The Thirst – Revenge & Love: Chapter 2


Chapter 2:
Oh God!!!! Its 8.35….only 25 minutes to report to HR of ME …. Radhika is breathing heavily… her worried eyes clearly showing the tension she is handling now… its her first may be last opportunity and she doesn’t want to lose it… at any cost she has to attend the interview… but this slow moving traffic… this will take away her opportunity… no no no.. it should be happened… she needs to be there on time and there is half km to her destination… she remembers how important is punctuality and discipline for ME, especially Arjun Mehra… she read it in one of the business magazines… she has that magazine with her.. she took it out from her bag… she noticed, the cover page is having Arjun Mehra’s photo with a caption- “youngest business man of the year”.. she carefully examined his photo… first thing she found out that how handsome he is… yea that’s very correct… every girl is falling for him… his masculine body, his attitude, his way of speech… everything… everything will make every girls falling mad for him… but the second thing Radhika noticed from him made her more curious… His eyes… his sharp eyes… though it shows his courage, discipline, his rigidity, his thirst for victory, Radhika noticed a hidden pain which he doesn’t want to make come out to the vision of others..Unknowingly Radhika felt the pain in his burning eyes… a loud horn!!!… that was enough to make her out of her deep thought… she looked around… she is in the same place where she was in 10 mts ago… damn traffic… she cursed in her mind…

She paid the taxi fare and got out… she needs to be fast… she started running… it’s too heavy for her as she never had to face such situation… how can a rich girl get such a chance in her life… its fate dear …you have to face it…. Be fast dear…. it’s just half km and you have 15 mts left… it’s enough for that…. Radhika tried to make her cool…..

