Do you think YRKKH should wrap up marriage track?

Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai brings cute romantic moments between Kartik-Naira and Naksh-Kirti. The new entry Aryan has joined the Goenkas as a helper. He is finding a chance to impress Goenkas and make his place a permanent one. Naksh and Kirti’s wedding preparations are seen currently. The makers are trying to make the marriage track different from Kaira’s marriage. Every ceremony of Naksh and Kirti’s marriage faces a problem. The families are in tension to make everything perfect. Kartik and Naira put efforts to make Naksh and Kirti’s wedding day special. Naksh is upset that his parents couldn’t be on his side.

Naitik fails to attend his marriage. Naksh’s marriage gets the twist by Naitik’s absence. Naitik tries to handle a legal matter in which Naksh was getting trapped. Naksh is not aware of the legal case. He refuses to take his baraat for Kirti. He doesn’t want to get married without his dad’s presence. Naira and Kartik try to manage the situation. Naira knows none can fill Naitik’s place. Naitik requests Kartik to manage the situation. The viewers are witnessing the grand marriage of Naksh and Kirti. The marriage functions are seen since much time. Even post marriage, viewers will get to see sweet rituals for the newly weds. Do you think YRKKH should wrap up marriage track? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Kaina1

    ohh really do u think this is keesh marriage track
    seriously why are you even kidding me
    whole time the show kaira romance
    1) suwarna son entry in KEESH TRACK
    2)manish -karhik relationship in KEESH TRACK
    4) kaira prgnancy in KEESH TRACK
    5) soumya ka sah in KEESH TRACK
    6) kaira ki mahanta IN KEESH TACK

    1. LuvIBN

      Kaina plz dear control ur frustration. Wat u said is right n I accept it ?% but be happy that finally Naitik is not pushed out of Keesh’s marriage…..

      1. Kaina1

        no dear naitik wont make it to the wedding i am 100% sure

    2. LuvIBN

      Hoo my

  2. Bengali beauty

    All they show are events events and functions and ceremonies! Don’t these people have a normal life? A job or office? Or any other work? Every moment of their day, and all the days of the year cannot be about functions and functions! Come on! Give us a break. And noone has this manyy events! Just craaazy

    1. LuvIBN

      Hey I guess u didn’t c IB cause in the work case YRKKH is far better.

  3. When was this keesh marriage?
    It was kaira re engagement, kaira baby, kaira flight scene recreation, kaira haldi, kaira teej kartik mother naira is the best nonsense.. When was this keesh marriage??

    1. Kaina1

      vahi toh pure keesh ke track me kaira ko dekhaya aur dimag ka dahi kiya and then they tell us that its keesh wedding

  4. Any way the marriage is going to full of Kaira’s romance and no importance is going to be given to the bride and the groom…. Then why this drama… End the crap and start with a full and full Kaira nonsense so that many of us can stop watching the show and move on.

    1. Exactly.if v say marriage track should end , they will think it’s because of keesh but actually it’s only because of kaira……..

  5. Aarti32

    If CVS will include every random track in Keesh marriage then audience will obviously feel dat d track is dragged..soumya’s death, Kaira’s fight, teej celebration, naitik suspense, everything in between Keesh marriage, then how can u expect d audience to not feel like dat!!

  6. this is not keesh marriage track , they have everything which is not necessary in this track , they have brought in aryan now in this was this really necessary now . they could have winded up the marriage track within 10-15 days , but that is not enough to show kaira mahanta and romance right . thats why these many days they are stretching it . unnecessary kaira romance is all that is going on on the show , irritating . there r some spoilers which say that naksh will call of the marriage . then why so much drama . hating the show only because of over showing kaira . kaira are a example , kaira have set standards on relationship(the most irritating moment was when naksh said it ) , this is what everybody says on the show . naira hated her mother without reason , karthik hated his father wihtout reason . how can they set standards man . akshara used to solve some problems in singhania house , i thought they were giving so much imp to naitik-akshara though the problems were realistic and common . but now i realize , how much akshara was great and better than naira . i am surprised how kaira find time to solve others’ problem in the middle of their romance . a lil shift from kaira to the family members is all that is needed .

  7. Keesh story could have been developed instead of overdose of kairq romance that gave me vomiting.
    Whateven was that baby track or flighy romance. And yesterday kartik was hanging down and all naira wanted to do was click a selfie withhim. That was not cute but given message that wife should make fun of husband even in.inappropriate situations

  8. Shrilatha

    Don’t mind asking me this question but do kaira sleep in same room at night or is it not enough for them …sorry for such question but karthik is like romancing with someone else ka wife ki oh man I have romance now only otherwise her husband will come.everytime romance romance and romance ufff

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