I think I am waiting for u… A Rumya few shots by Kiya, Shraddha & Verna… Shot 5

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Shot 4

Hope U enjoy this Shot 5
Abhay announced that he have surprise for his love Nisha. He say that is specially made to be seen down to top.. Do u understand Nisha? She think a lot and nods NO.. he ask guests to guess. Everyone get puzzled and start thinking what it would be. Nisha and all guests wonder what was that special surprise and search everywhere by gazing here and there. Rudra and his friends don’t understand his surprise and all of them r eagerly searching whatever they get to see big or tall. Rudra and his friend Chubby who were searching near stage found curtain decorations and open it. They found nothing. Saumya found ppl strange. She thinks, what’s going on? Why all these guests r roaming like zombies.. She comes next to Rudy but they r facing each others back..
Rudra is very excited for Abhay’s surprise.. He moved & search everywhere.. whatever he gets to see. He got an idea and say, Come on Rudy.. u r very smart.. he said it is made to be seen from down to top.. which means I have search it down.. I mean from ground.. he does logic sign and sit down and walk like duck. He didn’t find anything special.. By his extreme excitement level he started crawl like crocodile on floor and move forward to search. By crawling he went behind the stage unknowingly. Saumya was thirsty and went to back stage looking for some water. Abhay enjoy this and he signs someone. Suddenly power goes off… Saumya panics. Rudra suddenly stood up in shock and scared too. He turns here and there in shock and same with Saumya. They both move towards each other in darkness. Their backs hit and both scream in shock. Then they understood it was just human and say, I’m sorry.. it was dark.. so I.. said this like chorus. They both said this in one go and suddenly remembered about the other.
Saumya think.. Rudra? How can he be here? God I think I’m obsessed and pls make this false one. Meanwhile Rudra think, Y am I hearing Saumya’s voice.. even though she is not here.. am I obsessed with her? But I wish my Sumo to be here.. When they were going through this in their confused mind.. there was a sudden splash of light from the sky.. no.. it was not thundering.. It was fireworks ??????? cracking all around them and splashing out bright lights. That may not be thundering in sky.. but it was thundering in their heart after seeing the one who they missed for so many days.. So it was continuously firing for few minutes. All this announcement was going on in front of the stage and guests eyes were glowing with the view of fireworks. But at back stage there are four eyes that were glowing with priceless pearl drops that is ready to slip at any moment. They both can clearly see this through lights of fire crackers in sky.. Rumya can’t control anymore and hug tightly as much as they can and cry their heart out. On the other side Abhay holds Nisha & ask her to see that side.. She turns & see in sky there was written, “I love u”…. Abhay whispered to Nisha’s ear, I love u Nisha… There was huge applause and scream of joy of everyone.. Rumya’s hug was broken by the scream and they get away. They didn’t see anyone around them but felt embarrassed by their act…. Other side Nisha hugs Abhay… Saumya & Rudra came back.. They she Abhay & Nisha’s hug and feels more embarrassed.. They looked at each other & goes to different sides… Nisha thanks Abhay for the surprise.. Rudra comes to them.. Abhay introduce Rudra to Nisha.. Nisha got to know that Rudra is from Mumbai.. Nisha tells them her one friend is also from Mumbai.. She goes to call her.. Rudra thinks how Saumya came there???? Nisha comes with Saumya…
Nisha: So look she my friend Saumya.. Saumya he is Rudra.. U know he is also from Mumbai..
Rumya was little shocked to see both again.. They was embarrassed to for the sudden hug.. They says hi to each other.. Chubby says that they know each other very well..
Rudra angrily holds Chubby.. Abhay & Nisha ask Rumya that they each other or not???
Rumya says, No.. Then says, Yes..
Saumya: Yes.. Like that only.. We studied in same college..
Rudra don’t understand why but he is hurt by Saumya’s this intro of their relation..
Rudra excused himself & goes to another side.. Saumya sadly look at him..

Party over… Rudra comes to his room & thinks about Saumya, their hug, Saumya’s face & her words… He feels something very bad in his heart… He thinks about their past & comes near window.. He saw something & runs out of the room…

Saumya was sitting on a bench near a fountain in lawn.. She thinks about the same Rudra & her past incidents.. Some drop of water slips from her eyes.. Rudra comes there running.. He asks suddenly, How r u?? He didn’t notice Saumya’s tears.. Saumya listen him & wipes her tears & looked at her.. Rudra ask the question again, How r u????
Saumya: Fine…
Rudra: So if any of ur friend meet u after years u should talk to him/her like this only??? Right??? Is that normal???
Saumya smiles & asked him to sit.. Rudra sits…
Sa: How r u????
Ru: Fine.. Why???
Sa: Just asking.. U said last time that u will miss ur friend but u didn’t call her once.. Is that normal to????
Ru: Sorry…
Sa: Yes…
Ru: But also u didn’t call me once.. U can call me..
Sa: No.. I can’t bcz I am busy with my studies..
Ru: Yes & I am also busy in my business works..
Sa: Business works??? U r doing business???
Ru: Yes just like that.. Helping bhaiya.. Nothing else..
Sa: wow.. That’s good.. Finally u became a big boy.. A business man…
Ru: Sumo…
Saumya was amazed to listen that name again from Rudy.. Rudy also didn’t realize what he said… But suddenly he realize & looked at her.. They have a eye lock.. They feels that time has stopped.. Their old memories r flashing in their minds… Saumya realize their state & turn her face.. Rudra was also embarrassed.. They again start talking.. This time the topic is Oberoi family.. It feels like Rudra & Saumya had never changed in this years.. They r talking like before.. The had some casual talks but Rudra didn’t told about Bhavya & Saumya didn’t told about Samar…

Next day morning….
Rudra knocks on Saumya’s room’s door… Saumya opened it with sleepy eyes… She smiles & says good morning… Rudra smiles back & says good morning.. Then Saumya realize that its not a dream, really Rudra was standing in front of her.. He jerks her… Saumya was shocked to see Rudra… Rudra was in his causal t-shirt & pant… Rudra waves his hand in front of Saumya… Saumya says, Rudra r u going somewhere???
Rudra: No we r going to visit this city.. Common yaar let’s go.. Its too bore to handle… If my old friend is also here so what the need to waste time.. Let’s go.. Go & get ready…
Sa: But Rudy…
Ru: Just go….
He pushed her in room & close the door and shouts, u have only 15 minutes.. Don’t take extra time…
Saumya listen him & smiles…

To be continued….

Thanks for reading friends… Have a great day….???

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