Do you think Piyaa Albela lost its charm?

Zee’s Piya Albela gets a dramatic track. Naren and Pooja’s bond gets better after much difficulties, but there is a twist in the tale. Pooja has tried to prove her truth to Naren. She had all hopes from Mr. Kapoor. She expected him to say the truth to Naren, which could make her relation with Naren well. Mr. Kapoor tells Naren the entire matter, which makes Naren decide something shocking. Naren shows his grief over the past. He requests Pooja to return in his life. Naren doesn’t know who is manipulating his life. After getting distant from Pooja and his family, Naren burnt himself in anger and hatred. He doesn’t wish Pooja to get away from him ever. Naren gets things clear in mind. He confesses love to Pooja. Naren takes a step to reconcile with Pooja. She gets utmost happiness.

Surbhi gets raged when she sees Naren and Pooja getting engaged. Rahul promises Surbhi that the engagement won’t take place. Surbhi doesn’t want to rely on Rahul’s plans. She decides to take things in her hand. She plans to get Pooja out of her way, so that she can get Naren back in her life. Rahul hides his secret plan from everyone. He likes things to get revealed gradually. Surbhi makes attempts to harm Pooja. Naren plans a surprise for Pooja. Though he protects her life, he plans to give her a shock. Naren’s bitterness will strike Pooja again. Piyaa Albela will take the leads’ togetherness and happiness through a rough phase again. Do you think Piyaa Albela lost its charm? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Yes, it is. Too much negativity spoiling the show. Loosing interest to watch the show

  2. Yes.. It has lost its charm after 100th episodes. All positive characters have become puppets or lost their memory. Evil overpowering. Too much negativity. Naren has become dumb…. Neither simple nor intelligent.

    1. It’s dragging too much by showing negative power winning all the time and the main characters are always defeated… true love should have victory but it’s like all other daily shows… at first thought that it’s gona be different and positive characters should be shown together and fitting against each negative ones… but it’s getting boring now….

  3. yes it has become very monotonous and boring to watch PIYA ALBELA

  4. Yes, it has lost its charm from 100th episodes. Has become bore to worse. Lost its uniqueness. All positive characters have become puppets or lost their memory. Evil overpowering. Naren has become dumb neither simple nor intelligent. Naren has no sixth sense at all. Trust all evil and hate good.

  5. yes…now its height..

  6. Yes it’s becoming worst.They are just extending this show too much. And giving only pain to Pooja.

  7. Pooja should know the truth quickly about both Naren and Mr Kapoor. And Naren should know the truth about Pooja. And then Pooja should teach them both a bitter lesson or should left them behind and start her new career. Then only those stupids will realize their faults.

  8. Of course… Why is it so hard to unite Naren and Pooja? Even after knowing the truth, he is still so harsh. I hate it!!! I hope they are united and fight the negative elements in the house as a couple.

  9. Yes, sadly Yes; but hope they move Naren from the darkness soon, and he become a lovely son/husband again… love all them in white, all them stunning ?

  10. Dragging is NOT the problem!!!! They just destroyed the main characters, made the show unwatchable! They just turned it into every other Indian serial – Men abusing women, Woman trying to trap people husbands, the lure for wealth!!!! This show was progressing well without those overdone and stupid storylines, now it is exactly like the rest, and now I have no interest in watching it!

  11. When this show started it was different, where pooja was strong of body and intelligence knew some martial arts and was planning her career she now has been reduced to having this sick love look on her face and unable to make smart life choices…then we have Naran who was above worldly concerns a gentle soul now a mysoginistic bully abusing Pooja, his family and alchohol. in other words it’s now been reduced to every other serial on Indian T.V

  12. Yes, now show is becoming boring day by day. Rahul was on house arrest, and roaming all where, in the hospital also. How can naren believe on Mr. Kapoor and not on his own father. Like other shows they r dragging it unnecessarily. Once he loved puja so much and now he is not believing in her in such way.naren should think that If she had married with Mr. Kapoor than what’s the need to return to naren who has spoiled already.

  13. In Jamaica. i love this series think it is the best, but the writers are spoiling it like the others.

  14. naren’s qualities that initially influenced , now lost. but one this is interesting about pooja’s character as she is less melodramatic but intelligent , not like other show’s lead role character who does so much irritating “Bevkufi”. her character is good now as she is fighting back. overall it is going ok ok…but please get it on track. fast……

  15. In Jamaica. i love this series think it is the best, but the writers are spoiling it like the others.
    If Naren and Pooja character doesn’t change this series will lose viewers

  16. It sure needs a positive touch now … how a person like naren change so much….. एंड now this crazy Kapoor did he have to be a part of this negativity I wonder…please change the story as early as possible … before the serial dies it’s own death

  17. Chaaya

    If directors think this type of storyline sells then they have more to lose. . . . The storyline is just evil now. Other serials give viewers a bit of reprieve from the disgusting evil but it seems Indian serials are about sensationalism and raw evil . . . I think this serial will be gone soon if they keep up the sick, devil possessed storylines. This type of evil and writing is part of their edict . . .Mainstream entertainment whether it is the West or east may seem different but the the themes must pay homage to their god of money, fame, corruption, the spreading of licencious behaviour, the pyschosies of ripping the innocent minds of society, and the shock therapy of mind control of pain and fear. Hate and fear and subliminal evil despite the industry hails good over evil, just open your eyes and see that evil outwayscgood in all the storylines.

    1. Chaaya

      Correction – outweighs

  18. i think thia show is good for nothing……too much negativity….should show positive part also but they are loosing their viewers…first we all like the show but no one in my family or friends watch this anymore… too much hatred, cheap track, humiliation and all dirty….its not as pure as it stared…hate this show

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