think to hate destiny to love (Intro)

hi guys, iam meera krishna so iam gonna write a new ff for our yuvani . i hope that u guys will support me and first of all iam not a gud writer but i just want to share my viiews of writing to u…..
so here is the character intro

suhani pankaj shivasthav: she is one and only daughter of pankaj and lata , she is absolutely beautiful, she love movies and song and the only one thing she hate is sports but she used to support her friends who r interested in sports. she lives in abroad with her parents

yuvraj birla: he is handsome guy and son of pratima and pratab birla he belongs to a very rich family, he love sports and he hate beautigul girls[there is some reasons for that]

bhavna : she is suhani’s cousin and her small sister , she is beautiful but have a bit dark skin , she is always sad for that but suhani used to encouarage her by saying that a person’s beauty is determined by their works and thoughts not their outer beauty , she is good in sports

sharad birla: he is yuvraj birla ‘s cousin, he a fun loving boy

ragini: ragini is suhani’ s cousin she is beautiful and shy type character

saurav birla: yuvraj ‘s brother. he is a good person who search for his soul mate

menka : she is ragini’s sister , a bit crazy but good hearted

anuj birla: yuvraj birla ‘s small brother. he is naughty boy but good in nature

gauri: gauri is yuvraj’s sister and cute girl who is short tempered

aditya : bhavna ‘s small brother and suhani’s cousin , he is smart and good looking…..

guys this story starts from their teenage period
suhani: 9 standard student
bhavna: 7 standard student
ragini : working in a private company
menka: 5 standard
gauri: 3 standard

yuvraj: 12 standard
sharad: 12 standard
saurab: a bussiness man
anuj: 10 standard
aditya : 5 standard

guys dont worry within 2 , 3 episode they will grow up……

pls give me comments in the name of supports
and u can suggest ur fav pair i will try to give them a guest role in my ff…..

Credit to: meera krishna


  1. i cant understand 1 thing ki suhani is in 9 and yuvraj is in 12 itna difference thora kam kar do bcoz main story unki hi he ok and ya dont take it serious its your choice

  2. Hey wow very nice ff yaar I loved it but yuvraj and suhani cousins lives where?and make arshi include hey continue the story uhhh!!!!

  3. ci

    can anyone write after suhanis return after yu – bi marriage and suhani s hatred.atleast use read kar ye dard kam karronga

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..