Do you think Swaragini is losing its charm?

Swaragini on Colors channel has been a good runner since the very beginning. The show went through many twists and turns, and is still loved by the viewers. The recent entry of Anuj Sachdeva as Sahil, the rockstar and Swara’s savior hyped the show’s interest again. Sahil has been bringing many twists in Swara and Sanskar’s love story. The show has got filmi twists of Sanskar changing his getup and taking a desi rockstar look just for his love Swara.

Sanskar is trying hard to win his love and meets Swara in disguise. Swara is not able to recognize Sanskar. A new bond of friendship starts between Swara and Sanskar. Still Sahil hovers Swara as her good friend and exposes Sanskar’s true identity infront of everyone. Sanskar gets unlucky in love once again, as Swara misunderstands his intentions and efforts. Swara yells on Sanskar for cheating her again. She believes Sanskar is responsible for her memory loss. The entire family is trying to help Swara regain her partially lost memory. Ragini is putting many efforts in making her sister recall Sanskar’s true love. The memory loss track is going since much time. We would like to know, whether you lost the interest in the show with Swara and Sanskar’s separation? Do you think Swaragini is losing its charm? Let us know in this poll. You may also leave your opinion about Sahil, Swara and Sanskar’s love triangle.


  1. kaynat khan

    see its for swasan fans only the memory loss drama and if we dont love this drama so what drama should we love this is the best gift cvs are giving by giving swasan intense scenes

  2. Pinkistar

    Just hating this swara fr her behaviour towards sanskar… Nd tht sahi really vry irritating ??:@

  3. eman

    yes the episod became so sad and boring .every day sanky break heart….no one in swara family set with her and talking about her marriage her family in law……all of them negative….no one take her to another doctor….swaragini was much fasinating befor sahil .the bad treat from swara to sanky not resenable…not belivable….swara’s memory loses has a long time…..why!!!!!!!!!.sanky so un lucky boy…and this make swaragini loses sharm.

  4. ahana

    seems swaragini is all about swara n her love lyf.wer z ragini n laksh in all tis??suppoting their siblings n tats all !!!!swaragini has already lost its charm.wts left????!!!!!

  5. Laxmi

    What is the use of raglak in swaragini..why always swara will face all the terrible situations y not ragini….is ragini not important in the story…y always swasan faces hurdles y not raglak …is laksh just a character artist in the show???…even when Kavya part comes everyone gets preference expect ragini.eventhough Kavya is ragini’s Sautan…but her sister swara will fight with her Sautan not ragini….i think cv’s should rename the serial as “swara’s autobiography”
    They should eliminate raglak…bcoz they became side character….they are such a fabulous actors but..?..

    If sumi became pregnant then y can’t ragini become pregnant…their consummation happens a longtime back….

    I think I should stop watching this serial…
    Pls atleast give swasan some peace doing all this hellyshah also might feel bored.pls unite swasan u them some wonderful moments

  6. swavya

    Yes it has lost its charm its too dragging.. the cvs should focus on both couples equally at the same time not dat frst raglak track den swasan nd den raglak… if dey make it as both raglak swasan centric den the show will gain good trps as both fandoms will watch…

  7. Lovely

    Plese move fastly . . . .u r dragging it . . . Its v.bad . . . . .pls make swara realise memory . . .and throw out sahil

  8. thamiazh magan

    yes.writers going in an unbelivable track. Why cant anybody tell about Rajat’s drama? If they can have Swasan date pic, then surely kidnap scene should be recorded. Whether the writers thinking the viewers as fool?????

  9. wellwisher of tejaswi(ragini)

    really what’s meaning of title SWARAGINI?only swara is eating more limelight….ragini is not doing inportance for ragini.i juz feel bad for tejaswi….i think she shud quit the show and go to someother show where really people values her talent…only swara mahadevi do everything.plzz change the title as SIRF SWARA…becoz ragini is nothing in the serial… this memory loss track is disgusting….hate swara alot…i can’t bear her melo-drama…guys i know some vl be fan of swara..i know that i’m hurting them….sorry for that frnds…actually i’m taking the side of ragini…acc to my perspective…i’m ryt on commenting it…if u feel bad i’m sorry frnds…

  10. Natasha

    Nope.. not at all.. Its swasan intense track.. We wanted this track from CVS.. we had tweeted so many times for this track.. but yeah.. Sahil is getting more importance.. but from yesterday it has started.. pure swasan track has started.. and am loving this track.. We are tweeting CVS not to drag sahil track and sumi’s pregnancy track.. but Don’t end swara’s ml track so soon.. we want a new fresh love story of swasan.. Kisaan’s entry.. It will change the whole thing.. kissan-swara jodi is gonna rock.. new love story of swasan..our most wanted track.. So I don’t think swaragini is not losing its charm..

    SwaSan rocks.. Kisswa rocks… ?????

    I have a request to both fandoms..guys plz watch swaragini.. When swasan track is going on u raglakians are not watching.. when raglak is going on u swasanians are not watching.. Y guys?? sab Milke dkhona.. Then trp will increase..otherwise if u wanna revenge from other fandom and for that we are not watching sr..then trp will decrease..and it will lead to air off the show..then Hume nhi swasan nhi raglak milegi..and we all know ki jodi never repeats.. cz evergreen ArShi is not repeating also.. and we won’t get HeVa or TeMish again… and when u are getting enjoy it to the fullest.. dkho guys.. we have two couples,Two fandom.. if we becm united then just think how much fans will be there for sr.. Then trp will easily increase.. mogambo khush ho jayenge..I mean CVS.. but if u all continue to do this partiality then trp won’t increase..and at the end of the day trp is the main key.. so guys all swaragini fans stay united and do watch sr.. cz trp is necessary.. There was a time when sr’s trp was 3 or around 4.. Then why not again?? show na swaragini fan powers.. Plzz..its my request.. stay united both fandoms.. ???

