Do you think TPK should wrap up?


Colors’ Thapki Pyaar Ki is dragging with Thapki and Kabir’s track. Thapki had turned into Vaani to get revenge from Bihaan, believing that he is responsible for her conceived child’s death. Dhruv had helped Thapki in turning into her new identity of Vaani. Dhruv’s help made Thapki bold and daring to stand against Kosi Devi and punish Bihaan. Kosi’s truth came out lately. Bihaan made Kosi leave from his life. Bihaan got to know Thapki always told truth about Kosi.

Bihaan was realizing Vaani is Thapki. Before, the misunderstanding got cleared between Thapki and Bihaan, Thapki took Kabir’s help to make Bihaan jealous. Kabir and Thapki acted of fake marriage to hurt Bihaan’s heart. Thapki did not know Kabir is Bihaan’s enemy and came with revenge motives. Kabir has made them sign on divorce papers. Thapki comes to her true avatar, but sadly makes Pandey family upset. Kabir gives a shock to everyone. He declares Bihaan and Thapki’s marriage void. Bihaan is stuck with Shankara, while Thapki is troubled by Kabir. Just Dhruv was seen happy in marital life, but Shraddha comes back to trouble Dhruv and Aditi. Do you think the show should wrap up with proper happy ending? Let us know your opinion in this poll. You may also leave a comment in the section below.

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  1. DivyasriSivaKumar

    It would be better if they end this serial as it has lost its loyal supporters….they have screwed up all the characters but I have to say that the only one character that never ran away from its track is shraddha.tough she portrays a negative role..she is doing justice to the role…the others I got x comment

  2. Yes, wrap up with happy ending, too much sadness, it’s not entertaining anymore

  3. this time this show is closed by happy ending. this is time very bakwas chaal raha hai..

  4. Noooo, Im loving the new Thapki-Kabir couple! I want to see more. Kabir is better than Bihan for Thapki. I wish the CV’s would show Thapki reciprocating and developing feelings for Kabir. Let Bihan move on with whoever he wants

  5. Bihan ek gunda hai, he’s useless uneducated, doesn’t do anything. And jo log defend karte hain bolte hain uska dil bohat bada hai, bohat loyal hai. That doesn’t make him good for Thapki, he’s rude and he mishandles women. Loyal toh Kabir bhi, apni behen ke liye insaf hi toh maang raha hai, dil uska bhi bada hai, usne apni life risk kar ke Thapki ko bachaya

  6. Kabir is better for Thapki, I don’t want this track to end, I love ThaBir, I want more their scenes

  7. Bihan useless hai, chote bache ki tarah saman fekta hai. Pee kar padha rehta hai, kuch kaam dhanda nahi karta aur hamesha mistreat karta hai auraton ko. Usse behtar toh Dhruv or Kabir Hain Thapki ke liye. Storywriters if you r reading thys thn pls, Kabir and Thapki ki love story develop karo pls

  8. I am not happy with this story because here marriage bond is not respected by the author of story and defaming the women in India and brings bad morals teaching like western countries means if I have problem with you I can change wife or husband and even no married women will revenge her husband like thapki the female protognist do in this serial. Please stop this nonsense.

  9. no thapki pyar ki is my favourite drama serial do not end it pleaseeeeee

  10. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    the problem this serial is at writer,not players.player is the best.but fans very boring cause storyline very very long…..

