What do you think of Jay’s entry in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi?


Sony’s romantic drama Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has got a new entry recently. Erica Fernandes and Shaheer Sheikh’s chemistry is the USP of the show. Dev and Sonakshi have parted ways because of Dev’s mother Ishwari. Sadly, the couple’s breakup track brought many tearful moments, when they both have bid bye to each other with a sinking heart. The viewers might have gone very upset with their breakup. The audience loved to see Dev and Sonakshi together. Neha meets Ishwari and tells her about Dev and Sonakshi’s relationship. Ishwari feels Dev has taken the right decision to breakup with Sonakshi.

Sonakshi goes through an emotional turmoil recalling the happy and lovey dovey time spent with Dev. Sonakshi’s father wants to get her settled soon. He finds a perfect match for her. Actor Jay Soni entered the show as the new guy in Sonakshi’s life. His character of Rithvik is a charming and caring guy, who can’t see anyone upset. Rithvik realizes Sonakshi’s love for Dev. Rithvik meets Sonakshi for the alliance and gives her ample time to take a decision without any hurry. Sonakshi is ready to forget her past and move on in lie with Rithvik. But would that be so easy for her…. The show will bring a new love triangle with Jay’s entry. Jay Sony was last seen in Colors’ show Sanskaar –Dharohar Apno Ki. What do you think of Jay’s entry in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Varsha94

    Actually my 1st thinking was these people r bringing the cast of “sasural genda phool” in the show 1st Ishwari,then Asha now Jay as Rithwik.. Then I thought how wil jay’s height will match Sona’s height… But it was pretty ok to watch.. His entry will b good nly as we ll get to c a newer side of Dev.. As v hav never seen jealous Dev isn’t it.. But nly till that extent of his understanding .. And I want jay to b positive..and help in DEVAKSHI s patch up.. I know I’m being silly.. But that’s my real wish..??

  2. Its gud to enter jai……we also can see the pain of love in different colours…..

  3. before knowing abt a new entry….we also wished to have a new entry and to make dev jealous and to go ahead as per promo 2…but now we can’t see crying dev and unable to see new blossoming ritvik sona relationship and their engagement news and marriage fixed news…we hear these as news and segments alone…this itself unable to bear….and further…omg..

  4. 4nshika

    I don’t know what writers have thought and what they are going to do with jay’s character…But one thing is sure…the devakshi love will only get deepen and deepen…To all those who are thinking sona is getting well with him through all sbs spoilers…guys! come’on we know her well…she can never forget dev and even if she is trying that’s practical…she is not a devakshi fan!!…she will try her best to get over dev phenomenon…what best we are going to see is DEV DEV AND DEV…The man is now going to know that he is the one who is left alone after break up…Sona got someone….he said in one episode….”I am difficult man to deal with”….But sona was the one who dealt with him…and that too so well…you won’t get a girl…but an old lady…your mom…even that gupta(match maker)…can’t ever get a girl for you…
    So after a lot of explaination my verdict is….i am super happy to see JAY SONI….superduper happy…even i am going enjoy it on my toes ! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    But i will wish durjoy dutta won’t ruin my happiness…and give us some moments to love and laughter in flashbacks… 🙂

  5. Jai soni is good actor have watched his shows… Till date played positive characters this time i feel he is poisitive at first than sycho NM later on may be negative

  6. Sharica

    I think that it’s a good turn in the show. We will get to see many new things and a love triangle as well. There is nothing to worry because Devakshi can never break up and the way for their patch up is Jai. He will make Dev realize and may be Dev will convince Ishwari and fight for his love after this track. And it seems that this new character has a very good sense of humor so, lets chill and enjoy the track. And he was flirting with sona’s dadi as well and it was very interesting. And I am very much loving it. Now let’s only pray that the writer again doesn’t write the old dramatic scenes and ruin its unique essence. Love the show and will always love it for its simplicity. It’s has already proved it’s uniqueness during the time of proposal and hope that this uniqueness will be maintained in the upcoming days as well?

  7. Priya9876

    After jay soni’s entry it will be more intresting track and we can see DEv’s new color of love……
    I only wish ki Ritvik helps in devakshi patchup….

  8. Jay and elina can make good pair lAter…

  9. Jay soni is a an amazing actor he has proved his capabilities in every shade.dev is already a great actor .wish to see Erica bucking up n matching upto their talents .

  10. Esme

    Well I am having fun seeing jealous Dev….never seen him in such kinda #jealous mode.hehe…I mean in the 24th August’s precap , he was like….oh my God.
    Mr. Obodro is back !!! How he shouted at Tina !!!
    Dev ll never forget Sonakshi n sonakshi ll never forget her first love Dev.
    In one of the episodes, I think 28th june, this convo happened.

    Dev – mai aapko kabhi hurt nahi karna chahta tha kabhi dard nahi dena chahta tha.
    Sona – aap mere liye itne important ho chuke hain ki aapke alawa mujhe koi aur hurt kar bhi nahi sakta hai.

    Sona said that nobody could hurt her except Dev so the same thing has happened. Dev has hurted her so badly that she is trying to forget him forever bt ll never be able to.

    Dev ll do a suicide attempt. He hurted the girl who loved him to the power of infinity, now he ll pay fr that.
    After all he z left alone not Sona. Mr Obodro n Dr. Bose are back !!! Enjoy this separation fr some time. We already know what ll happen in the end.Have fun !!!! What say guys ??

  11. @ESME agree wid u dear …….lets hav fun and supprt devakshi
    as we all know that, end gonna be the most best part …
    so lets wait n watch the drama!!!!

  12. Want to see jealous dev ….rithwik in positive role and help to unite dev and sonakshi …

  13. Devga

    Looking at these developments I AM SCARED…




    I LIKE this Jealous track But dnt make it permenant 🙁 🙁

  14. Jay Soni’s entry is good track .. but dnt stretch the track …
    We would like to see the jealously shafe in Dev bt only for a week … dnt stretch
    We would like to see how Dev brings sonakshi back in his life after rejecting her marriage proposal and listening to mamaji’s advice.
    We would like to see once again the love track of dev n sonakshi .. Stretch this track ?
    Jay Soni excellent cute actor… Jay please help dev and sonakshi to cone together.
    Elena -Jay would make a good couple.

  15. Jay Soni’s entry is refreshing as he seems to be a positive character so far. But makers plz dont stretch this track and plz bring Dev and Sona back! It would be interesting to watch how Dev works on in bringing his lady love back!
    Jay Soni is cute and I dont want him to get hurt either so think of a positive wind for the track!

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