What do you think about kumkum bhagya’s current track?


Kumkum bhagya is an amazing serial in zee tv attain high TRP almost every week. It based on the Jane Austen novel Sense and Sensibility. It initially about Abhi the rockstar’s marriage with Pragya a practical girl and a college lecturer even though he has a super model girlfriend Tanu .

Then Pragya falls in love with Abhi and also makes him realise about his true love for her meanwhile Tanu becomes pregnant and claims the baby to be Abhi’s spoiling abhigya’s relationship . Then Pragya turns to MOGAMBO from FUGGI to fight aganist Abhi’s enemies and to prove Abhi’s the truth and innocense and that the baby is not Abhi’s but instead its Nikils . But an un-ignorable truth is that the serial is dragging too much these days.

Currently what makes it worth watching is abhigya’s nok-jhok. Otherwise the current track that is TEAM PRAGYA vs. TEAM TANU for abhi is going on like forever. Thats the reason for this. I wanted to see what do you all think.

Please share your view by commenting below. Thank you all.
Do you feel that kumkum bhagya is dragging too much and is lossing its charm

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  1. Nivika

    yes ofcourse it is loosing its charm…draggginggggggggggg

  2. Vaishali

    yes they r just dragging like hell just because abhi and pragya their cute love romance and most probably fr their nok jhoks only all r watching there must be an end to everything always will make the viewers think finally they r gng to bring truth but no always wrong wins everytime the plan will be perfect but the execution will have its own misunderstanding making tanu and wicked bf nikhil to come know of their plans just only because of our abhigya we r watching or else long back its trps would become negative enough cvs pls all r waiting fr abhigya union they hv finished 600 episodes but still the main leads r not at all uniting what rubbish pls i request u on behalf of all fans of abhigya pls end this tanu track as soon as possible so we will enjoy more abhigya scenes and family drama pls…

  3. Some times it is interesting to watch pragya and abhi track.we want to see tanu exposed for all her crime and we want to see bulbull returned that she fake her suicide

  4. Yes dragging

  5. Yes its dragging a lot…wasting the actors talents..pls end tis crap?

  6. Pls don’t compare Jane Austen wit this serial abhi pragya lost their charm

  7. Shit bakwas drama . Please end this crap

  8. Mona146

    Dudes a;most all ekta lapoor serials proceed in the same manner. They will never have any logic behind their main plot except making maximum money and harming mindsets of people.
    If someone has a doubt regarding my opinion then they can refer to any ekta kapoor serial. Nowadays she seems to have inspired even Gul khan, Rashmi productions etc also. Well she does not seem to have good opinion on marriage since she’ll never do it. Even for a joke she expressed her will to get hitched with Karan johar(very famous gay of Bollywood) and that explains that cards will never printed. So she keeps separating all her lady characters and follow the same formula round and round.

  9. Hi i think it is dragging to much i whish they could end Tanu’s tract ASAP

  10. cantmentionit

    I am happy most of u feel the same . Well I expect more comments and views . Well the ektha kapoor information was quite useful . And yes it is true that this story was inspired and is losely based on sense and sensibility of Jane Austen

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