  11. No i want to watch more of ThaHaan and ManYasa and that won’t be possible if the show ends

  12. I want more ThaBir, stupid Thapki still crazy over selfish and rude Bihan.She should start loving kabir shabbier for ever

  13. I absolutely agree that it should be rap up whether with happy ending or not . It should be rap up . It’s getting too long . Besides if it was the beginning and we were supposed to say who is better for thapki but it’s ridiculous now after her marriage and after she became pregnant from her husband, still people thinking who is better for her . It is not about this anymore . Yes if she wasn’t married yet maybe kabir was better than Bihaan but now it’s about the impotence of family that she should keep her family . The moment that can be think that everythings going to be better something new happen . It’s like they don’t want to finish it and they continue it for any reason . I have stopped watching or reading the updates of this serial for over 2weeks and yet I think nothing happened in it . This is become nonsense . And I must add that after everything that they’ve been through they are still dumb and don’t believe each other and believe others . Bihaan’s character surely have a lot of low points but he is indeed loyal cause still he is loving thapki and don’t looking at Sankar which this point is a huge point for a man to be loyal . It’s funny cause until thapki was as vaani she was not weak and learned to be strong and practical but from the moment that she became thapki again , she became dumb again and forget how she became strong and turn to old weak and emotional damage thapki .

  14. i hate thabir and tpk at all….if the writter dnt able to make good stories thn it should better to wrap up…but i like bihan more so if thahaan remain unite then it can continue….bcoz i dnt like th current track….it is against the ethics and totally moralless….how can a wife take revenge frim her husband and live with the unknown person….

  15. Yes it should
    Because of this stupid show shastri sisters go off air

  16. Wrap up ….wrap up plzzzzz this show lost his charm from the day the writer make thahaan divorce it just so disappointed ? to all the fans who watch the show ?I hope it really end it not have good stories it just becomes boring day by day and disappointed ?plz writer you need to end your serial because all you know to do is break thahaan and make the viewer disappointed ?

  17. I want more ThaBir…they are the onlyy reason I watch this show. Kabir and Thapki rock…hope Thapki starts loving him

  18. I started watching this show since Dhruv’s obsession love for Thapki , and i watched some old episodes and liked the serial, but since writers make Kosi’s track they ruined the show , they spreded the negativty in the show ! & now this Kabir and the problem they dragg it so much so if tahaan unite , another problem will be created and they will seperate them again ! talking about Shradhha , she’s boring ! I just like Dhruv till now ! colors tv should ended this show instead Swaragini ! i’ll be happy if TPK ends ! Sorry guys 😡

  19. I hate thahaan, Bihan is rude, drunkard, jobless, uneducated gunda mawali nd he mistreats women…he slapped and threw thapki out. He manhandles sankara too. It is bcoz of him dat thapki lost da child. Anyone who mitreats and is violent against women is not a true man…he dsnt desreve thapki. kabir is better nd treats her with respect, he luvs his family and his sister, he is only takng revenge coz he luvs his sister. i hope thapki and kabir unite

  20. I don’t want that u end this I love thahaan and mamyasa .but I’m fed up with ur story or this seperation track.thahaan forever

  21. Don’t finish the show..Reunite Thaahaan and no Kabir-Thapki

  22. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    I never watch thapki video for kabir episode,I only read written update.I tell to all my friend that no watch because the storyline now is very bad and very stupid.if the serial became good again,i will watch again.

  23. Unite Thapki Kabir your trp will increase…stop showing Kabir as a villain…he is good at heart…thabir are awesome…show thapki loving Kabir

  24. Thapki shouldn’t close down, recently some of us Thahanians have started loving Kabir and thapki Jodi and would love to see more of them. Take a leap and show the pandeys dead and focus on Thapki Kabir please

  25. Don’t close the Show…Still we are watching Tpk only for Thahaan..Reunite them and make Kabir married with Sankar..Bring old Tpk’s charm and happiness to increase TRP…just change the track to joy and pleasure..

