Their Little Cupcake

Hiiii everyone. How are you all????
So here I’m with a vidhaani parenthood ss called –Their Little Cupcake. I had this idea in my mind since here i am .
this is my first attempt in writing a parenthood story , so please dont throw eggs and tomatoes
Being a mother is one phase in every women’s life when she gives away her entire life to a soul living inside her. She takes care of the child more than she has ever taken care of herself . The happiness of being a mother can never be expressed in words . The feeling of a tiny soul living inside you. The one souvenir you can always have and cherish .The feeling knowing that the baby has your blood pumping in his/her system. The scenarios one imagines when the baby be born and will be in your hands in flesh and blood . being a mother is not about losing , being a mother is about gaining more than one could ever think of. It is about learning the strengths which you have. Because being a mother is the highest paid jobs since the payment is pure love

Coming to being a father , a six letter word which has the deepest meaning . he keeps your needs and demands above his . he takes care of all the evil eyes trying to harm you. He is a best friend , a superhero. Fathers are more attached to their daughters but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love their sobs . the scale is just a bit higher .when his son achieves something which he’d always wished for , the happiness which he has can never be measured . when his shoes fit his son ‘ he proudly say that “ son you’re a grown up man now”. When his daughter get married and he hands over his little princess to a man with whom she will spent her rest of her life with, away from him. Away from his house , leaving his memories , childhood and his last name behind , he will be the one who will be the happiest and the saddest at the same time . because getting old doesn’t seem that bad when he has his daughter by his side . He feels the proudest when his daughter has the power to conquer the world . His head gets raised a notch higher when his shoes fit his son knowing his champ has finally grown up . And as they say , any fool can be a father but it takes a real man to be a DAD

Same was the case with Viplav. VIPLAV TRIPATHI. One of the most famous business tycoons in India . At the age of 25 , he had everything but there was something , rather someone who longed for . A soulmate . And that was the time when he met her in Bangalore . A person who had the ability to make the ruthless Viplav Triphati a caring person for the world . His parents died in a plane crash when he was seventeen leaving all their wealth behind . since then he’s been living alone in huge house which wasn’t a home anymore . He missed his parents alot but then he knew that there was no power in this world which could bring them back. During this tough phase , he met four people . four people with different personalities who are now his best friends , shravan , Neha ,varun and payal . And then she came , she colored his black and white with her smile . She taught him how to live life again . She made him believe in destiny . Maybe that’s why she came in his life . Dhani malhotra .
After two years of a successful relationship together ,here they are, happily married and settled in Mumbai

Its been a long time that i had talked with everyone .
Sorry for not commenting in your ff’s . i was busy . i will read it but give me sometime .
Maha di i read your ff . sorry i didn’t get time to comment but it was mind blowing and my guess was correct .

Keep smiling
Love you all

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  1. Aiswarya

    I forgot to say one thing this is an intro

  2. nice start

  3. AanyaSingh

    Gosh!!!!!, Sweetie, this is U??. Goodness, i’m not getting how to express myself. Seriously, what an Intro dear???. And the description of a MOTHER & a FATHER, it seems as if the mother & father themselves r writing their heart out, so TOUCHING & SO TRUE, FANTABULOUS?????????. What an Amazing & Hidden writer U r dear??????. And the Intro of the story is also Great. Waiting eagerly for the flashback & also to see hw our once ruthless hero got transformed completely. Post it soon. Lots of Love to u???????. God bless u always??

    1. Aiswarya

      Do you have a doubt ????was that touching? ?I’m an observer of my surroundings I have seen some scenes like this around me . I’m not an amazing writer don’t praise me like this I have to learn more n more things for becoming amazing ☺☺it’s an small flashback ? and you are going to find a crazy viplav here ??he will become crazy in happiness ??you can laugh out .I don’t know whether I will post it soon or not it seems like others don’t like a parenthood story .it’s only 3 shots . I will mail it to you if I’m not gonna post this 3 shots on TU
      Love u toooooooooo❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Who told no one is interested ???? Njan entha pokayano ?? post it soon otherwise u know me well ?.
        I will prefer that start posting your gunpoint in this everyone will love it .

  4. Sujie


    this is gonna be awesome dear…sorry for not commenting even after reading it the same day….
    Waiting for that 6 monthz back wala flashback…keep going dear…you are gonna rock….and do read 5 the episode of soulmates….okay

    1. Aiswarya

      Thanks di ?? that’s doesn’t matter atleast you read it na. That’s enough for me ??. I will surely read I missed 2 episode ? I didn’t know that ??

      1. Sujie

        And haan… Mr billionaire kab aayenge yarr…missing him like hell 🙂

    2. Aiswarya

      I’m thinking to make some changes and all

  5. Aiswarya

    Alla ?? entha evida ??
    Did you completed reading marriage at gun point? ?
    It’s not suitable story for vidha ??
    Enthayalum my silent reader commented .

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