The Thirst – Revenge & Love: Chapter 4


Chapter 4:

“Pick up… pick up… pick up the call Rana Ji…. It’s important…..pick up…” Arjun whispered while trying to connect with Rana… his one and only trustworthy person…he was the one who taken Arjun to the orphanage when he lost everything at his age of 8… he was the one who looked after Arjun studies till he gets the scholarship for higher studies… ha was the one who managed the sinking Mehra Enterprises somehow… he was the best friend …actually true friend of Mr Akash Mehra …. If Arjun trusts someone in this world, its Rana…. If Arjun respects someone in this world, its Rana….
“What happened Arjun? Why you are calling this time? Is this to get the details of that girl, Radhika? I got complete information, thought of informing you morning as it’s too late” Rana completed his side without giving a single second for Arjun to speak. Rana knows Arjun better…Arjun needs everything to be ready as and when he wants when it comes to his parents and company…. He is such an organized man for him every minute is well planned (little bit exaggerated guys 😉 )…. Rana was assigned with such a job in the evening when Radhika left the office… So Rana thought Arjun could have called him for the same… so without waiting for anything from Arjun, he started blabbering about that….
“Rana ji… Rana ji… calm down”…Arjun interrupted somehow… “I called you for something else,and actually I don’t have much time… is Sanjana Di in home?” Arjun enquired… “No Arjun, she has night duty for causality.. What happened, tell me?”…Rana’s voice was little tensed.. “It’s good Rana ji, come City hospital now and ask Sanjana Di to get ready, I’ll be there in 10 minutes… ah… don’t tell anything about this to anyone… and am fine too… “ Arjun asked in his usual calm voice… but in his mind he is little disturbed… he started the car and while driving on, he looked to his left side… he has seated Radhika there, and fastened her seat belt also… he, himself carried her to his car… he felt she is lifeless… His heart skipped when he realized that its Radhika… he wanted her to look at him with her beautiful eyes… he doesn’t even know that he is falling for that beautiful, mischief eyes…. One day he has to accept that too… let’s see how that gonna happen… 😉

They reached the City Hospital within ten minutes as Arjun informed.. Sanjana is already there with full preparation… she also knows him very well… but this is just common sense… no one will come to hospital in midnight for some casual meeting… she guessed it would be an accident…. One thing she didn’t understand is why Arjun is giving some priority for the person this time…. Arjun did this kind of help/duty before also… During that time he directly came to the hospital and Admitted the person thre… but this time, it’s little different…

Sorry to interrupt,,, I didn’t introduce Sanjana… She is Rana’s daughter… she is a doctor in the City hospital…. Also we can say that she is Arjun’ family doctor… as he is the only family to him….

Arjun carried Radhika to the stretcher… he couldn’t even see her face because of the blood… Sanjana went with the nurses and others to the causality room… Arjun waited outside…. He is restless though he didn’t want to admit it consciously… he was walking to and fro in the corridor… just then Rana reached…. “what happened Arjun..? why did you ask me to come here? And also this time?” Rana asked little frightened… “Rana Ji, Radhika met with an accident..” Arjun replied…”WHAT??? She met with accident…. Definitely that Sanjay might be behind it…” Rana is shocked…. Arjun is confused, why Rana is taking her side, why he is showing softness to her.. Arjun felt it from his voice… “Rana ji, tell me clearly… did u get any information about her? If so tell me clearly….” Arjun hurried up…

“Arjun” Rana started explaining.. “She is Sanjay Mishra’s youngest daughter…. What I understood from the servants in her home , neighbours, her friends, and Sanjay’s close friends is that… the father and daughter is not keeping a well relation to each other… Radhika hates Sanjay from her core… she doesn’t want to stay with him…. But because of her mother she is in that house… she is taking herself her own… she likes to draw paintings and by selling it she is earning for herself.. she doesn’t like anything related to her father. They are telling that she was not like this before…they were the best father and daughter in this world.. after her 10th standard vacation, she started being rude to her father… for that she was beaten rudely by her father and elder sisters, except her Mom… she only loves her Mom…. The day when she came to our company for recruitment, Sanjay Mishra was in full anger… he didn’t have a clue that she went for seeking the job… once he found out that, he didn’t let her mother freely… he poured down all his anger on her and planned to fix Radhika’s marriage with his one of the client’s son, Saral… from them, I could understand that Radhika doesn’t like Saral and more than that she hates him…. Radhika came for this job to stand her own feet, she wanted to prove herself rather than being a daughter of a millionaire…. The servants were saying that, she is a kind heart… she helped them in their problems even if she gets scolded by her father… she is a butterfly who wants to fly happily without any fear or tension…. I don’t know what happened after she reached home? I don’t even know whether she reached home or not….” Rana completed with a sigh of hope
Arjun is still staring at Rana…. He felt a small relaxation after hearing the truth from Rana… he didn’t believe that Radhika hates her father this much…. A small smile spread at his face unknowingly… Just then Sanjana reached back to them…

