The Thirst – Revenge & Love: Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

It’s been an hour Radhika, Neil and Sam waiting for their interview result. Not just only them, few more candidates were also there. Radhika and others passed their second round and 1 hour before they have attended their interview also. Radhika is sitting in front of the interview room fallen completely in her deep thought, as usual.
The recruitment coordinator announced the names of selected candidates – Neil Malhotra, Samairah Khanna, Teji Sigh, Kritika Kapoor, Zubin Joshi and the last name is RADHIKA MISHRA….
“WHAT????” Radhika shouted after waking up from her thought… “I mean, am also selected Ma’m?”.. the recruitment coordinator nodded her head in an Yes and said- “all selected candidates have a small meeting with our MD- Mr Arjun Mehra within 10 minutes and you are requested to assemble at the conference room in the 2nd floor of the building”- after informing the candidates she went back..
All six are in double shock. One is they got selected-obviously it is a great thing and the second one is meeting with Arjun Mehra in the same day itself. Yea, definitely a shocking thing. But the real problem is for Radhika. It’s already 5.00PM and she should attend the meeting with MD also and reach back to home before 6.00 PM… most important thing is she got a job in her first attempt. But she is not feeling happy.. in fact she is too much worried… her eyes are telling it clearly that she is in deep pain, she can’t be happy for this job…more over she has to lose this job; she may not be able to come outside of her father’s circle, even from her room from tomorrow onwards. Her mother informed her everything which happened after she left the home… her fathers’ reaction after finding out the truth, her mother’s painful voice, her father’s decision to fix her wedding, his warnings…. Everything…

All six reached the 2nd floor, and all 5 headed towards the conference hall quickly except Radhika… She is slowly moving towards them… her beautiful eyes are filled with tears which blocked her sight… she feels like someone stabbed right at her heart… that much pain she is bearing right now… she doesn’t want to lose this job, she doesn’t want to go back to her house, she doesn’t want to get tied to someone whom her father selects, she doesn’t want to be in his devil boundary….. she just wants to live her life, she just wants to enjoy her life, she just wants to be happy with her mother, she just wants to be away from the competition for money, fame and name…. she just wants a peaceful life…. She felt like everything is gonna be a dream again.. coz she has to go back, she has to go back for her Mother…. Yes she has to go back… that’s all…

By thinking all these, she reached in front of the conference room which is at the right corner of the 2nd floor. Being in her thought, she placed her hand in the door handle to push the door to enter inside. But it doesn’t seem to be a handle,,,yes… it’s not a handle, it seems to be a hand… yes.. it’s a man’s hand… Radhika looked up shockingly…
It’s Arjun Mehra. Radhika placed her hand over him when Arjun pushed the door to enter in the conference room. What happened to this Radhika? She is just looking at his eyes, not even blinking her eyes… the tears which formed few minutes before now started flowing down over her cute cheeks… she couldn’t able to take off her hand from his hand… she is like a statue… yea.. sometimes it happens, we forget our surroundings when we are either in deep sorrow or in extreme happy, but in case of Radhika, it is the former one….
Okay, we can understand the situation of Radhika, but what happened to Arjun?, he is also looking at her eyes…. His hand is also in the same position…. He could read her eyes clearly, he could understand the pain she is bearing now from those overflowing eyes… he wished to rub her tears out…he wished to ask the reason for her pain…. “Oh!!! Sh*t!!! What are you thinking Arjun Mehra…? She is just a new employee like others.. Only one difference is you held her hand in the morning from falling down.. Nothing else…nothing else…. Be in your senses Arjun… you have a lot things to do for your parents, you don’t have time to rub out the tears of everyone who comes in front of you…. Come to your senses Arjun…. Come on…”

Arjun suddenly pulled his hand back which made Radhika also come to her senses… still both are keeping silence…. Sometimes silence speaks more than words… she quickly rubbed her tears out and both came inside the room at the same time… unknowingly while moving into the room Arjun’s hand rubbed over Radhika’s left palm… which made both looking into each other’s eyes once more…
Poor guys… they don’t know why they met… they don’t know what is the role of them in each other’s life… they don’t know why could they feel the pain in each other’s eyes… they don’t know why did they want to know more about each other…they don’t know their eyes speaks a lot to each other… they don’t even know they have these many feelings toward each other… And who knows two people can have these much feelings in their first meeting…. Some cases it is like that.. the destiny plays well than human and with human hearts… that is what happening in Ardhika’s life right now.. The so called destiny…Yes… the DESTINY is playing with their minds right now….
Clocks ticking……. It’s around 5.30 PM…. Arjun has almost finished what he wanted to say to his new employees… everybody is excited to work towards his goal…. In his words, REVENGE….. Yea Arjun Mehra is always good at his speech, he can inspire, convince, and whatever you call in business, with his wonderful language…. But there was one who didn’t even listen to him….obviously its Radhika…no doubt on that… she is completely out of her mind… Arjun noticed her, her restlessness…and waiting for the meeting to get over…. Now it’s time for Radhika to face him, only Radhika….
Arjun winded up the meeting and asked everybody to go and join the company tomorrow except Radhika… everybody is worried for her… Sam and Neil patted on her shoulder and left the room…
Arjun carefully went through Radhika’s resume which was on the conference table along with other’s… while going through each point, Arjun’s eyes were burning with anger… Radhika could feel that and her heart is thundering with fear….. Oh God!!! What’s gonna happen now…. ?

