What do you think of Rishi and Tanu’s pairing in Kasam?


Colors’ recent release Kasam brings an intense and eternal love story. The poles apart leads Rishi and Tanu are made for each other. They get away by circumstances initially and then fate breaks them apart. Rishi and Tanu’s chemistry is seen more in current episodes. Tanu has always been a protective shield for her love Rishi. She has vowed to save his life. Tanu has been waiting for long and had belief that Rishi will come back. The fate has got Rishi back in Tanu’s life. Rishi and Tanu come face to face after many years. After many meets, Rishi starts recalling his childhood friend Tanu.

With more of their scenes in the show, Rishi’s intense lover boy image is seen. Rishi has the right attitude to make Tanu fall for him, while Tanu’s innocence attracts Rishi. Rishi and Tanu’s love story which started in their childhood got distance between them by the twist of fate. The time which has separated them before, it has got them together after many years. Rishi and Tanu start finding the connectivity between them. Rishi and Tanu’s love story will be facing hurdles by many forces. Yet the lovers are destined to unite. Ssharad Malhotra and Kratika Sengar are emoting intense love well. Their chemistry is much reflected in the show. We would have to know about Rishi and Tanu (Ssharad Malhotra and Kratika Sengar) pairing in the show. What do you think of Rishi and Tanu’s pairing in Kasam? You may leave a comment too.

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  1. Always Tanshi is the best……

  2. They really cute & made for each other

  3. I like Rishi and Tanu is nice but she’s little fat.

  4. Made fr each othr luv them

  5. Rishi is OK but tanu is fat……
    About the story the start is almost matching to starplus kis desk main hai meera dil…..
    Afterall ektas stories are all similar…..
    Rockstars and ordinary girls lovestory….
    Buz tycoons son and ordinary girls eternal lovestory….
    What is interesting is their pairing and chemistry …..
    Let’s hope

  6. why can’t u guys deal with the fact that tannu is showed as a normal girl… not everybody as a perfect figure.. and besides don’t u all feel it is a bit stereotypical and shallow to think love is based on appearances only?

  7. very nice couple but why you will change kratika with new face….plz dont change

  8. U love this daily shop a lot

  9. Love their chemistry.

  10. Their performance is brilliant that’s what I saw and nothing much

  11. Kritika is a great actor but she looks fat.sharad luks great.he has changed so much & luks better than ever.its quite common thing for actors to loose or gain weight,wish kritika would loose some weight for this role.agreed tht nt every1 can hav perfect figure.but her luks should suit the role of young girl she is playing & also her co-actor.

  12. Very nice couple …
    Cute and rimantic
    Love u tannu and rishi

  13. They look so so so so cute and adorable together specially in yesterdays epi when the hugged each other!!!!!!!

  14. Personally I think they make a lovely couple.

    My only gripe is that the story is moving at such a snails pace. How long will it be before rishi’s familiy realise that neha’s family have been lying. This side of the story seems unbelievable to me.

  15. Really tanshi looks great… Plz unite tanshi. Ekta jee’s sare serial muje bahoot pasand hai.?

  16. hi nim , good evening , to day only I start to write here……..

    if Rishi ‘S family came to know the truth very soon the serial will end soon ……

    1. Hellooooo BR Mam!!! How lovely to see you here too. Xxxxx

  17. People don’t u understand if she is fat what’s the prob
    Sharad has no prob with her then why u all
    People r born the way they r and God has created them let her live her life
    Till now I have reading she is fat she is fat
    R u’ll not fat u never witnessed any fat actress
    It’s their body they have no prob with themselves but here hundred and one problems r waiting to be solved

  18. kirithika is the greatest actress…… now she becomes fat. voce also break but slightly choice plz try to tb in diet . I don’t want to loose kritika . decent very good actress just like actress savithri and Revathi… AND RISHI NICE .



  20. Luv Tanshi so much!!! They are the best!!!!!???

  21. Zuha (Asya fan)

    I don’t like there pairing Tanu looks way too older than Rishi and Rishi’s dressing Ughhhhh…….
    Well it was my POV and sorry if it hurts?

  22. Can anyone tell me how to make stories on telly updates?

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Go on submit ur article, a page will open.
      First they will ask for ur name for credit type it.
      Then email ID type it.
      Then title.
      Captcha : 5
      Post it?

  23. Ones weight shouldn’t affect or determines ones future tannu is a great actress and may she strive with other big films. One mustn’t judge her appearance for ones traits determine a person.looks and beauty do not last they gradually fade and any way people are envious despite being skinny or fat tannu is a healthy weight and she shouldn’t be affected by your judgements.All the best tannu

  24. Did appearance is d matter, whether u all r loving d actress by their looks R the role they play & way they act , I don’t know. But I like her acting & their chemistry. I really love their pair. She is really very cute :-*

  25. Replacing tannu may spoil trp plz don’t change she is very gud actress beauty is not being in slim they way she looks it’s not bad I like kritika ur r just wonderful ??

  26. dont like much as of now… maybe after a period of time.. i may like it individually love both the actors.. and i feel tanu should change the kurtas and done something better…. the dresses are looking low class….

  27. I love this serial; especially the pair tanshi look so good together. I feel kratika is best the way she is and she kinda reminds me of the actress of dum laga ke haisa. I found the actress really nice and same case with kratika. I dont want kratika to lose weight or change her appearance. We are best the way we are.Anyways new here but love from nepal.

  28. Omg haya how dare u speak about tanu like that it’s not about the figure but love. But I’m sure u wont understand cuz u care about looks and figure. What do u want!!!!!!! An anorexic tanu????? I hate u!!!!!!

  29. Tanu is beautiful and she shouldn’t be changed into something someone wants like people like haya whatever her name is!!!!!!

  30. I hate ppl like hana and haya

  31. Heys guys i ahve written a story on wattpad.its name is naagin a story of revenge and love.and pls comment and vote if u like it.

  32. rishi n tanu looks great together……n in my opinio its not the physical features one must give importace to but the beauty of the heart…………..and its time we come off the thinking that the lead female should be slim as a pencil and fair as a white rose……..

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