Do you think Kumkum Bhagya should wrap up?

Zee tv’s Kumkum Bhagya is again in news for the same reason of Abhi and Tanu’s marriage. This reminds the show has begun with the same track and then Pragya came in Abhi’s life. Though the similar thing is Pragya existing in Abhi’s life even now, but has no good impact on him. Abhi always leans towards Tanu, while Pragya is at her best to imagine Abhi and their good times. The show got stretched and going on dragging to the core by the same love triangle.

In between, Kumkum Bhagya got twists to get Pragya killed, Nikhil and Tanu attacked her, she survived many times and came out victorious. Abhi transformed from rockstar to lover boy avatar and then now back to rockstar avatar. Pragya and Abhi’s love never reaches destination. There is more of rewind and loop. Kumkum Bhagya is one of the best shows on Indian Television, only because of the fans liking Abhi and Pragya’s romance and nok-jhok. But, the show drags a lot. Viewers will get to see Abhi and Tanu’s marriage drama. Pragya will stop Abhi’s marriage. Abhi and Pragya’s romance will be going on slow AGAIN. Do you think Kumkum Bhagya should wrap up? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Haripriya

    No….but want to change track and abhigya soon…new negative character. ..please

  2. Haripriya

    No….but want to change track and unite abhigya soon…new negative character. ..please

  3. KKB has a lot of ways to change the current track and add new tracks but these writers want to kill the show with their writing…I think they need to read the fan fictions posted here btw that are soooo good to get some ideas!!!!

  4. no, I love kumkum bagya pls change track

  5. Certainly not plzzzzz dobt end kkb its nice change the track

  6. please..end it!!can’t stand the torture!!

  7. Pls change the track…i love abhigya so much

  8. Nooooooooo i love it to the core but pls change the track and add some new negative characters

  9. I love kumkum bhagya more so pls finish the memory loss drama soon but dont wrap it plss??

  10. Madhura

    Noooooooo plssss dont wrap out the show because many loves it but pls change the current track

  11. The same track is repeating again and again…. If they can’t find anything new then just end it

  12. Pzzzz don’t stop the show. Change the track. Introduce new villian. Pzzzzz don’t wrap up

  13. Pz don’t wrap up.change the track..don’t end kkb pzzzzzzzzz

  14. Pz don’t wrap up. We love kumkum bagya soooooo much.

  15. The only thing they should wrap up is the current track and introduce new track with new vamp

  16. Frankly say KKB showing always same track…it wil never add new character…same evil always win…i know that abi- tanu marriage sequence never happen…suppose it happen TRP totally go down…director creating for TrP thats y this kind of sequence showing always….any 1 just guess it this is new story for u…they created 696 episode but the story content ,dialogue,everything was same…i have a doubt they r just adding episode number but the story content inside stuff everything same only…atleast i give them idea just improve the storyline they never use their own brain…atleast they should use it our brain in this serial…just read teleupdates all form this story is too gud compare to ur useless brain…just copy the forum story use it in ur serial…v r al bored….i thought which is worst serial i gave a 1st place for ur serial..don’t use People for ur own trp..u have a lot of precious fan…don’t lose it…i know that u wil never completely waste of time to speaking with u…and don’t forget people thought ur trp get to last place never forget V only root of ur trp….

  17. Actually I hate tz type of history repeating again lk track bt 4 ending kkb 4m my side s BIG NOOOO…bt need to end tz memory loss track…

  18. Siddhi

    They should end it as all the time there are boring track

  19. B_Ani

    no way….it is a wonderful one with a perfect cast and leads. all they have to wrap up is the track that is running now. do some change so that it gets its old charm.

  20. What ?ending kumkum bhagya? You must b out of mind, Plz don’t end kumkum bhagya we love our abhigya and their nokjok. The main reason I watch the serial Is bcoz of sriti and Shabir love watching their acts. I think they are the best couple. The only things need is a change of current track and why is it always evil winning and innocent losing. Getting tired of watching talliya it’s like history reaping it self.

  21. Either end the show as it is a waste of time – constantly showing how evil wins over goodness or change the brain dead writers and the show producers, directors

  22. change the track not the serial.

  23. yes in this serial lot of evil deed happened and no funishment, 1. pragyas kidnap by alia and tanu, Sarala’s kidnap and accident, Bulbul accident and death, again abhi’s accident supposed to be for pragya, and finally for one of deed they punished poorvi and she disappeared. And any where no police investigation even when Saral started to talk!!!!!!!!!!!.. By this who is following such kind of serial they thinks there is no punishment for evil deeds. Not only this serial mostly every serial. This serial needs to go end.

  24. i stopped watching this serial, they are showing always evil will win over good. I just hate that tanu, aaliya, dadi. pl end the show with positive note – bring abhi and pragya together – unit them.

  25. if they can’t end the tanu fakeness track, better end it.

  26. nooooooo……..i luv abhigya but change the track…

  27. its better to end the tanu nd aliya track and start abhigya track and if not this they should wrap up the show.

  28. SavitaVidya


  29. let abi and fuggy unite and bring pair to purab!!get Aliya and tanu married !!bring in new villains!let abiya be in peace for some days and twist bulbul entry

  30. NO I don’t want show to end its my #1 Show Please

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