Do you think SNS has lost its charm?

Star Plus’ Saath Nibhana Saathiya is again in news because of new twist coming. Gaura’s son Dharam will be mocking death. Gaura will be playing this game against Meera. The show will bring court room drama where Meera will be questioned in court about her relation with Dharam. She will be found guilty and punished for the murder crime.

Dharam will be making his entry back to save Meera. While this track will be much ahead on the show, it will surely bring full melodrama in the show. The show is majorly women oriented. It hardly gets tracks focusing on the male leads. Gaura, Madhu, Gopi, Kokila, and now Paridhi and Sona’s track is making viewers busy. After Sona, few women will be bringing twists in the track. The new track will revolve around Vidya’s child and Dharam’s death. Vidya gives her pregnancy news to everyone. This brings a new happiness in everyone’s hearts. Vidya will be giving the heir to Gaura’s family. Modis are happy to get another generation. Unfortunately, Gaura does not take this well. Gaura plans new thing to trouble Kokila. She is still revengeful for her brother’s death. Gaura dislikes Meera and Vidya. Gaura does not wish Meera and Dharam’s relation continues. Gaura separates them by Dharam’s death twist. She also hurts Modis by making Meera’s life colorless. Gaura will plan to give away Vidya’s baby. Many things to be witnessed again. Do you think SNS has lost its charm? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    This show make me cry in hindi and Tamil also????sorry this is my opinion

  2. it had lost its charm
    so much boring

  3. Very long back… any doubts?

  4. High time to end the show…..

  5. was it any charm before. it was always boring

    1. i totally agree with you , there is no doubt……………

      1. completely agree

    2. U r right.. This show has always been like that..

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    Jb se iss show ne 20 yrs ki leap li hai but se dheere dheere bore hone lga tha but hadd to tb ho gyi jb papa ki age ke dharam se meera ki shadi bhi dikha di or unke bich pyr bhi… or ab to bacche ka bakwas suru kr diya….
    I think now all shows of star plus should end and new shows should start with new concept….

  7. All was lost with Rashi’s death

  8. Is ka charm to kab ka jaa chuka hai jab raashi ki death huyi..heights of cruelty..repeated revenges.. Never goes bond between family members can be seen..evil people always win..itna badaa modi parivar hai..but story always rotates around Gopi n boring n irritating..I stopped watching dia serial long back..

  9. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Love suriavanshim pariwaar and its drama especially dheera!!?

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      But hate Loki and gopi , they suck me up?

  10. Lost charm!!!!!! Lost all thier senses
    Rashmi sharma ko bohat zyada sadma lg gaya h trp ko dekh k sns aur ssk ki tabhi pagal hogae h ulte seedhe tracks dikha rahi h

  11. it is time that saath nibhana sathiya is taken off the air. Initially there was one mad Kokila and now Gaura has joined. When both shouts my blood boils.

  12. This is too much borinngggggg…it had lost its charm many years ago…i agree with some that after rashi died everything in this show start going negative….and gaura…what should we tell abt. gaura the makers n writers will never listen to us so thats better to keep mum…otherwise i would lose my temper????????

  13. I hate this worst serial
    I’m watching this show only for meera and dharam’s love track
    I’m going to stop reading the updates also as it is the worst serial ever seen

  14. When did it have any charm in the first place?

  15. When meera was 1and half year old it took 8 years leap and after that it took 14 years leap
    Now meera may be 23 years while tolu molu vidya are much younger to her but their married so soon. I think in this serial there is no other work for the characters except to get married and pregnancy without any other work even males also. LOL
    It doesn’t have any social value or moral

    1. Not 14 years it was 10 years leap

  16. the show watch so nice..

  17. No,when i read the above content , iam sure that it doesn’t lost its charm.

  18. i want end role of loki (koki) she is such most irritating lady in this serial

  19. So boring always revenges i dnt know howcum modi parivar children’s getting marriage in early age.Vidya is 19 and tolu he may be around 20-22 as per the show no education for them pls take it in positive way or pls windup

  20. 8.52% paplu are loving it..!!!

