think to hate destiny to love (Episode 2)


hi guys iam meera krishna for the next episode of think to hate destiny to love , actually i got very few comments first i thought to stop writing after thta i thought that so of u love my ff so for them i will write….

episode starts with yuvraj and anuj enter in school and their were so many girls yuvraj was annoyed. by mistakely while walking suhani bumps to yuvraj
suhani: iam really sorry
yuvraj: sry , a word which women repeat thousand times a day
suhani: excuse me, it was a mistake
yuvraj: really u know women is a ball od mistakes
suhani: talking to u is waste . mr halki dhati bikre bal
yuvraj: hey jhasi ki rani
suhani: just shut up , suhani went .
yuvraj: now ur name is noted in my heart , i wont leave u
anuj: what
yuvraj: what what, nothing yuvraj went
anuj: there is something fishy who was that beautiful girl to which bayya was talking

after some time suhani was sitting in ground , there was a slight wind something went inside her eyes
suhani: oh no what i will do
yuvraj saw this yuvraj: what happened jhansi ki rani?
suhani: nothing u just go i dont want to see ur face{ but inside her mind ahe started liking yuvraj becoz i told u guys before itself that suhani was having a wish that she will ind her hero}
yuvraj: actually now u cannot see anything right?
suhani: dont irritate me just GO
yuvraj: u talked me in this manner right so i wont go, see i will help u show me ur face
suhani: no no
but yuvraj kept his hands on suhani’s face and open her eyes and blowed
there was a strange feeling for both of them
on that time anuj was coming and he misunderstood thta yuvraj was kissing suhani
anuj: whats going on here?
suhani: i need to go to class bye. suhani went
anuj: bayya u
yuvraj: what just shut up, their was nothing between us
anuj: really then what did i see now?
yuvraj: now just shut up and follow me

precap: birla and shivasthav going to india

spoiler: the really hate story begins with 2 or 3 episode yuvani MARRIGE

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Credit to: meera krishna

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