Do you think bihaan’s behaviour is justified towards thapki in TPK?


As we can see in TPK now-a-days that the thahaan love story track has not yet been started, and bihaan is still angry with thapki. He thinks thapki betrayed her by not telling him the truth why she stayed back in pandey niwas. Previously we saw that bihaan accepted that he loves thapki and was going to confess it to her. But she is unaware still that bihaan loves her. So is this really betrayal? Is this behaviour towards the one you love justified? Whats your take on this behaviour, do tell through this poll.?

Do you think bihaan’s behaviour towards thapki in TPK is justified?Do you think bihaan’s behaviour towards thapki in TPK is justified?

The summary of the previous happenings in the show goes on like this –Thapki did not give divorce to bihaan and stayed back in pandey niwas saying she is giving bihaan one more chance. Listening this bihaan was overwhelmed and started having feelins for her. But thapki stayed back to know the truth of her marriage. When bihaan decided to propose thapki for remarriage, shraddha came and told bihaan the truth behind thapki staying back in Pandey niwas. He thought that thapki betrayed him and decided to change back to the old bihaan and also stopped supporting thapki and decided to make her life hell. This track is still going on along with saas bahu drama and we don’t see any love track between them for now.

Do comment your views on the recent track. ??

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  1. hello please serials are off air this time serials are very bad- Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Thapki Pyaar Ki , Sasural Simar Ka

  2. nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! track is very boring without thaan scenes………

  3. I wanna see thahaan love story…….I m getting bored seeing this faltu track of thapki pyar ki ……I m a big fan of thahaan n swasan

    1. They are starting it but they are very’s much of dragging now. ??

  4. The poll did not come ???

    1. OK. .it came..! Give ur votes?

  5. I hate this bihaan behaviour. ….
    I want to tabela bihaan. ……..
    Caring thapki …behind thapki. …..Trust thapki. ……

    1. Everyone is indeed wishing for that. ?

    2. Hello guys….muje kaafi din se intha jar tha iss poll zone ke liye ………
      Thank you….. thank you…. so much for poll zone ke liye….

      1. Hope that it reaches to the serial that they know what the fans think of the current track ??

    3. Me too….miss old caring bihann….

  6. Not justified at all

  7. Bihaan’s behavior is no at all justified….. why can’t he understand thapki……and her pain……i hate him 4 this behavior towards thapki…….. 🙁

  8. Not justified at all because bihaan also gave betreyal(dhoka)to thapki by marring her and the person playing the role of bihaan is so ugly he has lots of marks on his face and looks so old

  9. Bihaan’s anger is justified I can get how he feels his heart is broken and thapki doesn’t even show any effort or remorse well but is about time he forgave her too Koch dragging we need thahaan scenes

  10. want caring loving bihaan
    although his character somewhere justified but love previous bihaan???

  11. No not at all. The writer is just dragging the show to failure. Love is not selfish but bihaan’s love shown in show is selfish. He can do a lot of mistakes and misbehaves with thapki while when thapki do so he didn’t even tolerate an inch of it….

  12. Iam just confused because,both of them have their own reasons.iam a huge fan of Bihaan,so….naturally my views are directly or indirectly favours for Bihaan.we know that,how much he loves her….therefore,his anger is justified.

    1. Hai pooja are bihaan fans but these days bihaan character dumping yaarrr. ….we want to TABELA bihaan. … please vote karo ….no its over reaction. ….

  13. This serial has taken a silly direction long ago. In this serial two girls were forced into marriage by cheating. Culprits should have gone to jail and girls should have been shown getting justice. Rather we see culprits getting converted in heroes, and now sulking. Thapki should have been shown taking revenge on Bihaan and Vasundhara..

  14. Thanks for this poll
    Bihaans behaviour not at all justified!
    He did a big thing by spoiling thspkis marriage dream, still thspki understand his innocence and stayed in pandey nivas. ..its high time for bihaan to have a check on his behaviour which is so very irritating!

    1. Exactly…….He is calling thapki selfish but he himself had shown selfish behaviour by marrying thapki for his mom’s sake……that time he did not think about thapki… now when thapki has done something for herself why he is overreacting……He should watch himself before blaming thapki for anything because he has committed a bigger mistake than thapki….

  15. Over reacting but she deserves it she is putting too much energy on his stupid family than working on their relationship..thapki needs him love. Poor guy

  16. his character is absolutely intolerable nowadays please bring back old bihaan not this insensitive brat

  17. No never… again …I agree Thapki hurt his innermost feelings but that is not an excuse for her effort to know the truth. She would not have known it otherwise… And it was her life …she had full right to it. Bihaan is right to be angry but he could show a little understanding right now would have helped a lot for both of them.

  18. Not at all. Did he forget how he tricked her by replacing Dhruv as the groom? That is the greatest betrayal above all. Bihaan was never her first choice for a life partner. Both stayed together after marriage so obviously feelings would be developed. Dhruv supported her even when he knew her speaking problem. He never made fun of her. Whereas bihaan did make fun of her initially but then after the marriage his opinion changed. What bihaan did to thapki and Dhruv is still not forgivable. He had no right to play with someone life like that even from the order of vasundhara.

  19. Bihaan attitude is not at all justified, he is the one who gave biggest betrayal to Thapki, even though it was Vasundhra’s plan but he is also responsible for that betrayal. Blaming Thapki is not fair

  20. Bihaan attitude is not at all justified. I eagerly want to see Thapki and Bihaan togather again

  21. miss old caring behan.and behan styles

  22. Why this story go like this

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