She was struggling to catch her breath….her right big toe got hurt and its bleeding… but she didn’t mind it, in fact she is very happy that she is just in front of Mehra Enterprises… and on time…no no before time….Radhika took a deep breath making her relaxed…. She placed her first step to ME, she felt something is vibrating from her bag… “Oh God!!! My phone!!! Did Dad found out my lie??? Oh God!!! Am gone…” she is very terrified…. She slowly pulled out her phone… her fair face lost all its blood… she is looking paled… her Mom is calling… she hesitantly slide the answer tab… “Hello, Radhika where are you?” Anjali is screaming…. Radhika just placed her next step… “Radhika your father is searching for you? Where are you child? Come back soon… otherwise you know what gonna happen?” Anjali was sobbing… suddenly Radhika heard a roaring over the phone..RADHIKA!!!!… yea it’s her father… she felt a fire in her stomach… the sudden shouting of her father made Radhika bewildered… she was about to place her next step, she was listening to the phone… but she lost her balance….
Oh!!! God!!! She is falling.. her phone is already found its place on the floor… she closed her eyes… A complete silence… Radhika could feel a sudden silence around her… the receptionist stopped attending the calls… the murmuring of other interviewees got muted… even the security was seen frozen…
She slowly opened her eyes… still there is some distance between her body and the floor…”what happened dear? …You haven’t fallen down yet?… Are you spellbound like in the movie Ella Enchanted? !!!! Oh!!!What rubbish Radhika!!! You are hanging from somewhere… look around dear… look around….” Radhika introspected…
Radhika slowly raised her head… she watched everybody in front of her… everybody seems lifeless… she suddenly turned her head to her left side coz she felt a strong hold on her left upper arm… her look moved upwards… OMG!!! Another shock!!!!
Radhika’s eyes wide opened…her mouth also…. She couldn’t believe her eyes… a rigid look at her…but those eyes are masked with that black sunglass… the guy is wearing a light blue formal shirt and black formal pants…which exposes his manliness completely…the beard and moustache is trimmed thinly which gives him a hot look… his hair is neatly adjusted with gel…. Radhika started shivering, she is getting nervous… what else can happen then?… she is being held by ARJUN MEHRA from falling… and they were in the same posture for almost a minute….
Radhika suddenly came out from her thoughts… she immediately got up and stand few inches away from him… she wants to thank him… but no words coming from her mouth… she bowed her head down cursing herself in her mind..
Arjun headed towards the office….. Hooo!!!!! She heard a group sigh of relief… from their expression she could understand that they were expecting something else from the scene just got over…something more dangerous…. Radhika looked at the way Arjun is going…. He reached in front of the lift… waiting there… slowly he turned his gaze to her, removing the glass…. A neat scanning from top to bottom and an intense glare to her eyes…. Radhika understood the meaning of his intense gaze… he is not pleased with her look…
She took her phone from the floor…3 missed calls from Mom…she dialed her Mom… suddenly she disconnected it…. “Anyways dad will find me…. Till then I can do whatever possible related to the interview… it’s ok dear… but first and foremost thing is do the formalities for the interview and be in a neat get up… you are looking so clumsy dear…. So hurry up… hurry up”…..
Radhika approached the reception and they directed her to the HR executive who is managing this recruitment… all of them she met in the office had the same expression on her…. Nobody is pleased with her clumsy look….that’s actually torturing her self-respect and confidence…
Radhika quickly completed the initial formalities and was asked to wait in the nearby meeting hall till 9.30… that’s enough for her… she went to the washroom and watched herself in the mirror!!!! She was about to scream but she covered her mouth with her hands….. she was horrified by her own image in the mirror… Radhika to herself – “OMG!!! who is this? Whenever I look into the mirror I could see another girl with not so bad face… accidently what happened to my reflection??? Maa Durga!!! Am looking like Gothel in the movie -Tangled… change it dear… mmmm quickly… luckly I’ve taken the extra cloths… how brilliant you Radhika!!!  ”
Sanjay is fuming like anything and wandering here and there…. Anjali is crying badly sitting in the corner of their bedroom.., from her face, it’s clear that she was beaten badly…
Sanjay rushed to the room and roared… “REMEMBER, I’LL NOT LEAVE HER THIS TIME… WHEN SHE TAKES THE PHONE NEXT TIME, TELL HER CEARLY THAT AM GOING TO FIX HER MARRIAGE…. LET ME SEE HOW SHE WILL WANDER LIKE THIS AFTER HER MARRIAGE…. AND HOW HER LIES WORK TO HIS HUSBAND…” Sanjay left the room leaving Anjali in shocked state…. She started calling Radhika… but no response….
Arjun, in his cabin, talking to his manager about today’s recruitment…”Sir we have planned three stages for today’s recruitment- 1. An objective test round 2. A theme based design round 3. Final interview…” his manager detailed…. “Arrange me a meeting with the selected candidates today itself… I need to convey what Am expecting out of them… you can go now….” Arjun communicated in a calm yet hard voice…
He stood up to go to the conference room; suddenly he noticed the blood stain in his right shoe. “What the hell!!! This might be from the clumsy girl whom I held from falling down, Sh*t!!!! need to change it!!! Bl***y hell!!!” he cursed and went to change the shoes….
Radhika came out from the washroom. Hmmm now she is looking like the girl I have introduced in the synopsis. She untied her hair which is cut in a layer style… her long hair is little curly towards the end.. A small portion of the hair is covering her left cheek. Sometimes she adjusts it to behind her ears. She lined her upper eyes and put a small red bindi in the forehead matching to her kurta…. And a light layer of pink lipstick…
Everybody looked at her when she entered to the meeting hall…there are two reasons for them to look her so carefully… one thing is, obviously her change in the look… when she came to the office she was looking like the Gothel and now she is looking like the Rapunzel… Yea she is looking breath taking … lets see whether she will take the breath of Arjun Mehra or not… and the second one is… of course… the morning incident… she is the only one who could capture Arjun Mehra’s attention even if it was for hardly a minute… and not just that, even she could get the fortune of having a hold, a touch of Arjun Mehra… well all these are the point of view of other girls assembled there for the interview… but what about Radhika?? She is not feeling like that at all… coz she has stereotyped every business man with his father, whether it’s a man or women, and whether its young or oold….but she is affected by one thing in him… his mysterious eyes… which made her more interested in knowing further about him…. Well… let’s keep all these things aside for the time being….
Radhika took a seat at the last row…. She was seated in between a girl and a boy… Radhika just read the names written over the file in her lap..”Samaira Khanna”.. and the boy’s name is “Neil Malhotra”… both were listing to the music through their respective headsets……
The recruitment process is going to start. The recruitment team announced the procedures and everybody listened it carefully.
Its 1.00PM… everybody is waiting in the meeting hall for their first round result…. By the time Radhika started familiarizing with Neil and Samaira… they became a good company within a short time… the recruitment executive started announcing the result… everybody’s face shows their tension but Radhika is just calm as always… she knew that even if she gets this job, she won’t be joining here… coz she is damn sure that her Dad might be ready with any wicked plan to trap her in his boundaries….
And the last name the executive read was Radhika…. She didn’t listen to it as she is still in her deep thought…. Samaira and Neil shacked her which made her come out for her damn thought… Radhika got shocked knowing that she got selected for another round… she will the first person in the world who is seen frighten after hearing that she got selected for another round of recruitment… what a funny!!!! Radhika is again falling in another thought by then Sam dragged her for going to Canteen for lunch….

To be continued….
Dear friends… thank you all for your support.. And I individually thank to each and everyone who liked my story…
Dears, the fashion designing concept accidentally came to my thought and frankly speaking I have no relation with that industry…. If I have written any non sense about the recruitment process for fashion designers, please correct me as there are two more stages for the same….
Please ignore the typos and grammatical errors…
Take Care….Bye…

Credit to: Sadhvi

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