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Star Plus’ Suhani Si Ek Ladki airing since June 2014, has jumbled the tracks after the major generation leap. Saiyyam’s entry happened as Suhani and Sambhav’s son. Suhani did not wish to keep Saiyyam after birth and abandoned him in anger. Afterwards, Suhani tried finding the boy, but he got adopted. Saiyyam has come prepared to take revenge from Sambhav’s murderer. Initially, Saiyyam assumed Yuvraaj to have killed Sambhav, but then the truth came out that Suhani has killed Sambhav to punish him for his heinous crimes. Saiyyam does not know Sambhav’s truth and has a wrong heroic image of his father.

Suhani and Yuvraaj do not care to tell Sambhav’s truth to Saiyyam, believing Saiyyam will still find them negative. Soumya’s daughter Krishna is Suhani’s weakness. Saiyyam realizes this and forces Suhani to make him marry Krishna. Krishna is in love with Suhani’s elder son Yuvaan, while Yuvaan loves Saiyyam’s girlfriend Baby. Above all, Yuvraaj’s Dadi still hates Suhani and wishes to get rid of Suhani. Yuvraaj is poisoned by Saiyyam. Suhani decides to take sacrifice Krishna to save Yuvraaj’s life. Suhani declares Krishna and Saiyyam’s marriage. Krishna gets disappointed with Suhani and takes a step to commit suicide, rather than marrying Saiyyam. Suhani assures Krishna of stopping the marriage. The relations are inter-meshed. The marriage drama also have the elderly couple Suhani and Yuvraaj in waiting. Seems after sorting the younger generation’s relations, Suhani and Yuvraaj will also tie the knot. Amidst all the drama, Sambhav will make a re-entry. Sambhav will take Yuvraaj’s getup to marry Suhani. The show is getting hyped tracks since a while. Do you think SSEL should wrap up? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Amalina

    Yes definitely together with mere angne mein!

  2. How many times do the writers think they can rehash story lines? There is nothing new or creative. I have watched since the beginning. Suhani was initially presented as a strong woman with principles but now she is shown to be weak and without a backbone.

  3. A.Tejaswi

    I want to see yuvani reunion. I hate this sambhav track.How can he be alive when suhani burnt him alive.Don’t know what the writers are thinking of…….

  4. It should have ended a long time ago. Too many negativity

  5. yes plz..

  6. Better they end it & give slot to meenu mausi

  7. will miss Yuv-Ani ,,,,bt still ,end it,,,,,,can’t bear all these illogical drama

  8. Ut should have wrapped up ages ago..i wonder from wher did they find such dumb writers. Such a stupid story line and make us hate every character to the chore. Jus5 stop this nonsense asap.

  9. Pls end it… Becoz cvs giving yuvani reunion… Everytym fooling…. Just end it stupid drama of sambhav

  10. Dont know what to say its difficult to tel whether to end or not. bt they can show some positive things and then can end it, atleast it will be memorable. leap itself k bt cant tolerate this sambhav track

  11. wat d hell wd ds serial…i jst got shocked wd precap y sambhav again!! i was happy 4r yuvraj re entry but nw evrythng went in vain werz yuvraj z he alive r nt? hw cud writers take off yuvraj character hez suhani’s love i want him back

  12. We cant say ending of serial which we loved to the core but pls pls shoe some positive characters anf yuvani reunion.pls yaar its really needed.we are following this actually bearing all this crap to see our pls understand our feelings and show some good moments

  13. YES. YES THEY SHOULD WRAP UP SSEL. In fact, star plus should just wrap its entire production agency up. It’s like after Veera, ek haseena thi, IPKKND they just lost all sense. What are the show runners doing? Every show that last more than 1.5 years just goes all over the place and they’re all the same now. Main couple meet but don’t like eachother, drama, forced/fake marriage, drama, falling in love, drama, they can’t be together, divorce, drama, almost get married to someone else, drama, marry eachother again, drama, time skip, drama, maybe someone dies, maybe someone gets arrested, drama, revenge, misunderstandings. You do not need EVERY SINGLE show to have the exact same story line? And you do not need to keep them going for so many years. I would have excepted a happy ending when Suhani announced she was pregnant. But NO. They just had to keep going. Save yourself star plus and just stop.