“Arjun, you are still here? Normally you would go home after admitting patient here and giving some amount for the treatment, what happened this time? Seems like she is special to you?” Sanajna teased him… only she dared to tease Arjun Mehra
Arjun’s face turned rigid, that small smile also got vanished…. He didn’t mind what Sanjana said… “How is she…? Is she okay?”… Arjun intrigued.. “She is fine Arjun, she lost considerable amount of blood… you carried her here on time, otherwise we would have lost her due heavy blood lose… her left thigh has a fracture… I think the car hit her there.. it will at least a month to get cured and she had a severe wound in her fore head… its starting from her forehead to head… and 8 stitches that caused the blood loss… and some scars are here and there… she is still in unconscious…”
“Di, is it okay to discharge her now? I don’t want a scene here… As she is Sanjay Mishra’s daughter, police, case, court will be there… and I don’t want to be a part of that.. Lets discharge her now.. That will be good for us….” Arjun asked Sanjana… Both Sanjana and Rana are shocked… Radhika hasn’t even regained her consciousness yet and Arjun is talking about the discharging… “Arjun, are you mad or what?” Sanjana interrupted…”whatever problems you are saying may be correct… but she is not in a situation to get discharged right now, she lost blood, and we are giving it now and she is still unconscious…. And where we will go with her? Who will take care of her?”
“Di shall we move her to my house? And we can provide all arrangements there for her? And you take leave for a month and take care of her..” Arjun suggested his plan…. Sanjana and Rana are again shocked… “A new person in Arjun’s home? And that too a girl..? Are you kidding me Arjun? And I need to take leave for taking care of her…? Are you nuts…? You too lost your senses?” Sanjana again interrupted him…

“Rana ji, make Di understand the situation… she is not trying to understand me…” Arjun requested to Rana… He nodded and called Sanjana to come with her… hesitantly she went to him leaving Arjun in the same place…
Rana started “ Sanju beti, can’t u see Arjun’s attention towards Radhika? I met a new Arjun today… I saw him looking at her eyes in front of the conference room for long time, even without blinking… he was about to rub off her tears just then he came into his senses… have you ever seen such concern from Arjun? How many times you got emotional in front of him..did he try to console you ever?? That’s what am saying beta… give him a chance to realize him…We know he is going behind his revenge…in between he is not seeing his life…. we can’t stop him from taking revenge, it’s his right… but we can help him in getting a new life with happiness… whatever information I got about Radhika states that she is the best partner for our Arjun…. You know beta, he suffered a lot in his life, which made him a new man who loves only darkness and hatred… we can’t change him… but from today’s incident I feel like Radhika can change his life, she can spread light in his life… if we discuss this with him, he won’t agree, more over he won’t understand it… let us make him a way to understand about his feelings and his life…. Please beta, please agree to Arjun….” Rana requested… Sanjana took a minute think about it and she also nodded Yes to him…

Arjun’s Land Rover Discovery Sport reached in front his house… it is a big mansion with lot of trees around it… Sanjana and Arjun went inside to make the necessary arrangements… and Rana waiting outside for them…
Arjun carried her while Sanjana and Rana supported with the medical equipments and all… he placed her on the bed… and looking at her eyes for a while… “no… it’s not getting opened… its still closed…” now he can clearly saw her face… the nurses have done their job well… they cleaned her face well…. The right forehead wound is stitched and covered with the white bandage.. as the wound extends to her head, the nurses had to shave her that portion of her head also for stitching it…. While scanning over her face, Arjun noticed some marks over her right cheek… yea somebody had beaten her brutally… what ever heard from Rana, he could understand that it would be her father and for going outside for the recruitment… he fisted his hand unknowingly… obviously due the anger towards Sanjay Mishra… he looked at her completely, her right and left hands are bandaged but it seems like a small wound… her left leg is plastered… there are some wounds in the right leg also….