    2nd thing.. RagLakians plz don’t bash helly in insta or fb.. Plzz..what’s wrong with u much personal attacks.. why?? she is an actress.. she didn’t tell CVS to give her much importance.. then in this what is her fault?? Am not telling about all raglakians.. But some raglakians are bashing helly continuously on insta.. being a girl how can u ppl badmouth a girl.. I fl shame to tell all those cheap things.. shame on those ppl who bash helly like that inspite of being a girl.. Y are u guys pointing finger on her character.. do u guys know her personally?? No naa.. then?? how can u judge?? Don’t be so childish.. c’mon buddies..grow up.. U are deliberately bashing helly .. and what’s all these?? haan?? tell me.. her name is helly.. NOT BELLY,JELLY OR FROG.. If u give respect then u will get respect.. And am a hardcore swasanian.. some of us bash teja also.. but u guys are crossing all ur limits.. again am telling am not talking about all raglakians.. we are also human being.. When we see u r bashing helly then they couldn’t Ctrl their anger and bash teja..

    • Natasha

      U must have to admit that Helly is being more bashed.. Y??? She is getting more importance.. then it’s CVS’s fault.. bash CVS..WHY HELLY?? IF U HAVE AN ANS ANSWER ME DAMN IT.. WHY HELLY?? IS she Rashmi Mam?? is she director?? Is she CVS?? NO..then??? And u guys can’t we all have screen shots of everything u ppl say on insta.. Y r u guys using such immature tricks?? U r peeping in someone’s private timeline on fb,taking screenshots and posting on ur page..and u r blocking that person from ur page so that he or she can’t defend herself or himself..waah waah.. be brave dude.. let him or her defend himself and herself.. So stop ur childishness of bashing helly.. Its my request to both fandoms dont bash any actor or actress personally and publicly.. u r a human being.. u must have ur own choices.. so u may not like helly.. OK..we don’t have problem..but dont say those publicly… discuss personally.. Ek baat batao.. what are u guys getting by telling all those cheap things to helly.. r u guys getting money?? from whom?? batao mujhe..janna hai mujhe.. here also answer is no.. Soo..


      And same goes for swasan also.. don’t bash swasan..if u don’t like ignore.. Plzz.. But don’t bash.. instead of bashing tweet CVS for giving raglak scenes.. Swasan ko bash karke tumhe kuch nhi milega.. only Babaji ka thullu milega.. so bash CVS..tell CVS.. We can’t help u guys.. ?? Raglak is also good.. Ask CVS to give their screen space.. Bashing se tumhe scenes nhi milega.. it will lead to a fight only.. So plzzzz don’t bash.. plzzzz.. ????


    • Natasha

      Sorry guys..a mistake.. I wanted to say that I don’t think swaragini is losing its charm.. Swaragini is not losing its charm..

      Sorry guys… “not” was extra in that line of my very 1st comment..

  11. Rain

    I feel that it has lost its charm and that’s y they’re doing this drama to revive the charm. I personally love Swasan and I get irritated but in the end it’s gonna be Swasan. I also love Raglak and I’m upset that they’re being sidelined. So after this Sahil drama I feel they shud let Swasan be happy with each other and show lots and lots of scenes between them but they shud also start focusing on Raglak. My opinion I know many won’t agree with me so pls don’t feel offended if u guys read my comment….

  12. Madhu

    I toh always think that while creating Swara’s character they didn’t fix a single life partner.
    kabhi Laksh, Kabhi SansKar aur ab Sahil. Ragni’s is nice only Laksh and Laksh.

    Pahele SwaLak pasand tha phir ab SwaSan kar diya toh in logo ne toh ab Sahil ki entry kardi.
    Yaar what the hell !!! UNITE SWASAN. Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. adhaa

    dear cvs plz wake up n see raglak fans r increasing day by day,so start working on tm.u still ave tym to bring bck d charm(raglak) back into swaragini.

  14. adhaa

    dear cvs plz wake up n see raglak fans r increasing day by day,so start working on tm too.u still ave tym to bring bck d charm(raglak) back into swaragini.

  15. DIDU

    Of course yes…no doubt…ongoing track is a bullshit…..plz focus on main couple swasan and raglak……its too late to say but swaragini’s charm already gone becoz of this memory lose drama……

  16. ManSi

    Though D Serial Name is SwaRagini,, they will highlight only Swara r swasan bt nt Ragini r RagLak
    In my view Swaragini got trp after chang in ragini’s character n its continuing,,,
    Present track(SwaSan) is sooo boring .,,,

  17. Aastha

    ongoing track is rubbish………………plzzzzzzzz end this drama and unite swasan………’s plzzzzzz give equal limelight to raglak ………………

  18. DIDU

    I totally agree with NATASHA…. plz guyz dont blame for helly for no reason…..she is a actress… she is doing her job…..what derector saying she is doing that…..becoz of your personal satistfication dont quection her character…..plz give some respect……
    No matter what guyz dont create scenes between helly and tejaswi…..
    If i hurt someone feelings sorry guyz….
    But truth is we havent any rights to destroy someone’s character…..
    Before you do something plz think twice….
    Thank you…

  19. nia

    Dear cvs what ur problem with ragini fans if u titled your show swarming you,should give both characters importance and I think you have soft corner for helly

  20. Neha

    Just end this drama. I have already stopped watching. Maybe from the rockstar episode again, not sure though.
    How can they yshow swara as a dumb person when she had been such a detective all her life long. Has she even forgotten her detective personality? Crap! End this ASAP! -.-

  21. Fatima

    Guys the serial is focusing on lucky and ragini because shermista is gonna greater them u guys don’t know what is gonna come and the serial is going great thy will unite and Sahil I sa villain and the serial is actually focusing on ragini because she has to help them get together it is an opportunity for lucky and ragini to save sanskaar and swara’s relationtionship

  22. Tvisha


    |Registered Member

    No I don’t like the track personally becuase they dragged it too much and they also made Varun a devdas 2 I want swasan to unite asap and now for more tadka our lovely darling CVS is going to make sharmishtha a villian of RagLak!!!