    1. its all about marriage dear nothing just nothing pregnancy marriage seperation and vice versa

  14. NAPSHa J

    Now nothing is left in the show.. history will repeat itself.. the title of the show should be ‘Heiegts of negativity’..
    u know guys, when I read about sambhav’s reentry, I felt like I lost my mental peace.. I’m not feeling like doing anything, be it teaching my students, or household work, or writing ffs..
    I request all of u to stop watching this crap now, so that trp falls to zero and the donkey CVS end sambhav’s chapter..

  15. wow!only storyline giving me goosebumps…one loves another so does another one…that another one does the same as well…nothing to do other than clapping…
    the storyline was something else once ago… i try to remember… life of sweet cute girl and abt so called society system…now all history… that’s how trp make any show illogical amd irrational

  16. Sally_blr

    Hieght of stupidity is how can Krishna marry Saiyyam. They have atleast 5 to six years age difference. Krishna is at least 5 years elder to Saiyyam. So stupid. Again Sambhav gosh I hate him. Dadi turns evil every second day and moreover is that the way to picturise a elder member of family? It maligns all the younger generation nature. No wonder why Yuvraj took so much time to accept Suhani. I hate Ek tha Raja and Ek thi Rani for this stupid logic of making the elder member so damn evil. Thanks to Surekha Sikri ji’s damn good acting. Gosh I still hate her and not able to digest her role in Pardes me hai dil.

  17. Suhani was shown as a strong character and even after the 1st leap she had her own company. Now after the 2nd leap it looks as if the writers don’t know what to do. Even the
    Character of Yuvan and Yuvani have no substance just 2 selfish self centered individuals.
    Better they write the serial to a finale. Also what happened to yuvraj’s brothers and Menka.
    And the writers have forgotten that we watch the show. Krishna is 27 and Saiyyam 20.
    And where does Saiyyam get all his money from. PLEASE CONNECT THE DOTS.

  18. Aqsxxh

    Yup, ASAP, NOW! Sorry this was my favourite Indian Drama, but the negativity brought in it now it is inevitable that it has to close up….

  19. it should have closed long back i want to say why only it saath nibhana saathiya should also shut its shop illogical drama

  20. stop mere angne mein saath nibhana saathiya and ssel plz even yeh hai mohabatein and that disgusting sasural simar ka all this serial are dokey idiot

  21. marry yuvraj with suhani soumya
    krishna with saiyyam just recycle the track
    mere angne mein lousiest serial
    saath nibhana saathiya idiotic serial
    marriage is a game thats all

  22. YESSSS, it should end. Should have ended while there were still good memories. Now I can’t even bear to be in the room if it’s on. Can’t believe Sambhav will be back. Just shows that writers and director only want sadism and evil. This is not the SSEL that started in June 2014, this is some deviant psychopathic sick-making serial I won’t allow my children to watch.

  23. Krishnaa

    definitely it should go off air. it has so much of negativity. dadi will be keeping on plotting her entire life, but even if she is caught, she will be easily forgiven. when one villain exits, another one comes. no logic. it was nice only at the beginning. series should entertain someone even if it is not fully comedy, but should not be filled with so much of negativity. i dont understand why writers like villains so much. cant they think of any story with good concept? even if there is a villain, no need to bring more villains in the show. even if it is a story of two years, until the track is good the series will have good trp, and not by just dragging and wtiting nonsense storyline.

  24. Syamala Ranganathan

    Saiyam was born when Krishna was already in school He must be younger to Krishna at least by 7 years Does the producer think that we are fools It is high time the seial wraps up Most of the charsctets are negative

  25. Please wrap up this show asap….these days all nonsense are going on…its just shit and nothing else…so plzzz plzzz plzzz do wrap up dis show….

