Do you think Pragya will win Abhi’s heart by fulfilling her relationship in Kumkum Bhagya?


Tanu is really happy seeing the differences between Abhi and Pragya and she wishes that this distance between them never fills up. Abhi too is adamant on his terms that he will not give any chance to his marriage and Pragya. He just wants to let things going as it is. Dadi is sending Abhi and Pragya on the honeymoon trip to Shimla and Switzerland. She informs Sarla about this and she gets glad. Bulbul and Purab are happy too, but Bulbul is worried thinking how will Abhi behave with Pragya being alone with her.

Pragya’s believe in Lord irks Abhi and he questions her if she preaches Lord so much, then why did she not get a good husband. She shows his anger in Lord, for breaking Aaliya’s heart, as Purab has rejected her love, when he was poor and used to be hungry, where was the Lord, he has done all things by himself, fed food to himself, took care of the family, consoled his sister, taken care of Dadi and others, and now he is a rockstar from a common man, just by his own hard work, but not any help from Lord. He asks her to tell Lord to make him a common man again. His high ego makes her disturbed and she just prays for him to get sense.

Purab and Bulbul meet up to clear the confusion about Abhi, Aaliya and Pragya, what went on and how Abhi married Pragya thinking Purab loves her and betrayed Aaliya for her. Abhi married Pragya just to trouble her. Bulbul asks Purab to talk to Abhi and explain him that he can’t ruin anyone’s life like this. Bulbul with a heavy heart asks Purab to marry Aaliya, as she can’t see Pragya in a problem, after hearing what Abhi was telling her. Abhi acts rude to Pragya. She starts crying and he finally apologizes to her. They leave for their honeymoon. Pragya decides to give her best to this relationship and turn this marriage into a good one. She starts helping Abhi and take care of him as a good wife, will Abhi change towards her? Will Pragya succeed in winning his heart? Give us your opinion.

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  1. Love this show it’s the best.

  2. awesome show it is also giving me a lot of ideas for me to choose what type of actress I want to become I actually think i

  3. yes I think I want to be lik bulbul

  4. you are great as pragya. 🙂

  5. pragya is a calm person and i love her ability to make others happy

  6. Guys don’t u think purab should not marry Aliya.. If he does that they ll think pragya is the girl that he loves.. Then they ll torture her more…. Don’t you think they should know the truth that purab loves bulbul not pragya…..
    Later Abhi ll realize his mistake…and ask for forgiveness ??

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