  23. swasan fan

    Some people r really stupid…they r blaming helly…what she did…she is doing what her role is…if raglak fans have any problem with dis serial…den just ask about raglakians…why all r blaming swasan…it is really hurting us…saying swasan track is boring…nonsense talk about our swasan…we r also getting so much bored for watching raglak track…but i think all swasan fans also supported raglak fans for their track…but in return we all r getting hurt…bcs of ur bashings of our fav. Actors…so pls all our swasan fans request is if u want ur track ask for that…but not by bashing other couple…

  24. Azure


    |Registered Member

    Stopped watching the show months ago. Only reason – Swara.

    I find it hard to digest this messy story with no logic and sense left in it anymore….nor any pressing questions of “what will happen next” (because everyone knows what will happen and who will solve everything) ….just to show how one particular charachter is better than every other charachter…..And to make her the whole and soul of the show…..CVs have definitely lost some of their IQ as they went along writing the plot (for me family drama with 4 leads cannot be run justifiably or successfully by focusing only on one) ……I don’t want to join the CVs in reducing my IQ by watching this as they find their way through the messs…..esp when there are soooooo many better stories and shows out there today.

  25. Jyotii


    |Registered Member

    I think in last epi Ragini scenes were more than swasan! And why everyone is blaming Helly for this???
    Is she the script writer??
    Definitely NOOOI!!
    so go n bash the script writer ifvu don’t lyk d track!????

  26. seebu

    Pls stop bashing our swasan n their track…if u want to ask about ur fav. Couple then ask…our swasan fans r so happy this track…if raglak fans want their u can ask with out bashing our swasan also….n all r saying mahaan swara…like dat…now she is not acting like mahaan…when she is acting like human being all r saying stupid swara…balbal…this hatred to love track…so all swasan fans njoy our track…n stop bashing our fav.dont say swara..swara..ask about ur ragini…but not by blaming swara….n talking about her character…pls check ur fav. Ragini character n then blame swara…so my request is stop blaming swasan n ask about ur track…we will support for ur track…if not we too can blame ur fav. Couple…i’m observing from so many days…but atlast my patience gone…nd atlast i’m commenting n supporting our swasan

  27. Lappy

    100% bekar & crap.serial. What is the use of this poll if everyone knows that Swaragini is losing its charm. This is the most f**king serial I have come across. Baseless plot & To be frank this serial is responsible for creating fan wars between Swara & Ragini fans. First & last all,this serial cannot portray sister bonding. They r excellent in creating rift between the sisters coz of their love. Where fans should be shouting for showing the sister bonding to CVS, we r telling that pshyco cvs to show some romantic scenes of the so called couples SwaSan & RagLak. Sorry if I have hurt anyone. I was frustrated with all this & moreover this is my pov. SORRY!!

    • S priya

      I totally agree wit u I started watching tis show oly fr seeing swaragini bonding…but CV’s ruined everything…I’m more interested to c sis bonding tan couple….but nothing ter I’m nt satisfied wit t way tey portrayed both swaragini character…no one can b so MAHAN like swara nd so EVIL(first) like ragini….who tried to kill her sister …such a waste sister serial….

  28. akashi malhothra

    must say swaragini star cast r filled with beauty.all d female actors r so gorgeous.swaragini,uttara,pari,sujju,ap,sumi n even dadima z beautiful.n abt guys wt to say,woh toh handsome n dashing hai hi.n they r so talented i wish i had 1% of it i wud b on cloud nine.n their offscreen bonding wow!their love n care fo each other increases their beauty even more.wen all these wonderful ppl cm togthr it bcms SWARAGINI.wen tr z so much wonderful things to say,hw on earth can sm1 feel lyk bashng tm?dn u think so guyz???

  29. cute girl

    o guys ..for my point of views …
    i think after turning of shumi chacter into grey shed …then raglak got a importances in serials …as she black mail the raglak what say guys ..

  30. zoya khan

    pls stop this type article swaragini having its charm and trp also showed how much people loved this track

  31. fiza khan

    swasan track always bring trp&loved by viewers so swaragini having charm when showing swasan track

  32. Rhythm

    The problem from last few weeks is overdose of pregnancy drama and sahil I don’t think swasan track has started yet, real track is going to start with kissan’s entry, maybe from monday, I’m really very excited to watch KisSwa, and if people think sr lost it’s charm, KisSwa’s upcoming story will set things right SwaSan rocksssss

  33. swasan fan

    guys pls stop blaming swasan…if u guys want raglak track…u ask about….but y u r blaming our swasan for that…our swasan fans are supporting for raglak track…then y all r blaming swasan i’m really frustrated…all r blaming dis track…this track is hatred to love…so swasan fans pls be patience…n before all said swara..the mahaan…dey stopped her showing like that n started to show her as human being…but now again al r saying stupid swara…blablabla…n who r talking about her character…what wrong she did with laksh..if u r saying for falling in love twice is her mistake….then what about laksh…?he had fallen in love 3 times….what all will say about him…?what about ragini…?she accused sanskar for fake molestation….what we have to say about her…?about sahil….ahe is trusting him like her friend…what is wrong in that…common guys have to think in her p.o.v also….n all r asking
    she is not believing her own famil

    y but trusting a stranger….?she is not believing them bcs their family didnt said about her marriage…guys think according to swaras p.o.v….not their family p.o.v….atlast pls stop blaming swasan..n ask about ur fav. couple track…but not by blaming our swasan…sorry if i hurt anybody….but seriously all by some of ur comments towards swasan r hurting us very badly……

