Do you think Shakti is losing its charm?

Colors’ Shakti is finally completing the main goal of Harman and Soumya’s union. Their love story looked almost impossible, after Soumya was denying to accept Harman’s love. They have faced many negative influences in their lives. From Maninder, Preeto, Balwinder to Saaya, many people have opposed Harman and Soumya’s marriage. When Soumya fakes to not understand Harman’s feelings, the disheartened lad went on to take the biggest decision of his life, that’s to lead an ascetic life. Soumya couldn’t handle the pressures from Preeto and Saaya. Both of them tried to keep Soumya away from Harman, though for different motives. Soumya changes Harman’s decision by confessing love to him.

Preeto’s hatred for Soumya has never been less, and doesn’t seem it will get less in near future. Even Saaya is against Harman now since Soumya has just got humiliation and rejection from his family. Saaya wants to secure Soumya’s future completely. Harman has left his house and came up to stay with Soumya at the kinners’ home. His parents get crazy to try anything out and get him back. The story is getting back to the same track. Harak plans to blast the kinners’ home and also harm Soumya’s life. Poor lovers will be facing problems again. Some viewers might feel the show has reached a saturation point, and some might feel the show is going on playing just the right rhythm. Do you think Shakti is losing its charm? Let us know your opinion on the current track.

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  1. I donot like this story. How could a man really in love with kinnar and how will parents accept this type of marriage. I think harman is like soumya beauty those all. And all parents want the beautiful life of children’s so preetu and harathsing is not at all fault. So all of u tell the really man can be live a life without having s*x. Definitely no becaue s*x is the compulsory part of human life. Please maker dont give the false hope of reall kinnar for this serial. If u want show how kinnar was fight withthis society and became successful. I want that only that this type of romance and relationship. I am un comfortable of this i donot no how many people are like man and kinner romance chi. All viewers u apple for ur self for character of kinner or haraman u will live life like this or ur parents are happy forsee ur life is miserable for yhe of love. Please think i owns donot designed for lveable character please think for real it is really impossible.

  2. I like the story because it tells us that there are different kind of love and it’s not only s*x that determine how much a couple love eachother. Harman loves Saumya unconditionally and if u love someone like that you look beyond the person’s defects, and besides in Saumya’s case she looks beautiful and feminine that’s why the family was able to hide her identity since her childhood without anybody knowing. Saumya also has a chance of living a normal life because she can be medically cured and be a full woman and that can make her be intimate With her husband, she may not be able to have children but they can adopt or do a sorogate. There are other kinners whose situation are worse that nothing can be done but in Saumya’s case there is hope. I do understand that no parent will allow their son to be involved with a kinner but if they’ve tried everything to separate them and their son is still adamant to be with his kinner wife, why not find a solution by making enquiry to hospitals if there is a chance that their daughter-in-law can be cured for her to ber a full woman. Any parents who love their son and want his happiness will help find solution to the problem instead torturing the poor girl who wasn’t at fault to be born a kinner.

  3. Candiva007

    I read somewhere that they were going to do the story line that Soumya is not really a kinner and that someone switched the babies at birth. Why not bring that story around so that they can be together?

  4. Rubbish,Is this a question to ask. The story is getting more and more interesting. They a tually defines what love is plus also showing the reality of the society.. We are loving the track its not only entertaining ppl but also bringing a sense of awareness and humanity call among ppl ,so we are saying shakti is not losing its charm its more connecting to the

  5. I love the story very much because of the pure love between Saumya and Harman and their relation to his dependence, although there is not much romance but in a strange character different from other stories where the human and emotional side Harman ideal person is not like other men is exception because he saw that Saumya alone and do not know anything about the world community Everything that happens in the series is honest and in a real context I believe in the existence of people like Harman

  6. Shakti is a unique show. Harman and soumayas love is so beautiful to watch. Seeing how he loves her no matter her reality is and the society. I literally love Shakti. I cant wait for 8pm mon-friday for shakti. Its a show that id never miss an episode kasme.

  7. I love this story sooo much. But i can’t see Preeto’s evil plans. Actually she is a very can someone like that.I know she love his son very much. But why she didn’t understand his son feelings. I think transgender people have all right. They want to care,love,respect etc. They are human its not their fault become transgender. They have feelings.I think we should respect I think its give this message this story.

  8. bakwas haiii totalyy boring.. from 1 epsode… go off air…

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