After the death of his parents, he was adopted by one of the orphanages in the city.
He had everything in his life till his 8th birthday- parents, younger brother, family, friends, love, happiness, money, status, a palace like house, everything. What would we can except else for a son of an established business man. But, within the fraction of seconds, everything became a dream for him. He lost everything, everything. The tiny heart hurt, he became alone. Yes, this loneliness, this wound, the unknown thirst for revenge, no no, he knows it very well, made him in this position. Yes, he wants to take the revenge for his parent’s death, his younger brother’s death, his lost life, his lost happiness. Yeah, now it’s time for that.

Radhika Sanjay Mishra, a 20 years old fashion designer who just completed her graduation in fashion designing. She is the youngest daughter of Business king Sanjay Mishra. A girl with lots of ambition, passion to make her on world, far from the clutch of her devil father. Unlike her elder sisters, she doesn’t give importance to his father’s desire. She is actually a butterfly who wants to spread the color of happiness in everyone who comes in her small life, of course her father is an exception. But she somehow tied in her father’s selfish world.
She is simply beautiful. Can’t say she is like a miss world or miss universe. But surely, she is a beauty with perfect shape and curves. And her innocent smile makes every men fall for her. Her eyes are always a story teller. Her mouth, hardily get time to close it, you know what I meant. She is simply a beautiful poetry.
The one person who she loves most is her Mom, Anjali Mishra. She protected Radhika from her father’s devil behaviors. Anjali, granted permission for Radhika’s studies from Sanjay Mishra. Now it’s time for her to come out the boundaries of her suffocating life.

To Be Cntd…

Dear friends,this is my first story ever in my lifetime, please share your comments to make it up to your level. I’m a biggest fan of Manmarzian, that made to write it finally.. Hope you will enjoy the story.
Thank You 🙂

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