  34. Khwaish

    Swaragini is not loosing its charm…. Its going well n good…. Bt d damn irritating is !! Why Swara is blaming On and On to Sanskaar !? Bcz of that aadha adhura flashback …jo dhang se swara ko yaad hi nahi aa raha h…. ;(… ? N this Sahil well he is a kabbab mei haddi… Well i liking its pagalpan…. Bt wanted to see some more joonun … N some tashan between Sahil n Sanskaar… 😎 When sanskaar will actually get to knw about Sahil wicked intenstions ;> …. N hope the MU get clr between SwaSan soon…. Bcz clr hote hi rehne wala hota h… Sahil poke in b/w !!

  35. tara

    I hate sahil now a days I hate swaragini also it given so much pain because of Swara behavior with sanskar….. I like u sanskar…. very much ya sanskar ur greatman donot giveup fight for ture love ya

  36. Anjali30


    |Registered Member

    The only problem I have with this track is the sheer drag…. when they can tell her about her sangeet, wedding and all… why can’t they show the police file of rajats case?? Why can’t they tell her about rajat….

    I love anuj sachdeva but I hate sahil… he is killing it in the role… but as a SANSKAARAHOLIC, I can’t wait to punch him in the nose…

    But this track is going to get better…



  37. Akanksha

    Memory loss can’t change the character of a person.As swara was very intelligent,curious kind of girl but now she is not like that as she is blaming her family aapne mujhse itna bada such chupaya ,ab main aap logon par bharosa ni kr sakti,swara is not listening to anybody………………….why?????If swara remains as she was earlier then it will be more better.

  38. neoline

    upcoming track will be interesting due to swasan track cz upcoming epi will of kissan’s entry and full swasan scenes…!

    current track is boring due to family darama and raglak faje pregnancy drama…!!

    it’s abt ML track so i dnt understand why the hell cvs need to show all those crap abt family pari and raglak drama..!!

    due to thus all swasan fans are fed up… they will show swasan scenes in the precap and whn we will watch we r gttng to see all those crap..!! frm the past 2 weeks no swasan scenes only family drama including raglak then who will not feel boring???

    but upcoming scenes will be intrestng if cvs will focus on kissan track instead of family and raglak drama..!!

    but i like the track

    • Shraddha

      i was feeling boring seeing swasan drama….the serial will b intrsting if they focus on Raglak tack instead of swasan drama..

  39. sumeeta

    i love the current track.friday epi was sooo goog.swaragini dont loose its has its own charm.and about ragini in current fake prgnency trak she also get screen space sometime more than both couple have their own track

  40. swasan fan

    all swasan fans also want swasan union soon….bcs we cant bear pain of our swasan….but want new love story
    of swasan…not swara..kissan

  41. Atharva

    liked sanskar changing into kishan very much, very intresting and nice track love swasan chemistry and the show is not at all losing its charm its the best show on television and when swara will regain her memory that will be very memorable scene for swasan fans , swasan rocks and their scenes too.

  42. Bhagyashree Baruah

    yaar plzz stop bashing SwaSan..trp increased becouse of SwaSan always..Watch SwaRagini..all SwaSanian..and support SwaSan..

    • Shraddha

      no dear swaraginis trp has increased bcz of Ragini dea…she was charm of the serial …jst think though raglak z getting small screen space and have so much fan just think if thery get equal importance than hw much fan will b there for mre dan swasan na..

  43. Bhagyashree Baruah

    To all RagLak fans….Tum logo kaa prblm kya h?? jab dkho Swara,Sanskaar Ko bash krte rhte ho..milta kya h tumlogo Ko?? CVs Ko bash Karo…Jahan dkho Sirf SwaSan k piche parein rhte ho….Kissan Ko bhi nhi choda tumlogo ne.. milega kya?? ye batao..paisa milte h unhe bash krke…and you raglak fans…ek grl hokr dusri grl K khilaaf itna kuch cheap word use krte rhte ho…not fare yaar…Hum Teju Ko kbhi bash nhi krte..jitna tum log krte ho Helly Ko…

    So,,Stop bashing SwaSan or VaHe..tum log apne fav..k saath khush rho.and hum SwaSan k saath..

  44. swasan fan

    all swasan fans r with first option bcs distance b/w swasan…we cant bear…..but swaragini serial is not loosing its charm… raglak fans r saying its loosing bcs of swara….if ur couple get this track then u will not tell that bcs of ragini dis track is loosing its charm… better ask about raglak track….n dont bash swara n swasan…
    we will support for raglak track…but if u bash swasan….we too can bash raglak….i think from 2 weeks raglak track is also goingon…so stop blaming each other n support ur fav. couple….dont blame others fav. couple

  45. Meera

    No problem with swaragini.some what boaring bcoz of showing same precap and also very excited to see why sumi will turn negitive,and some raglak story will also there,so swaragini will not loose it’s charm.

  46. Falguni vaghela

    I have no problem with memory loss track.. Swara Ko ku6 yaad nahi its OK but use sanskar ne goli mari ye bhi kyun yaad raha..?? This is unnatural n unexpected.. N she is behaving with everyone rudely.. This is not our old swara.. I don’t like this swara.. N 3rd wheel ghusana jaruri tha.. U can continued the story without triangle also.. But the pregnancy track is so boring…
    N sahil wala track kyun…??
    In this serial almost starting first Sanskar n then Ragini,lakshaya,Kavita, Kavya n now sahil… This obsessive lover track is like headache.. Seriously..