Arjun turned to Sanjana and Rana….”Di, its too late and we should sleep now… Rana ji you can rest here tonight… and Di, I hope there will be other duty doctors in the hospital if any other emergency cases… inform the nurses and staffs who had seen Radhika today to keep their mouth shut if any enquiry comes…”
“Arjun I already informed them and there are other duty doctors also… don’t worry.. now you go and sleep…good night…” Sanjana replied

He is sweating vigorously…. His heart is beating faster… he is running behind someone… and the Ambulance sound…. “MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Arjun startled and woke up from his everlasting dream…..he rubbed his face with his bond hands … and sent out a sigh of relief… he looked around, his eyes stuck on the wall clock… “What 8 O’clock… what crap!!!!” cursing himself for being late he got down from the bed and went to washroom…. But something stopped him from going forward… His shirt… the shirt he worn y’day… its full of blood stain… “Radhika!!!” that name came out from mouth automatically and he turned back to go to her room…

When Arjun entered into the room, Radhika was alone…. She is still in deep sleep… he went towards her and looked at her calm face with full of scars… his mind just went through y’day’s incidents from morning to night… her tear filled eyes are being flashed like a marquee in his mind since after the conference room incident… just then Sanjana entered with a coffee mug in her hand …. By seeing Arjun near Radhika, she started.. “Good morning Arjun,… seems like you are late, not going to office today…?” Sanjana smirked… Arjun without listening to her teasing asked back “Di, how’s she now? Did she gain consciousness…? Was there any problem last night…? Everything is ok right…?” Arjun tried to hide his worry… but his curiosity is still there in his face…

“No problem Arjun, she is fine… it will take time to get conscious because of the sedation of the medicines… haa.. one thing… she was whispering something in night… may be in dream… it was actually not clear… but she was panic and continuously calling out the name Saral… I think somebody was trying to hurt her… after two minutes she became normal… Arjun you didn’t tell me, are you going to office today…?”…

“Am going Di, after freshen up am leaving… do you want anything… ?”.. Arjun asked in his usual calm voice… “Yes Arjun, either you go after 11 or com back by 10… coz I need to go to hospital and somebody should be near to Radhika for any help… Papa already left to office and you are not even keeping any maids here… what else can we do…” Sanjana complained… “Ok di, then I’ll come back by 10., bye”.. Arjun agreed and went for freshen up…

Arjun reached back to his home by sharp 10.00 after giving instructions to him Sanjana left to the Hospital… it was just another day for all except few… while going into Radhika’s room, Arjun was thinking about the whole incident… there is no news from anywhere regarding the missing of Radhika… no news, no enquires, nothing… did Sanjay do this accident…?

By thinking all these thing Arjun came near to Radhika… she is still sleeping… medicines are still going into her body… her tired face is not suiting her at all… Arjun took a chair and sat beside her with a news paper in his hand… he purposefully avoided his phone and laptop because of Radhika’s condition.
Arjun Mehra wouldn’t have thought ever in his life that he will sit beside a girl like this… he would never have thought that he will keep aside his priorities for a girl like this…. Oh!!! God!!! What are you trying to do with this guy…???

Arjun came out from news paper when he heard a moan from Radhika… he quickly comes near to her… he doesn’t what to do… Radhika again moaned…. Its clear that its due to the pain she is bearing now… Arjun is still looking at her confusingly… he doesn’t know what to do…. Radhika tried slowly to open her eyes… now Arjun got relaxed and he gently placed his palm on her head…without hurting her… Radhika was struggling to open her eyes due to the pain…. Finally she opened her eyes and looked at Arjun who is still staring her without any expression…

To Be Continued….
Guys, thanks all for the support… I don’t know why, but I feel that my story is up to the mark… please let me know if you feel so and share your suggestions also…
Thank you all… take care… 🙂

Credit to: Sadhvi

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