The Thirst – Revenge & Love: Chapter 1


Chapter 1:
He was gasping vigorously, sweating heavily, he felt the pain of his shivering legs, was running behind someone, he knew him, he saw his face, he heard his conversation with some over telephone, he was about to catch him….. suddenly he heard a loud alarm, oh God !!!! it was an AMBULANCE!!!! MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a startled gasp Arjun came out from his most dangerous, fearful dream he ever had in his life. He is struggling to catch his breath. He tried hard to make his thundering heart calm.. he really needs a heavy cold shower now to make him calm, normal… he rushed to the washroom…… he murmured “its time to start the first step. Now Mehra Ltd is at 3rd position in the market, need to be there at the first within 6 months.. I know its almost impossible.. but it should be happened otherwise its too late for my dear ones to get the justice….” The cool water droplets falling into his hot brain gradually started their job….

Arjun landed in front of Mehra Enterprises at sharp 9.00 AM. He is very strict to the timings, hence his employees. He headed towards the conference room. All the managers were already assembled there on time. All the eyes were just curiously watching Arjun. They didn’t understand why this urgent meeting. Did market share of ME go down? They haven’t have any clue. They just waited to start Arjun to speak.
Arjun throw the question quickly- “what can be done ME to be the market leader in next 6 months?” it was too sudden that everybody got shocked. They couldn’t even think what Arjun asked, here comes his another statement.. “no matter what will be the hurdles , we need to be at first within 6 months and that’s final.. and the meeting is to lay out the most feasible steps towards that.

The managers had to accept the challenge. Even though Arjun is stubborn, arrogant or whatever is his nature, they had no doubts in their Boss’s motives. They always find a sense in his all decisions. Being at the 3rd position in the industry within 5 years is the best proof for that. But being top is not just like that, but still they have to, they have to work for him.. to achieve his motive…
After an hour of brainstorming, they have come up with few points. Will talk about the one which takes our story forward…. And that one is to hire young fashion designers who can make a difference in the people’s choice mainly among youngsters. Because ME has low pulse among youngsters compared to other age categories. If ME finds a place in the minds of the young generations, then they succeed in attaining their 75% of the goal.

As this decision is owned by Arjun Mehra, the there is no doubt the actions will start to get implemented in the very next second. Yeah, the recruitment advertisement is now in every job portal…… now next part will be handled by the fate…..

Radhika is shining like a star… she is surrounded by all her friends and family… only we can hear the laughing of the guests, little gossips, pouring of the beer and wine and soft melodious music. From her face it is clear that Radhika is least interested in all these things. She is just there because of her Mom. She doesn’t want to celebrate her b’day. Yeah,, it’s her 20th b’day,… and she doesn’t want to be a part of any of her father’s celebrations. And Sanjay Mishra he had to, coz Radhika is his lucky charm. When Radhika was born, his business rival got killed. After that he didn’t have to look back… his growth was such a drastic and within no time he and his company became the industry leader…

It’s around 12in the night, Radhika is just laying down on the bed….coz she is not feeling sleepy. She is just thinking… it’s obvious that she is thinking about her career. It’s easy for her to get a job in his father’s company. But she doesn’t want it… coz she wants a job based on her skill and competency and it should be challenging also… if she joins her father’s company all her dreams will become just a dream for her… she is thinking how to get rid of her father’s boundary…. And one important thing which made her thinking so deeply is she got a job announcement from a job portal today afternoon… and it is for fashion designers… she doesn’t have any experience and they need freshers… and the announcement is from one of the famous textile companies, Mehra Enterprises… she knows the status of the job in ME coz so many times she heard about this company and its MD Arjun Mehra from her father’s discussion with his employees. Now a days he is little worried about the growth of ME…. She remembers couple of times she saw Arjun Mehra’s photos in the business magazines also. She really wants to get this job… to follow her dreams..but how??? Her father won’t allow for that and that’s damn sure, even her mother also can’t convince her father for that.

But she applied for it… she has sent her updated resume to HR of ME.. from that time onwards she has been trying to make a plan for the same… and the interview is on tomorrow at ME, Mumbai and she needs to reach there by 9.00 AM sharp…. Somehow she could make a plan and now she is thinking how it can be executed…. Thinking… thinking…..

Radhika woke up at 6 in the morning; it’s too early for her when compared to her usual timings…. The main fact is that she couldn’t sleep at night, and then what is the point in waking up…. She prepared everything for her interview… sorted out all the documents, a pair of cloth… she didn’t know why extra dresses but her mind says so… so she does…. There is 1.5 hours journey from her home to ME by public transport… at least she should get down by 7 to reach ME on time for that she has to start her drama now… she prayed to Maa Durga… and its going to start…

Radhika entered the living room where her father is discussing something with her mother…. Radhika screamed suddenly over the phone….WHAT????WHEN???HOW????OMG!!!! AM COMING… her eyes started getting wet… both her mother and father rushed to her, they are worried… Radhika is still on the call and her parents are not getting a chance to talk to her. Radhika just turned back and ended the call and took a deep breath… she turned to her parents and pleaded… Mom, Dad (it’s been so long Sanjay heard her daughter calling him Dad, he felt an unknown happiness)… she continued.. Mom, Dad… my friend Ria met with an accident today morning and she is admitted in the hospital … she is very critical.. I need to be with her as she is an orphan and she helped me a lot in my studies during my graduation and this time I need to give it back… she completed her speech in one go… her parents hardly understand what she said…. All they can do is just nodding their head in an OK way… Radhika shocked seeing her parent’s consent…
Radhika rushed to her room to take her luggage and left the house within no time… she is still surprised, how her parents believed in her worst ever lie. Her mother knows that she doesn’t have any friend called Ria… and all her activities for her graduation was done by herself…but why nobody questioned her…

May be all these happened because of their destiny… otherwise why Arjun Mehra needs fresh fashion designers now? Why all this happened on her birthday and his parent’s death anniversary… why did she notice the job advertisement though she was very busy in her B’day celebration preparation… who gave her the courage to apply for a job in her father’s rival company…how could she plan a drama to convince her parents…how could she enact well in front of them as she never did an acting before… why her devil father believed in her illogical lie… Oh!!! God!!! What’s going on???? Is there in their destiny that Arjun should meet Radhika??? Is there in their destiny that Arjun needs Radhika’s support to complete his revenge???? Is there in their destiny that Radhika needs Arjun’s support to fulfill her dreams???? Is there in their destiny that they need each other to complete their lives…. Who knows??? May be the next chapter will be the hint for finding the answers for the above questions….

To be continued…..

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Credit to: Sadhvi

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