    Pls tell writers that change swara’s attitude.. She is not trusting her own family n just bcs sahil save her she is trusting him more then herself.. This is really heart breaking..
    N add some raglak scenes also..

    N saskar’s gate up.. Really desi singer.. His charm is gone.. After seeing his desi avatar I quite to watch swaragini..

  47. tanu

    jise jo kehna h shauk se kaho but sach ye h ki kuch log yr track swasan k liye haste haste bardash kr lete h …n stop bashing swara helly or swasan bcoz its not their fault ki aap logo ko raglak scene nahi mil rhe h its all cvs crap so stop bashing my swasan …n plz dont bash me also sorry if it hurts kya karu true swasan fan jo hu

  48. Meera

    If there are continuous raglak scenes people mainly other’s fans will definitely get bore,ofcourse it is true that ragini got focus but when she was negative,not even good love story for laksh and ragini.and it is true to give focus for all characters in one episode but they can show one after another pair,but not going like that . swasan got , 3 times dating,guarua song,sangeet and alot of sweet moments,but raglak all got happened in one day .I am asking only writers to give importence to raglak.we are not satisfied with raglak but everything is nice.plz give some more importance to raglak than present.remaining all cast is soon good.

    • sanch

      agree with meera.raglak track went in a single day.nt fair.i have got no prob with swasan.jz want some good track for raglak…plz cvs

  49. Meera

    Sorry 3 times marriage not dating.If any one feels that I am bashing swara,my opinion is not that.I like teju ,only the reason for watching this it my opinion .

  50. Riya

    OMG!! yahan toh bawal macha diya.. OK.. 1st of all swaragini is not losing its charm.. Its one of the best shows in indian television.. So stop saying these stupid things.. plz.. This track is really very good..its getting spoiled just cz f Sumi’s pregnancy and raglak’s fake pregnancy drama.. Pari’s evilness.. last week it was more raglak than swasan.. so stop blaming our swasan.. raglakians
    .. tum logo ko chashma bheju kya dkhne ke liye ki yeh raglak track more than swasan.. chashma chahiye?? We will gift u guys..we swasanians are too kind.. we can gift u that u can see properly what is showing on TV.. 😛 😛 😛

    And mahanatma logon yaha bhi chali aayi helly ko bash karne.. Aur koi kaam nhi hai kya??? Listen if u are wanting to see ur fav’s track then tweet CVS..twitter acct nhi hai kya?? yaha bhi swasanians ki madat chahiye?? shall we open twitter acct for u guys so that u can tweet rather than bashing.. Jab dkho bashing.. STOP BASHING HELLY.. DONT ATTACK PERSONALLY..KYA TUM JANTE HO USSE?? NHI NA..THEN?? ND SWARA DETECTIVE..U GUYS ALWAYS SAY..AB KAUN DETECTIVEGIRI KAR RAHA HAI??? TUMHARI FAV RAGINI..THEN BASH HER ur guts.. Stupid jealous ppl..

    • Sitaram


      |Registered Member

      hey be calm this is not world war 2 that you are trying to make people understand to be calm and stop bashing there is difference swaragini is reel life and made for entertainment and you guys are taking it seriously yaar this is too much everyone cant have same likes but everyone can be friends please atleast seeing my cute cat please

      • swasan fan

        Agreed with u dear…should not go to personal life…so dat only i said like dat…i too love teju a lot…but after seeing such worst comments by some of raglak fans(not all) for helly…feeling so bad…i agree swasan fans also comment on teju badly…but for helly dey said pls commit suicide den only our teju will get importance…what type of comments r that…for a serial…dey r saying to die her…but i too want to see swasan n raglak….dont want to see swasan vs raglak…4 actors r best…dey r best in their way….love swasan n raglak….but pls stop bashing each other

      • Mouli

        Dear.. we are not being personal.. some raglakians always telling helly that c is a casanova,SL**,b***h and all.. she should die.. what’s all these yaar..tell me..being a girl how can they bash a girl like this.. Y??? its really bad..don’t u think??? u all are not understanding our comments..Dont bash any actor or actress personally.. its a request..

  51. Pinki Chakraborty

    we just one more swasan scenes nd their charm thats all… plz give thm more imprtance when its swasan track….

  52. Mouli

    Swaragini is not losing its charm.. Its one of best ongoing tv shows in India.. So stop this type polls..plzzz

    This track is very much interesting.. Swasan intense love story..omg..our swasan.. and kissan’s entry.. dhina dhin dha.. ???Kissan is gonna rock.. Kisswa rocks..other shocks.. ??? 😛 😛 its getting bored just cz f shomi’s pregnancy, raglak’s fake pregnancy drama and pari’s evilness.. Last two episodes there are more raglak scenes than swasan scenes.. So u raglakian plz stop ur bakwass.. swaragini dkhna shuru karne se pehle raglakian plx wear this ??????.. u will get a clear view.. U can see which couple is showing on screen..

    My friend have called for a unity..but the fact is that raglak and swasan fans can never be united.. cz If swasanians cooperate but raglakians will never cooperate… cz they only know how to bash someone personally..

    Now coming to the most imp point.. bashing helly.. let me tell u guys something..

    *What’s wrong with u guys?? Can’t u understand a simple thing.. CVS is giving her more imp that’s cvs’s decision… Not her decision.. she never requested CVS to give her more imp.. So stop ur nonsense..

    *Swara is mahan.. its bcm ur epic dialogue.. Its also not her fault.. here also CVS is at fault..toh isme helly k kya galti hai?? batao Zara.. If u have problem tell CVS na to show ur favourite Ragini as mahan..