  21. LOL….the drama title itself says SAATH NIBHANA SAATHIYA…….but wat we see on screen is no male actors response…….they are in serial jxt like mannequins….jxt to show tht Modi Family women are married but there husbands dunno anything abt family or relations…..and bdw why all the world’s enmity is with gopi and kokila……the title of drama should be implemented on every jodi of MODI FAMILY….and meera married to her husband who is father in law of her younger sister and who is of her double or triple age…..and comin bck to GAURA MAASI who keeps grand daughter as a guarantee for giving a child of her own grand son and grand daughter in law………either tack the serial to the ryt track ot jxt wind up….saying bye to this serial would be preferable rather than watching this crap……
    No offence……i dont have any intensions to hurt anyone
    Don’t MIND ppl who still luv sns…..

  22. Sometimes very interesting even now…but serial has surrounded only with Revenge is making viewers boring… please write some interesting situation which will happen around society and family, earlier it use to be very interesting before Rashi dies. i suggest if the REVENGE continues please stop this serial…track is going somewhere other than title…Title is so sweet please add some value to it 🙂

  23. I agree with above lines

  24. Da cvs r makin a fun of relations meera marrying a person of her dad’s age vidya is still 20yrs old n is pregnant omg i didnt like dis frm da beginning der is a prob in relations 1st gopi n ahem he is nt happy wid his marriage, den rashi jigar he gts 2 kno abt their plan of trapping him, koki n hetal misundrstndngs, koki n parag fighting on their anniversary den ahem as usually suporting his so called mom n misundrstnd his dad den meera falling into lake den ahem hating gopi den rashi’s death n urmi misunderstanding gopi n slapping her oh yes how did i frgt dis sisters relationship gopi n radha is made lik hell it ws a sweet relationship between both of dem gradually evrythng ws damaged initially by rashi den by tripthi, Radha dying dat too brutally killed by gopi den again ahem hating family den again paridhi’s entry n trapping jigar and again bringing radha into mm denas usual her death after dis leap ahem hates family den meera hates gopi lik hell den kinjal dhaval relation spoilt den kinjal paridhi relation is always vry bad dey fight liiteraly lik dogs n den ahem cms bc into mm now meera still misundrstnds gopi ih ges in between all da 4 kids misundtstndng gopi bcz of mansi and kinjal den how cn ahem leave mansi lik dat dey livd together fr 10yrs is it dat easy???? I dnt kno lol…..den now pari sona drama oh yes in between gaura and koki relationship, vidya and shravN fighting dharam leaving his wife urga n maryin a gal of his daughter’s age now again sm nonsensical drama vudya shld lose her child omg dis is wt saathiya is frm da beginning mayb i frgg sm frm frm da 1st dey didnt gv importance to relations except gopi n koki dis is wt hppnd in saathiya in all des 5 yrs oops 6 fr dis may…….. dis is my opinion mayb u dnt lik dis no offence pls….too most is dat a man marrying a gal if his daughter’s age is against da rules of da society……dey nevr showed thngs close to da society smthng beyond dat which is mere stupidity dats it ntg mire am sry if any1 is hurt pls dnt b offended….

  25. off course… worst serial…this kokila mad dog he khya? every time barking… oh god end this show

  26. Kokila ka ek hi dialogue hai “Basssssssssssss….”?????

  27. It is at tyms boring but still it is fine… SNS is all abt drama and it is doing the same.

  28. Worst serial.portyaing false Indian relation values..

  29. I cannot tolerate and see Kokila and Gopi’smelodrama from first and now this meera and dhrama’s love story,may be their love is true but what do you think about relationship,One as bahu and another sister as saas,once I told this and one of the reader said about bandini.until this type of viewers are there,we cannot stop this idiotic drama.I have one doubt.why should kokila take all decisions in that modi family when bau ,chirag ,hetal and so many are there.

  30. Bacha kucha charm dharam ki death se khatam ho jayega tab sns totaly lost charm bcz i saw sns phichle 6 months only for dheera

  31. Kya pata shravan not dharam son it was serial kuch bhi hosakta hai

  32. I never watched this show. Just read its story…but only after reading. a Littlr of it,i lost my patience. …..then how to watch it????
    First of alll,this show although female oriented, i don’t think female have any significance here.meera,gets married not only to a person who is elder than his father but also shravans father with whom she was supposed to marry…..and we can see their love story here??
    Vidya is such a little girl,first of all gets married,then becomes pregnant….i dont think the day is far when we r going to see vidyas grandchild
    Plz star plus,gibe some chance to youth show stopping this bullshit….plz

  33. did It ever have a charm? not since radha came on the scene?!

  34. yes it lost it’s cham always screaming loudly

  35. Yes;since when both granddaughters got married to evil guara’s family

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