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Kasam was all time favourite of most of the people.Kashmir has always hooked the viewers by its unimaginable twists and turns.

As per we all were knowing that Tanushree was going to die.Her role was not so big.

But in some days there were many fans of her.But as per the show her role was finished.

The show took 20 years leap where everything got change but one thing was not changed the love Rishi was having in his heart for Tanushree.He have changed but his love had not changed in past 20 years.

He always says that Tanushree cheated on him and left him away but he too knows that it was not her mistake.

For sometime he believed that Tanushree will come back for him.

He was crying on road when he saw a girl catching umbrella.She was wearing same dress like Tanushree.

Her face was not visible because of umbrella.He ran towards her and thrown the umbrella from her hand thinking she would be his Tanushree but it was Tanuja.

Tanushree was reborn as Tanuja but Rishi was unable to identify her and gone from there broken hearted.

Currently Rishi is hating Tanuja.

Do you liked this track of Kasam?

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  1. Rithik

    Hate this bring back kratika sengar as tanu2


  3. BRING kratika S tanu2

  4. u r right.nana

  5. Hello guys i m new here i always watch kasam when it started but to be frank i don’t like kratika chemistry with sharad even shivani is good for tanuja n her chemistry with sharad will be good bcoz this he hate tanu n i like this track

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