    *Swara is detective. r8?? now who is doing detectivegiri?? swara ya phir tumhari ragini??? then bash her also.. C’mon show ur guts.. we are waiting..

    *And raglakians..what’s all these on insta?? kya hai woh?? such cheap comments being a girl.. how can u guys stoop so low that just for a fictional character u r bashing a girl like that.. what’s all these CASANOVA nd all..haan??? ANS ME U PPL IF U HAVE AN VALID ANS.. ANS ME ANY OF RAGLAKIANS..AM WAITING..ANS ME DAMN IT..being a girl u r telling these type of cheap things about a girl?? how?? SHAME ON U!! CHI!!!


    *And some swasanians bash teja..but not like u guys..we didnt stoop so low.. we can give respect to a girl..

    *And helly ko bash karke kya milti hai?? Money ???from whom?? from where??




    • UNKOWN

      Ok mouli first of all i am not going to bash u. Secondly u being a swasan fan have right to support,protect them from us. Ok so tell me when it was ragini drama swara and ragini both get screen. Now coming to swasan marriage you can see how many episode are in youtube. Half of episodes was about swasan marriage and their lovestory. Everytime swara get more importants than ragini. Let me remind your little brain.

      .When it was ragini negative drama all screen was given to swara. Ok we understood that she want to expose her.

      .After ragini drama being expose. Ragini became mean. All screen went to swara. She being god support maheswari. After doing and agaim making ragini exposed. We understood its drama.

      .Now after that. Swasan track came. Their marriage. Sanskar proposing swara. Their date. Going out. Kavita entry. And all lot of drama. Kavita try to marry sanskar. Swara coming their and marry sanskar.

      And coming to our raglak. When it was their turn cvs did everything in one day. Ok so u being a swasan fan have said many things to our ragini. So why are u even talking. Like we dont have respect and all. Let me tell you we raglak can also say many things. And guyzzz will not find a singel answer for that. So before talking about our respect thing about yourself. So i don’t to remind you all swasan fans that what u all said to ragini. Secondly if u look at what ragini get in tracks then talk. If swara have got that tracks would’t u guyzz have bashed your raglak. Think again before talking and writing something about our raglak. I will never bear anything against my teja and nami. Like you guyzz if we said something we dont have respect and are shameless and if you all do then it ok. You all swasan fan start bashimg our raglak then only we attack on u guyzz. I have read til now only swasan fan were busy in talking about raglak. I sometime think if u all have a life. Sorry to say but you guyzz are worst then us. So shhhhh keep queit babys.

      Note: Dont try to bash me. Swasan fans if raglak have said something about your greatest swasan then i am saying sorry on the behalf on them. But keep this in your mind whenever u all will bash our raglak then we will not stop. But yess i will not go personal like swasan fans do. And secondly even i like helly and varun but we just like raglak in serial. So whatt everyone have their own thoughts.


      Good bye swasan fans hope you all learned that you all are the one who start bash first. So dont talk about us.

      • swasan fan

        I am not bashing u unknown….i totally agree with ur frustration…both fandoms r good…no one is worst…bcs of some people(in both fandoms) our relation b/w fans r spoiled….i agree swara got more screen space than ragini…it is not problem of swaras character…but my only frustration is they r going to their personal life….i dont blame any raglak fans but some r bashing helly very badly….for dis serial …some r saying helly to commit suicide…den only our teju will get importance….i know swasan fans also bashed teju…but dis type of comment i really didnt see with any fandom…it is really bad…firstly i love 4 actors a lot… 4 r best in their way…i too want to see all r getting equal space….but not by bashing each others….i think it will not happen to see swasanraglak…but want to them together….i hope u will be with me…love swasan n raglak

      • Mouli

        Lo..mujhe pata tha tum log jarur aaoge.. dkha.. 😛 😛

        Yaar..English samjhme nhi aati kya?? I have told I fl shame on u ppl just for calling helly as Casanova,SL**t,b***h.. she should die.. after that only teju will get imp.. When cliff hanging scene was showing some raglakians said that in reality she should die.. on insta raglakians say very cheap things to helly.. Like she lures the director nd all.. even she is breaking varun’s marriage life..what are all these unknown ji??? Screen shot bheju kya???

        And I agree raglak are getting less imp.. its only CVS’s fault.. not swasanians fault.. u guys tweet CVS to give them proper scenes rather than telling us..we can’t help u guys.. Read my whole comment carefully.. then it will enter in ur pea size brain.. Why are u always telling us that raglak is getting less imp.. do we write script??? omg.. ??? Do we tell CVS to give us swasan scenes.. yeah .we tell..via twitter.. and u ppl too can do that.. then tweet na..why are u telling me Mahabharata.. And I agree some swasanian bash teju also.. but they are very few.. if u are on insta check that.. u always point finger to a girl’s character.. where did swasanian point finger to teju’s real life character??? am not telling about all kind of bashing… character attack..tell me dear… then decide who is worst.. ??

      • Mouli

        Unknown ji plz visit amarsharmaofficial page on insta.. u will find yourself who is bashing whom.. ab toh muh band karo tumlog…

    • Sitaram


      |Registered Member

      mouli don’t use rude language to make others understand its a request bcause if ithers are doing bashing let them do its not like we can make them understand you loveswasan and helly and you are hurt it makes people feel you are just trying to impose please be calm dear a request.

