I think I am waiting for u… A Rumya few shots by Kiya, Shraddha & Verna… Shot 4

Hello my drs.. ur favorite Trio is back with another short.. sorry for late update… We r back with ur Rumya few shots… Thanks for ur amazing response & love for this few shots… Thanks a lot.. Now we can move to the next shot.. Take a quick sneak peak last shot if u missed
Shot 3
Let’s move to Shot 4…

Saumya meets Nisha.. Saumya congratulate her for her wedding.. Nisha thanks her & ask her wait for her would be.. Saumya agrees.. All family members of Samar goes from there.. Nisha call her would be..

Rudra meets his friend Abhay.. He congratulate him for wedding.. Abhay gets Nisha’s call & pick it..
Nisha: Abhay.. Where r u ??? I am waiting for u with my friend..
Abhay: Sorry yaar actually I came to pick my friend up…
Nisha: Its OK then come here we will go together..
Abhay: OK wait ..
Rudra notice his bag was changed with someone he tells about it to Abhay.. They goes to check it…

Nisha gets a msg from Abhay that his friend had a problem so they will come later .. Nisha & Saumya leaves…

In road Nisha gets a phn call to pick her wedding designer lahanga up.. She goes with Saumya..
Nisha goes to pick it while Saumya checking out other designer lahangas.. She remember her wedding dress & moments in OM while Prinku’s marriage.. She smiles thinks about how Rudra saves her from Kamini… Nisha comes & they goes…

It was a rich and lavish resort that can afford all kinda luxurious to its guests (if u have lump sum money to spend ???) It was situated in outskirts of Singapore city and nearby village. There was lots of greenery and farms located near resort. As it is located in slopes, the night view of Singapore city will be the very splendid view for their eyes. It was none other than Rudra’s friend Abhay’s resort.
Saumya enters the Resort with Nisha.. Other side Rudra enters with Abhay. They both felt their presence when they were waiting in lobby for check in. Saumya’s heart beat increases every minute, when Rudra becomes restless due to flood of her thoughts. They were drown in each other’s thought. Saumya felt dizzy due to heavy blood pressure and sat on the couch nearby. Rudra, who flet her turns to search her and let his eyes wander around that place, but didn’t find her. He felt like he failed in some important exam and fed up. He went and sat on the same couch opposite to her. But it was outside round couch which have a cute little fountain to fill that inside place. So they r facing each other’s back. They r taken to their respective suites. But Nisha takes Saumya to restaurant to have something to get good health.
Rudra entered his room and fell on bed in relaxing way. Abhay ask him to take rest and get ready for cocktail party in evening. Rudra nods and Abhay leaves. Rudra was flooded with Saumya’s thoughts and can’t distract his mind this time. He go near window look outside. His heart strongly felt that she is around him. But his mind know that it is not possible.. because he know bride and groom very well and their families too. They don’t even have mutual friends. He huffs and go to take bath. Meanwhile Nisha and Saumya r in restaurant..
Nisha: What is this Saumya? Is it really necessary to maintain this diet? Samar liked u the way u was.. but u r very adamant to keep this diet regime.
Saumya: (slightly smiles) Not like tat Nisha.. staying healthy is important right? I did not start this to stay slim and fit.. I just wanted to stay healthy. (She remembers how Rudra use to tease her of over weight).
Nisha: okay but don’t get too much stress for maintaining ur diet. Have something at correct interval.. because u r my important bride’s maid and my would be Babhi.
Saumya smiles a bit and nods. They leave to her room
Rudra took bath and stood near window and look out. Now he is feeling better and start to admire the place. Suddenly he can’t believe his eyes and understand what was happening near restaurant. He saw gang of girls marching and found Saumya. He was confused and relaxes and see correctly.. within that those girls slowly disappeared under lobby roof. He was confused whether he saw Saumya or someone else. He thought, I’m obsessed with Saumya’s thoughts that is y I’m seeing her everywhere.. and he goes.
Saumya entered her room. Nisha and her friend Maya made her rest on bed and left the room. Saumya felt bad and embarrassed about her thoughts. She feel, Y am I getting Rudra’s thoughts very often? I was ok for this 2 yrs.. but since last week I’m.. I’m not able to control it. She thinks about Samar and get teary eyed. She remembers how Nisha told that she is her would be Babhi. Both Samar and Rudra’s face flashes on her mind and kill her patience. She lay down and cry….

Its evening.. Everyone comes for cocktail party.. Nisha gets ready & Saumya & Nisha’s one friend helps her.. Finally Nisha got ready & asked Saumya get ready fast bcz her another friend is almost ready.. Saumya smiles, nodes & goes..
Nisha’s friend ask her about Saumya..
Friend: Nisha.. Don’t u think that ur brother’s gf is little different?? It feels like she lives in a another world.. R ur brother is sure about her??? Bcz I know Samar…
Nisha: Oh don’t start again.. Saumya is a very nice girl & my brother is fully sure about her.. He loves her a lot & Saumya also love him.. The most important thing is before my would be bhabi(Sister-in-law) she is my very good friend.. OK??
Her friend nodes..
Saumya listen everything from outside.. She cries & leaves that place…

Another room.. Rudra gets ready.. Rudra wears a black & white suit… Abhay comes to call him.. They goes..

Abhay & Rudra comes to party.. All Abhay’s friend congrats him.. Rudy take a drink.. Then the bride comes.. Abhay goes to her.. They take some photos together..
Rudra smiles seeing them & turns his face to opposite side.. Saumya comes.. She wears a black & white coated short gown, big black earrings, her hairs r open.. She looks stunning.. Nisha introduce her to Abhay.. Saumya smiles & congrats them.. Abhay says to Nisha that he have a surprise for her.. He goes to stage.. Everyone looks at them.. Abhay says it’s a surprise for my Nisha.. He signs someone & lights goes off… Everyone goes panic.. He calms them down & ask them to see out side.. While seeing outside Saumya came besides Rudra..

Precap: Surprise for u all…

Thanks for reading friends.. Don’t forgot to write about ur opinion on this ff.. Have a great day…???

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