think to hate destiny to love (Episode 1)


guys iam going to write first episode of THINK TO HATE DESTINY TO LOVE need to ur support…
a beautiful day starts
in london
lata: suhani wake up , see ur school bus will come
suhani: ma , pls one min
lata: oh my dear u papa will come now and he will start shouting now
pankaj: suhani wake up now stop sleeping
suhani: ok papa….
lata: come suhani i will make u wear ur socks
pankaj: lata, dont pamper her like this she a big girl now
suhani: really papa thamks for ur kind information suhani threw pillow on pankaj they both start fighting
lata: pls stop this

so from this i hope u guys understood about suhani and her family , her family is absolutely friendly to her

yuvraj ‘ house

pratima : yuvraj , anuj wake up u guys need to go for school
anuj: iam ok ma but bhai
pratima: what happened to ur bhai?
anuj: ma , u know right today boys and girls together have class and my so called bhai just hate girl
pratima: but vu , u should go to school today this day is very important
yuvraj: ok ma as u wish
anuj: ma i need to say u a important thing
pratima: what betta just say
anuj: ma , i need to go to india i dont want to study here
pratima: but y , becos my friennds r going to india, so i need admission in a boarding school
yuv: oh anuj , u need to go to india i just cant beleive it dont be so stupid
anuj: i know bayya that u hate india but just for my friends i need to go to india even iam not interested to stay in india
pratima: ok i will talk to ur dad
anuj:thank u ma
pratima: now just get ready and go

hope u guys like this episode pls add comments

precap : suhani yuvraj meeting, 2 new entry

[oh i forgot to say that suhani has a crazy wish she used to think that she need to find her hero but till now she was unable]

Credit to: meera krishna

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  1. next episode fast plz waiting for it

  2. Hey meera tell me how to write ff? Help me

  3. Di first we need to go to menu there option will come of submit your article
    There you go and you have to follow all the instructions
    Within 24 hours your ff will be posted and if not you have to do it again

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