  53. Kritika

    Track is of course awsm. But I wanna ans ragini n raglak fans.
    Chi..dont u feel shame while calling helly sl** n Casanova?? Chi Chi Chi.u are a girl n doing this..chi..shubh shubh shubh…
    N yeah..her name is helly shah..not jelly belly frog ..get that straight..we too can bash teja..but v don’t..I can also directly call her nagini. but I respect her..
    N yeah u wanted raglak track can the show mainly focus on raglak.they both were negative at a point..n sudden change with main role won’t suit..
    Also heva have more fandom than temish..
    N when u don’t know helly personally u can’t point ur finger on her. She is a very sweet person n she for us a lot.
    She even follows her fans on Insta n like their edits..
    On our one request, she posts a swasan pic..
    She is a beautiful soul.. respect her guys..

  54. Angha


    |Registered Member

    Shw a a proper lovestory of raglak.a different track for them atleast some cute moments between them.frm the start of the serial we wanted laksh to fall for ragini.but when tht track came they wrapped it in hurry.they r such a lovely couple.dnt knw why they r sidelined.track diys bhi to itna bor pregnancy wala.sanskar is objection or problem with helly she is beutiful girl,but cant tolerate swara’s charecter.tired of swara’s mahanta,detectivegiri,overchildishness (sometimes) & nw a days irritating behaviour.shw swasan tracks but give imp to raglak also.its ‘swaragini’ nt ‘swara’.

  55. nabila

    no swaragini is not loosing it’s charm..ya it little bit boring for shomi’s pregnancy &Raglak fake pregnancy drama..BT I’m hope for tha best..eagerly waiting for kissan entry & swasan new love story..n raglak fans for ur kind information swasan is tha trp booster..swasan tarck always bring CVS give them this intense track not any fake boring pregnancy better joyously babies keep quite..

  56. xxxx

    nw that bldy big fatty face ragini got screen space nd u raglak freaks say dey didnt get….in last week its full of sumi pregnancy nd raglaks stupid fake pregnancy…in alk times cvs irritates us by seeing dat naginis nd raglak….den u guys saying like dis…stupid jealous ppl….d track is going right way…swasan trck starts nw….nw we can ckearly see who is mahatma by dng fake pregnancy nd all…

    nd pls cvs wr dnt want any KMH( kabab mem haddi) between swasan….why dis ragini shwng dese much of fake care..whn sansakar is alive no one shw any fake care…..nd pls stp dis type of didnt loss its charm…its always in top 10 shws while othrs didnt got….our swasan rockssss

    • Sitaram


      |Registered Member

      you are making me cry now how can you bash someone so badly you guys cn’t stop bashing each others please stop at least seeing my cute cat yaar don’t be so rude to ragini i understand you emotions. please 🙁

      • swasan fan

        Pls dont fight….supporting ur favs. is not problem but bashing others is problem…dont be rude towards others….thats it…love swasan n raglak….if both fandom becomes one…nobody can stop our swaragini trp….hope it will be soon

  57. Lol


    |Registered Member

    I just love the current track !! SANSKAR AKA KISHAN LOL I saw a video of SANSKAR dancing on a sing with Swara u can see it on Facebook , anuj sachdeva took a video of it ! It is so funny !! Haha I couldn’t stop laughing !!

  58. sitaram

    are you guys gone mad or are you stupid or dumb what the hell is wrong with you people don,t bash swasan dont bash varun or helly and enven don’t bash raglak or tejaswi or namish guys grow up for gods sake and atleast in virtual world maintain something called peace freindship love and harmony that is not there in the real world right now at least over here try to maintain your cool its every people right to love like someone but not to bash or fight with each others please i request .

  59. sanch

    dear raglakians,for heavens sake stop bashing helly yaar.let her lead a peaceful lyf.even im am an hardcore raglak fan bt never bashed helly o swara o swasan.. being a raglak fan it feels bad wen ppl say RAGLAKIANS do cheap bashing helly ua spoiling ragini and laksh n tejaswi n namish’s name..plz guys atleast fo raglaks sake stop bashing helly.shes z personally a wonderful soul lyk tejaswi. a humble request to all raglak fans from another raglak fan

  60. sitaram


  61. Azure


    |Registered Member

    I read some of the comment here and the sheer lack of understanding is astounding. A lot of people here have said that they don’t like the fact that the show has been focused completely on Swara or Swasan. That is a comment on the FICTIONAL character of Swara or FICTIONAL pair and the CVs who are writing the story. Where did Helly come into picture at all? Helly does NOT equal Swara. She is just playing the character. Stop making a mountain of something which is not even a molehill!!!

    Majority of the people here don’t know her or any of the other actors and most might not care to. I for example watch a show if the story and character click for me. The actors are not important or relevant to the choice. When i stop watching it is for the same reason.

    Everyone has personal opinions! Some people are going to like the current track and some are not. Just because someone doesnt like the current track, should not equate to jumping the gun and starting to hit back at those people! Please learn to separate between the real people here and the reel characters who do NOT even exist.

    Each one has a different reason why they might like or not like a particular track. starting a debate on the track is fine …why should that equate to feeling attacked personally or feeling the need to question the person “how the hell can you think like this?” and “how can you want different track!” It is their brain! their choice!

    Calm Down!

      • Azure


        |Registered Member

        dear swasan fan..I get your point. and i agree some people don’t realise the difference between real and reel. i hope that people do wake up to it. my concern today was slightly different as well. and it was that did anyone on this post do any of the bashing of helly specifically? and the answer was no. so my concern was that what is the point of getting angry with people here for the stupidity done by someone on twitter or insta? if someone says something bad there, they should be responded to there. in twitter and insta i have seen some idiots who are helly fans bashing teju and visa versa. in fact one of the moderators in IF site swaragini section is famous for bashing teju out there. but out here, if every is having a decent discussion, then what would be the point of responding to them thinking or combining them with the silly people elsewhere. many people have left IF because of the negativity there. i don’t want this one to be a site like that

    • swasan fan

      I really didnt comment here seeing fans comments… is a chance to stop bashing each others in real….in hellys insta some r commenting very ugly…like to commit her suicide to get imp to teju….it is really bad…i know that swasan fans also bash teju…but this type of comment is worst….all can say their views….i agree this is fictional characters….but these type of comments r not showing difference for some people(both fandoms)….should know difference b/w reel n real….so pls stop bashing each other fandom…love swasan n raglak….