  26. Obviously…they should wrap up it..!!so illogical drama..!!!just shut it

  27. The serial has lost its essence long while ago. Now its just a negative and psychotic serial. I thought new and young actors coming will change the pattern but I was wrong.Its still repetitive and mediocre.No doubt the writers have evil and sadistic mind.So the sooner the
    serial end the better it will be

  28. Yes, It should wrap up. No logic and all negativity.
    What are the ages of Krishna, Yuvaan, Yuvani and Saiyaam? Saiyyam should be at least 6-7 years younger to Krishna and others and should be 14 -15 years old if others are at age of 21.
    How does Sambhav survive? Writers are not thinking all these things.

  29. Boring…pls end! Have petty on us!

  30. Shamim

    Ssel should be taken off air..i use to wait to watch this but not any more ..same old same old .story

  31. Same old story……most serials hv the same story..,lyk before mrg the heroine and hero won’t hv any lovers..they will be totally single and after their marriage ppl will enter one by one and fall in love wid either hero or heroine …..will try to create rift b/w them and after 1 month drama..will end up in jail or in river or will be killed and in some extreme cases they will repent and turn good…..same for SSEL….Soumya and Barbie for Yuvraj and Rohan and Sambav for Suhani and the same old tortures widout any logic….bt I LOVE THE ACTORS/ACTRESSES of the show

  32. Its really getting on toooo much!! extremely negative and unrealistic!! along with SSEL..pls stop Saath Nibhaana Saathiya…how many more times do you expect us tosee Gopi getting married! Phew!! arent the actors themselves not tired of this?? Iam surprised!!!

  33. It is kind of ridiculous, someone burnt to death and the accursed has been sentenced to jail and suddenly the suppose dead suddenly appears from the death to continue troubling. Please writer portray your country law and tradition your self and eternal country by stopping this serial. It’s only in your country I had a woman that was raped,got pregnant through rape and happy bringing such child to life.

  34. Nithu

    Pls end …its hard to i love ssel…bt its bettr to end it b4 evry1 hates it…

  35. Sambhav coming back this is the worst thing that the show can have. Even the fresh faces are not able to create magic. Better to wrap up or make the storyline better.

  36. Ssel is a middleclass family drama which shows some logical nd illogical factors of Indian family matters. But now I m really surprised nd feeling irritate to watch the how pathetic illogical life can be the middle-class Indian family lived.

  37. How much crap are audiences supposed to tolerate and digest?? Every serial starts off with good concepts and thoughts and every one of them ends leaving fans with a bad taste. The success of a serial is when peoplie can say, ‘That was a fantastic series that I watched and would love to watch the entire series again!’ Does this ever hapoen? NO! Because Star Plus and production company must feel like they have to milk it for all it can. Who cares about the audiences and their intelligence? Look at Jaana Na Dil Se Door (Great beginning with strong male character and now? Just BS. Saath Nibhaana (I want to just break my TV when this one comes on…nothing good about this show now…it’s going to end with fans going ‘Thank God for putting us out of our misery!’) Mere Angane (All the comedy and fun has been sucked out of this one!). Please just end Suhani as well since the original idea of dark smart girl not being accepted by the family is TOTALLY FORGOTTEN and lost in the sh– presented for the past year! Disappointing to say the least…..

  38. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    definitely it should wrap up… infact to dust pin.. nothing left to watch ssel loses its charmness aftr sambv entry.. it gets more wrost wen subhav mrg..happened.. it gets utter worst wen molested track.. it’s seems cheap wen thy show shameless yuvani again… but v ready to accept bcz v r die hard fans of yuvani…! it turns magical show.. CVS make any died person to alive without any injury….or anymark.. height s sambv yuvraj height match… mask OK it may match v accept tat…height…??
    one more thing n flash back suhani found at d time of her 2nd bride groom exchange she found tat boys not yuvi who sit near her.. but wat happen to her brilliantness ? she s behaving like emotional idiot…. again she loses all.. day by day it’s getting irritating one… if they continue like this remaing fans also should stop watch only CVS watch this bakwas… no other interest in this bakwas any more. they using yuvani reunion to make us continue watching ssel.. stop playing with us emotion cvs¿?

  39. It’s better this show ends. I have stopped watching it. Such stupidity….. can’t believe all this. Suhani ‘s image is lowered and portrayed badly these days.

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