Arjun has kept the resume aside… looked straight into her eyes those were eagerly waiting for them… Radhika is clear that Arjun had found out her reality…. His angry look clearly tells that… Radhika feels dizzy due to the over stress… but she has to face this too…..

“Why you are here Ms. Radhika Sanjay Mishra?” his tone was calm but Radhika can feel the danger in that. “Si…Si…Sir… I…I want to do a jjob…tha…that’s why”… Radhika’s voice was breaking…. “Wow that’s interesting… Daughter of a millionaire is seeking for a job… that’s too in his industry rival’s company…. That’s quite funny and cool…..” Arjun smugged… he stood up and came towards Radhika who was sitting few feet away from him… Radhika closed her eyes and bend down her head… Coz she heard that when Arjun Mehra is in angry, no one can predict what’s gonna happen next and no one can control him… he never mind who is in front of him when he is angry…. And nobody dare to face him in such state…. Poor Radhika, she has to face him…
“Tell me the truth…. Why you are here?… what do you what to take out from here? Sanjay Mishra started using her daughter also for his business… Tell me Ms. Radhika Sanjay Mishra…” this time his voice is hard, hard enough to make Radhika shiver…. Radhika is struggling to answer him…words are not coming into her mouth… She is still looking down and Arjun just reached near to her…
“ANSWER ME DAMN IT…..” Arjun banged his fist on the table which is near to Radhika’s head as she was looking down… Radhika got startled coz of his sudden action and she immediately stood up… “Am sir… I.. I .. don’t w..a..n..t th..this job… Sorry” Radhika started to leave the room without looking at his face… “HOW DARE YOU TO DISOBAY ME… ANSWER ME DAMN IT” Arjun caught Radhika’s right wrist from back and pulled her towards him…

Arjun turned Radhika to face him still holding her wrist… its hurting her… she is struggling to get out of his brutal clutch.. after a minute of struggling to make her free from him, she gave up and looked at him… her pretty eyes are filled with tears, its flowing out of her eyes… yes its pleading to him, pleading for his mercy…. “Sir nobody sent me here, I came for a job based on my capability, my skill, and my passion… I can’t work in father’s company like this; more over my father won’t allow me to do a job…. And he doesn’t even know that am here… please Sir… am telling the truth… leave my hand sir…. Am not here for anything else… please sir…. And …and I quit this job sir…. I don’t want this… please sir… leave me sir….” Radhika pleaded looking at his face, at his burning eyes….
The same feeling, Arjun feels the same which he felt when he looked at Radhika’s eyes before entering the conference room… no no… he can’t see the pain in her eyes… but he has to go with his brain not with heart… he can’t trust her… she is Sanjay Mishra’s daughter…. Arjun knows that Sanjay will go to any level to remove his obstacles from his way… for that he can use his daughter too… “Arjun don’t fall for her eyes…. Your aim is to take your revenge…. For that you need to follow your brains not the heart… don’t trust her Arjun… there will be some bl**dy plan hidden in those innocent eyes… do trust her… don’t trust her….” Arjun took his eyes off from her.. he can’t bare those stare… he loosened his grip and let her go…. Radhika quickly turned towards the door and stopped by hearing Arjun’s voice from her back… “Don’t be happy that I believed in whatever you just told, I didn’t and I won’t.. … and you don’t need to quit this job coz I didn’t even accept you as my employee…. And tell your father that he can’t win over Arjun Mehra by any means even if it’s by using his daughter or by any other dirty means… I won’t let him win over me…. And ask him to start his countdown… I’ll spoil him…. I’ll snatch everything from him… everything…” Arjun fumed…
Radhika is shocked hearing his burning words… she turned her head and looked at him…. She couldn’t handle that burning stare… “GET OUT.. DON’T DARE TO BE IN FRONT OF ME….OUT” Arjun shouted…. Radhika immediately left from there….
Arjun just dialed someone… and started walking to and fro in the…. within seconds a person came into the room… “Rana Ji, I want to get the complete details of her….complete details… including why did she join here, her past, her relation with her family, her friends, her character… everything… everything….at the earliest….” Arjun completed in single go… Rana nodded his head and went out of the room….
It’s around 12.00 AM and Arjun is driving to home…he is late as he had to attend a meeting with his client from US… he is looking so calm … but his mind is not…. He couldn’t forget those innocent eyes… he couldn’t forget the pain in those, he couldn’t forget the pleading look in those for trusting them… he couldn’t forget the helplessness in those beautiful eyes…. More over her reality of being Sanjay Mishra, Arjun mind wished to follow her eyes… the truth in those eyes…..
“what is this? Whats happening here? Why this much crowd is here?” Arjun murmured looking at the road side…. He slowed down his car…. And slid down the window glass…. “It seems like an accident” he whispered… but he couldn’t see the person lying down on the road… and nobody is doing anything but simply standing and looking at each other… He asked to the person who is standing near to his car ”What happened?”… “Woh… a car hit this girl and drove off without stopping…. Seems like she is from a rich family… it’s been 10 minutes and nobody is willing to take her to hospital….” The person replied.
Arjun got out from the car hearing this and reached to the person lying down…. Her face is facing to the road… coz of that Arjun couldn’t see her face…. But he is feeling something strange… he feels like he is going to lose something…. He looked at her dress…. It seems familiar to him… yes OMG Radhika!!!! He rushed to her and turned her to face him…. It’s completely covered with blood… the blood is still oozing out from the wound in her fore head…. Her talkative eyes are closed now….. “Radhika!!!!!”

To Be Continued….

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