      • Azure


        |Registered Member

        thanks for talking so much sense dear…..let the real people live in peace and lets not bash each other over reel people.

  62. joel


  63. ridhi

    seriously swasan fans???u dn bash tejswi??il show u a example ryt here.jz see d above cmnt of xxxx n tn say

  64. megha

    Swasan fans should first understand the difference between Bashing & opinion .though serial name was swaragini the makers always make swara the lead & raglak r least bothered now a days they’ve been seen just for 4-5 min & when it comes to Bashing theju is also bashed many times .bt 4 godsake plzz stop Bashing both swasan raglak.

  65. anju

    I think ongoing track was really stupid .plz change the track .end the sharmista pragnany track .that was disgusting part of this serial.that’s while no one willing to watch swaragini

  66. unknown

    Guys I just read a comment on instagram, that girl was bashing helly so badly and saying so cheap things about her… I read that on “AMARSHARMAOFFICIAL”s latest pick about tejaswis bday… a girl named “ALIYAQ557” wrote that…. I saw that from my friends account and I myself don’t have one…. please can anyone go and bash her… please…. Should I write her comment here??? It was ACTUALLY out of the limits!!!!

  67. tisha

    can’t say about it bcoz I only watch for raglak & yes swaragini loss its charm by repeating same track again n again

  68. Lappy

    By bashing people are spoiling their own identity not of SwaSan or RagLak or the actors. CALM DOWN. ITS HAVE BEEN A FULL TIME BASHING SITE.THEY R 200% FICTIONAL CHARACTERS & THE ACTORS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM.

  69. Riya

    I just read the comment that girl aliaQ557 made on helly ,seriously how can a girl say so cheap things about another girl…….seriously disgusting…….&how much all the bashers know abt helly that they are doing so cheap comments on her……just bcz she was not in that pic that girl commented like that………we don’t have any right to say like this to anyone

    • unknown

      That is exactly what I wrote and the comment is so freaking disgusting! It was so disgusting that I couldn’t even read the whole comment… how can a GIRL say something CHEAP like this to another GIRL, that she sleeps with the director and aborts her child…. like WTF!!

      • Sitaram


        |Registered Member

        if you are so bothered then go and bash again what is going to be the use it happens in entertainment industry and Helly shah is an actress she is beautiful sweet lovely innocent we know that but people won’t stop there nonsense so just get over it and don’t waste your time trying to make people learn their values you should know that this is reel life . keep calm and be cool 🙂

  70. Shonali


    |Registered Member

    The thing is that cvs aren’t able to balance the main 4 characters, the 2 lead couples.
    While Ragini’s character’s transformations from good to bad, then bad to evil and finally back to good were shown quickly and without any proper reason being given.
    Whereas Swara’s character (I am talking about the FICTIONAL CHARACTER Swara) was shown to be the sacrificial, always the right one, good in everything. Swara’s always shown to be of white shade.
    And moreover SwaSan’s story got more limelight than RagLak’s. At least SwaSan story was laid out properly unlike RagLak’s confusing one.
    The CV’s only need to create a balance between the leads of the show.

  71. Meera

    If we are requesting for raglak scenes means it doesn’t mean that don’t show any swasan scenes.if any one bashed swara means just bash them.dont spare them bcoz you guys are fans but again why you basing ragini,ofcourse not all fans.and again mentioning they bashed swara .teju also human and women like hell.we raglak fans no problem with swasan.we just want raglak scenes at least 5 min everyday not like guest appearance and side actors just as main lead.

  72. Shraddha

    Hey guys..i think it z losing its charm bcz of Swasan drama….Nt bcz of raglak track….I dnt understand This swasan fans r crazy or wat?? Smw fans bashed Helly in insta not here na so cmment there nt here…nd let me remind u Wen Ragini was negative she was bashed like hell..Ragini was also fictional character but swasan fans bashed Teju for it…she just did her wrk…nd sme guys say that ragak say swara mahaan and wen swara z trusting sahil she z being an human…r u guys r mad i understand sahil saved swara so she is trusting..but trusting mre dan family z called stupidity nt human…swasans before pointing on us jst see urself…den talk…

  73. Kalpana


    |Registered Member

    I don’t know why audience forget that its a serial…. Those are actors playing the roles… Bashing them doesn’t make sense… At the end of the day, they’ll get paid for their work… We will be idiots if we get emotionally attached to the characters 🙂 🙂 And I wish the makers give prominence to raglak story too… Its Swaragini not just Swara….

  74. mica

    swaragini losing its charm ? it’s BIG YESS from me , the script writer even losing their creativity to put sooo LAME TYPICAL story “memory loss aka amnesia” on swaragini zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    seriously, how many ppl got amnesia in real life as almost all of soap opera bring this issue ?
    losing memories made swara become a charactereless married woman due to marriage value. she prefer to play along with stranger (kissan) rather than caring her family without ask permission from her husband, even her parents didn’t give any advise to do so.
    but it doesn’t make a sense, since most of viewer (espicially swasan fanfreak) get lost on praising varun no matter what his role is , rather than to think the value or the storyline.
    no offense for varun’s fans, to be frank, im not varun’s fans, i’m swasan fansfreak.:3

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.