  26. Cv’s more ThaBir please….I want to see a scene where Thapki helps Kabir put on his shirt bcos of his shoulder injury from the bullet….Thabir rock!!!!Thapki should forget bihan

  27. i think the whole story is utter nonsense almost all serial should wrap up from colors sasural simar ka, thapki pyar ki udaan naagin 2 (same old story)
    star plus saath nibhana saathiya, suhani si , that lousy serial mere angne mein
    and tv almost all serial starting fro bhabhiji to santoshi ma
    then life ok all bakwass
    even that tarak mehta is like going on for ages
    sony except kuch rang pyar ke and super dancers comedy nights whats new
    zee tv all serials zindagi seems to be good other than that all closed down
    nowadays idiot box really seems to be idiot even the regional channels are showig disgusting pathetic storyline one husband who is rude merciless manhandling wow we should forgive him and woman wife all are between problems

  28. I was a Thahaan fan bt now I ship ThaBir :D. Honestly kabir and thapki make a very good pair. I wish they end together

  29. Mansak

    all are saying kabir is good for thapki
    before used to say dhruv is good for thapki
    can’t anyone see love in bihaan eyes for thapki btw kabir is staying only for his sake
    and i now really think that this show should wrap up with happy ending of thahaan

    1. people keep changing tracks, once dhruv, bihaan then kabir.. But bihaan is our main lead…the show garnered above 3 ratings due to thahaan scenes only.. we are loyal fans so we can see all the sacrifices of bihaan till date… his one mistake cannot just disglorify as a male lead…even thapki as vaani did mistakes stayed with an unknown man without marriage so isn’t she disglorified? All the goodness of bihaan or thapki cannot
      end at one go…we are loyal to thahaan and will always be..we respect the main leads and try to view things as a neutral viewer… we don’t know to shift tracks……I want the show to keep rocking as usual for ages and more of bihaangiri… until thahaan scenes are there, I am happy with the show..

  30. Stupid idiotic serial i hv ever seen d characters r also horrible they all are crazy man i just wnt 2 giv 0 trp 2 this serial especially tht natakbaaz ruk ruk ke bolne wali thapki! I just hate this dramebaaz thapki all d casts r jst idiotic

  31. A.xx

    yes it should end and they need to bring a new show with new characters,,,eg. parth samthaan and tejasswi prakash wyanganker or swaragini season 2xx

  32. This is ridiculous . At first I thought some good things starts to happen finally but now that Bihaan and sankar’s marriage become complete , I think everything eventually going to be ok between thahaan but it’ll took another year for this serial or even more . I can predict it from now : thapki proves that Bihaan is innocent in kabir’s sister case , kabir also fall for thapki , thapki shows the truth is sankar to everyone , sankar become pregnant , there is a chance of coming back of kosi for revenge which make everything even worse and I about shardha it’s obviouse that ether she will die or lose hey baby and come back to her sense . I can surely say that all of these going to happen . That’s why I think there is no point of watching this serial anymore cause their writers are not going to put any fun in it . I am watching kumkum bhagya as well . That’s even older than this serial . It’s much more fun though . At least there are still fun and funny and romantic moments on that which makes audiences to keep watching it even after 3years . But this one (this serial) become pathetic compare to its first season . They shouldn’t have to continue it . I’m sure the lose lots of audiences . Bad for them .

  33. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    Make thahaan united again.dont more only marriage and marriage again.but show how thahaan through the twist and turns in the household trip.problem in marriage is complex and not always have to involve a third person. Thahaan make mutual support in solving problems in the household and helping other families…make pandey family other also have problems and thahaan will help solve the problem.let sankara remain there as a housekeeper and remain a nuisance but thahaan remain one not separate and even make love more strongly with each other.if sankara become evil,make thahaan can cope well….

  34. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    although druv not love shrada,but when druv married shradais the desire druv alone, so let druv had two wifes with all its problems and thahaan keephelping them when needed. this situation will make season in Pandey Nipas so lively and colorful with all the problems that would be a funny, interting and a little annoying. Problem still exist but are not to be protracted and accumulate in the long term because it would make us very….very boring….CREATE A PROBLEM THAT CAN BE SOLVED ONE BY ONE IN A WAY THAT IS A GOOD AND WISE SO THAT THE AUDIENCE CAN SEE THE MORAL MESSAGES THAT ARE SOLD IN THIS SERIES….

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