things across my mind (author’s thoughts)

“let there be no rules as people take action as per the set of instructions and fail to understand the spirit of the rules”
” In reality straight lines are harder to draw for long and painstaking,curves go long way with ease”
“being sensitive is understandable but being oversensitive is always mocked up!
“letting go is hard ,forgetting is harder but moving on is your chance to recover”
“not everyone deserves your truth,explainations and time so save them!”

” true friends are like unicorns it depends on whether you think they exist or not”

“people around us hace many faces put on
To get underneath the masks you need love and patience”

“being angry is not a solution at times of difficulties being calm is the key”

” avoid being with people who treat youbas an option and not a priority”

Humans have inbuilt tendency to dominate,no one can be spared,in one way or another it comes out even if its for some time
I was bored so i thought of scribbling few thoughts i remember and some are my creations pls share yout set of thoughts at times of frustration and excitement

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  1. Hai dear…Really nice thoughts it really motivated me now..I like ? it..ur name is too cute and funny..Wats ur real name..don’t mind..just asked its ur wish to tell or not..R u from Tamil Nadu?..
    Take care ?..

    1. Hey aaliya.well my real name i cant really share. im not tamil but my cousins studying in tn call me jujupi dnt knw why!
      And it sounds cute so i used

      1. And thank you!

  2. ❄ Ameena ❄

    Wow….I love ur thoughts….sooo much….

    “There are a lot of kinds which you come across everyday but the special is humankind because it leaves a impact on you whether small 1 or a huge 1”

    I donno I just wrote something out of my mind.

    “Hidden in there is something that you never know and Hidden outside is where your beauty lies”

    “A smile will surely turn fake to real, incomplete to complete, dreams to reality, impure to pure, ugly to beautiful, love to hate…so don’t forget to wear that beautiful smile….:)))….

    “Humans heart is made up of four chambers which can seen through naked eyes but 1 chamber can’t be seen through any power and technology in the world, it can just be felt when u put ur palms to hear it’s beat”

    “The only thing different between a robot and a human is that human got some feelings and emotions”

    I have no idea what I wrote….but I can’t stop myself….

    “Don’t think sorry will fix everything….cuz pain of heart can’t be fixed with 5 lettters…sorry is just a way to tell others that u also feel bad about what happened”

    “Few numbers on report card will not tell who you are, ur behaviour is enough to do that!”

    I’m sorry if I wrote something wrote..these all r my creations….have no idea what I wrote….

    1. Wow ameena nice thoughts!
      I know how it feels when u get so emotional(excited or frustrated) many thoughts crashes your mind!

  3. I like ur thoughts,every word is true…really nice.

    1. Thank you lakshmi! Feel free to share your thoughts

  4. Very nice thoughts jujupi dear…I liked it…n @ameena very well written. .love you loads

    1. Thank you roma! Pls share your thoughts.i would love to know

  5. ❄ Ameena ❄

    Thanku roma nd jujupi!!!!….loveeee uuuu…???
    One lovee?


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