Thereafter i felt 4 u.. ( A Twinj os)

It has been long since we r none of us had the courage t au “I love u”. I didn’t have, bt i knew he was no different. It was evident from his message that he al loved me ….there was no mystery in there was a greater mystery which remained unsolved since the day we started chatting.
The great mystery would have remained a mystery if i hadn’t taken the initiative …yes being a girl i took the first step. Oops !! i forgot 2 mntn my name is twinkle and this is my story , my parents kept my name twinkle may be in the hope that i will twinkle like a star …lol bad joke…but life had played many bad games wid me…but i didn’t give up. I chose t fight back…nd i did that by forgetting my real life ..yes i entered a virtual life,… a life where everything may be fake bt somehow the emotion connected by the emoticon turned out t be true…
“Only a few month passed since m chatting wid him yet i feel z cloze to him…the happiest day of my life is about t come..uff m so excited… yeah… we r gnna meet tmrw..can u blve it?? Omg Omg…!! i have planned all.. bt hw will i face him.. i mean.. what huld we ay 2 each other ?? while chatting we have a lt 2 ay bt idk what will hppn tmrw….!!” …. this iz a part f my diary… i feel illy t read it…. y?? Well fr that u guyz need t read mre…
That day …i had dressed up properly and was waiting fr him…at the cafe… i was very anxious…. bt all my anxiousness turned into disappointment when he didn’t cme…
I reached hme , freshened up nd then logged in… he was online !! i became furious
Me – what are u doing?? Chatting wid utherz … what du u think uf urzelf?? I wa zp dumb t have trusted u…
I zend him all at unce.. i waz literally crying… i had begaun t luv him..nd he??
After a few minute a reply came..
“ keytwin… (that was my name in the account) u there??”
He- luk m zurry abt what hpnd…. bt i didn’t have the gutz t meet u…
I waz zhcked!!
Me- y? We had planned 2 meet..
He- i have been hididng a truth frm u.. z i thught b4 meeting i hud tell u that..then if u want we can meet…
Me- what??
He- keytwin… u knw .. m married…
Fr a mment i waz blank…
He- keytwin??
Me- yeah…
He- r u angry?? Yeah u hud be…
Me- na m nt.. du 1 thing letz meet tmrw..will u be free??
He- what?? U wanna meet me?/
Me- yup…
He- k then.. zame cafe…
Me- dne..
Idk what his reaction was bt i was happy…
The next mrng i went 2 the cafe again… this time i waz sure he will cme… half n hour passed.. i tried 2 be patient… 45 min passed.. i was irked… he betrayed me again…
I waz abuut 2 leave when my phne ringed.. he pinged me… “hey keytwin.. i knw u r waiting 4 me… u knw when i told u my secret last night i thought u will nt talk 2 me u agreed 2 meet… well that means u also have some feelings… bt 2day i realized m cheating n my wife… even if we r nt a happy couple.. i should nt have done this… so i won’t be chatting wid u anymore.. bt yes i promised 2 meet i will do that for sure… m waiting outside the cafe… in a blue shirt..”
Reading this i suddenly started respecting that person… i went out.. i saw a tall man standing in a blue shirt and white trouser…. i went near him and called “umm ujarna?? (that waz hiz name..i knw itz funny…bt cant help it) iz it u?”
He turned back at unce…
I waz zhcked… z waz he….
“twinkle??” he zaid..
Me- kunj….
————————————————————————————————————————————–i guess by nw u have understand the whole incident…. yeah he was mr. kunj sarna… n i m none other than mrs. Twinkle kunj sarna…. we were married a year back bt we were nt happy wid our marriage…z we started chatting n networking sites… nd rest u knw….
After that incident both of us were ashamed… bt he was a hero in my eyes after what he had said… nd we bth knw that we luv each other… this indeed is a beautiful feeling.. t fall 4 ur hubby after marriage… i luv him.. nd m proud t say that!!
The end…
Idk hw it was.. bt i need ur cmmnt good r plzzzzz cmnt.. nd let me knw ur views …


  1. SidVee

    Awesome and superb os.. really loved it.. 🙂 and I wanted to ask you one thing.. when will you post ur ff? M eagerly waiting for it

  2. Romaisha

    |Registered Member

    Tara yaar im missing you and your ffs … And abt this os it was really cute and awesome 🙂 was shocked at the end but yet soooo happy !! 🙂 …

  3. Sayeeda

    |Registered Member

    Amazing OS… Awesome..
    Tara…. Our shining star please yrr post ur ff…. Itne din hogaye itnezar krte krte ab toh itnezar ka meetha phal dedo…
    Plz post ur ff….
    Love u 💖😘😊

    • Tara


      me?? at hme.. haha..
      i had busy schedule … anyway thnx dearie..
      well abt that ff idk.. the track messed up… may be sme time in future..

  4. Aamu

    |Registered Member

    oh my god!!!
    m i dreaming or wat……

    missed u sho much…remeber me??
    i had msged u…..

    first of alll…
    dis was….

    ummm…i dont liked it sholly
    coz i loved it….hehee..thank u for giving such a beautiful n cute os…..
    n r u going to update ur ff or not yaa?
    waiting for u like……
    pls come soon n continue…
    ab wait kiya hai….fruit b milna hi chahiye na!
    but u can giv epi of ur f we will manage…hehe
    muah love u

  5. Shatakshi

    |Registered Member

    Hey Tara
    Long time no seen
    N the os was Amazing
    I was having a surprised expression all tge time
    Plzzz do continue ur ff I m missing
    Love u❤❤

    • Tara


      hey i missed u man…. bt i read few f ur ssn 2 epis… thugh cudnt keep track after sme time.. bt thnx fr cmntng.. luv u..

  6. panchi

    Hey tara, missed u and ur ff a lot dear …. and d os was lovely and sweet …… tara when will u post ur ff dear … eagerly waiting fr that……

  7. Suni

    |Registered Member

    Hey Tara!!! Where were you these days huh.. :/??
    Ur Os was awesome and sweet… ❤
    Loved it.. 💕
    When will you continue ur ff?? Im missing ur ff yr…

  8. Shakti

    The story is Simply Awesome….
    I m sure that This story made each & every reader smile….

    The way u wrote about emotions being true even though in virtual world one doesn’t know the other in person…is really touching & somewhat true….

    Loved your writing…

  9. sujina

    wow it was awsome…i was shocked whn they turn out 2 b husband n wife…so cute yaar…come wid more…loved it…

  10. Shonaa...

    |Registered Member

    Hey tara glad to see u back…. d os was amazing loved it nd waiting for ur ff also update soon…. nd yaa missed u soo much ab phr se khi mt jana…. love u….

  11. Shonaa...

    |Registered Member

    Tara glad to see u back…. d os was amazing dear…. missed u alot plz ab khi mt bhag jana nd update ur ff also…. missing it…. love u….

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