The Untold Story (Episode 5)

Sanskar’s face hardened n a cloud of gloominess covered over. He got his grandpa’s letter, he left for him n it was a shocking blow for him. His grandpa wanted him to get married with Suryanarayan Mishra’s granddaughter.

“What the hell?”

He jerked up off his chair n moved near the glass wall. Searching for a moment of peace he looked outside towards his reign, the highly facilitate tall buildings, away from the crowd n noises of the city, going under the painting process, the wonderful result of his years of hardworking, his parent’s dream. There was a big banner with a broad n bold letters at the entrance, Raisingh Child Care Project under the S.R. Costruction. His eyes blazed with the glaze of glory, pride n satisfaction but it vanished as soon as his hand grabbed the letter inside his pant pocket.

“Life messing piece of paper.” He glanced at the folded white paper with an utter distaste.

‘Me n Marriage? No n Never. Nanu I’m sorry but I can’t fulfill ur wish.’ He thought, determined.

He wasn’t against the marriage thing but it’s just he never had a thought about such stuffs. For him, his dream, passion, work n goals came first before anything. In these all, there was no place left for him to go around such things. He don’t have time for that, for now.

His head snapped back at the cabin door as a gentle knock pierced inside n the old man, S.N. Mishra came inside.

“I Hope, I didn’t disturbed u between ur works?”

“Not at all, Sir. Please, have a seat.” He, warmly, turning to the intercom n ordering 2 cups of coffee.

“Young man, apart from this formal verbalism u can call me nanu or dadu. We r related, not only by the paper works but by the emotions n relations.”

‘He is talking about relation stuffs, he must be known to my nanu’s wish n that letter. But I won’t gonna do that.’

“You r right Sir, a piece of paper can’t bound anyone with it.” He, thoughtfully.



“Well, u r doing a great job son. I’m really proud of u. Suri was right, u r really a man with a shining future.” Old man, appreciatively.

“Thank u so much Sir. Well, u here? Is there anything important?”

“No. Its just, I’ve read about ur new project for the child care centre. That’s it, I couldn’t resist myself to come here n congratulate u personally.”

He smiled a little.

“I get a glimpse of Appu n Suri in u. They were also like u, passionate, intense, hardworking n caring.”

“They were.”

A beautiful past rolled down in his head n a picture of a graceful, lively lady flashed on his vision.

“Momma!” A deep intense whisper escaped his mouth.

“Ur momma was a great lady. She was strong. She didn’t fell weak also after losing her husband…”

‘Yeah! She was. My momma was a sweetest lady. She was selfless, kind n loving person. She always used to find good in every bad, that’s y she couldn’t find out about her own sister’s ill intentions n lost her appearance in this world. She left me alone, at the age of 14. 2 yrs after papa’s death. I became an orphan, completely. I lived under Nanu’s care for 4 years. Its been long 14 yrs after momma left me, I’ve became a successful businessman with lots of industries, companies n firms under my control. Its my ‘momma-papa’s dream to open a child care centre n I’m happy, finally its going to get fulfilled. I’ve only one goal in my life now, to destroy Gouda Empire, completely.’

“…u know, we were like a family. Ur nanu n nani always wanted to take our relationship to next level. They wanted to get their daughters marriage with my sons but it couldn’t happen because they got married according to their wish.” Old man, thoughtfully.


“After ur nani’s death, ur nanu used to spend his lone times with me. He loved u guys very much. Where, u r like ur nanu, Lucky is just like ur nani. He always talked about u guys. He was tensed for u because of ur cold attitudes n excessively busied self. Lucky is a happy-go-lucky guy for the world but he is having a lots of wounds inside of him, ur nanu used to say that. He wanted someone for u guys. He wanted to see u guys getting married with the girls capable to bring u back to normal.”

Sanskar was ready to clear himself but a clear knock interrupted him in the middle n intercom beeped at the same time.

“Come in.”

Giving the permission for the knock, he answered the intercom. A tall, lean figure of a girl appeared inside with 2 cups of coffee on the tray n placed the cups in front of them.

“I’m extremely sorry sir but I need to go now, got something important.” Sanskar, in a sorry tone, “Maria, take care of him.”

He ran out of the cabin, shooting the words behind.

7:00 p.m.

There was a little crowd of young boys, in their boxers, around inside the wide pool. The most of the area was dipped down in a faint disco lights n a loud music. DJ was skillfully doing her job at one corner. There was a vulgar statue of a girl in the middle of the pool with a board on her hand, showing,

‘Boys Night.’ in broad letters.

The place was filled with the hooting n weird noises.

“Where is the bridegroom?” a voice.

“Its really nagging man. I’m inside this pool from half an hour but he is no where to be seen. Where is Rahul?” other voice.

“Leave him, first tell me where r the butterflies?” another.

“They r on their way. Don’t worry, they will be here in 10 minutes.” A muscular man entered into the conversation.

“Woah! guys, welcome our soon to be horse rider, who was once a player no.1, our dea friend Rahul Gill.” A man, beside him shout out, mockingly n the place again filled with a hooting of the crowd.

“Shut up, u f*******. Well, where is Lucky?” Rahul.

“Hero is here, guys.”

They heard a voice n Lucky appeared there in his bathrobe.

“Whats this man?” Rahul, quizzically.

“I forgot about the party. Thank god it struck me at the last moment. I didn’t have much time to change into anything so I came directly here after taking bath. Thank god! ur party is not that stressing concerning on the clothes…”

Lucky’s lengthy explanation interrupted in the middle as a phone buzzed up suddenly.

“OK, man. Get ready to bang on the night.” Rahul, mischievously, “Guys, they r here. So, Be ready.”

The beautiful, hot looking girls in a tight skinny short dress walked inside there followed by the loud n lecherous comments n whistles. Everyone got busy in observing girls.

Lucky was about to jump inside the pool when his eyes landed on a girl in a blue dress, looking extremely beautiful n different from the others. She was having a tough time to cooperate with the hungry eyes gaping at her glowing skin n curves beneath the blue knee length dress, he observed.

“Poor pleasantry.” He, let out a pitiful remark n approached towards the girl.

‘This is not my world. I can’t be able to do these all. What to do now?’ Swara thought tensed.

“Hey. U r looking f****** hot. U r going with me tonight.” A man said staring at her wickedly n forwarded a card with the name, Sanju written on it.

Her throat dried up, a sharp tremor spread over the body, eyes widened up n vision blurred with a thin layer of tears on it. Shaking vigorously she was about to take the card when a strong band of arm pulled her suddenly in a tight hug.

“Sorry man but she’s mine. Go around for another hunt.” A heavy voice ringed inside her head.

“Lucky, this is not fair.”

Other man turned to opposite side, disappointed n silence occurred there for a while.

“Girl, I thought, I’m a hot guy, but u r proving me wrong.” He, still wrapping his hand around her.

N then she realized that she was shaking like hell, clinging onto someone as if her dear life was in him. Flushed with embarrassment she took her hands off his shoulder n lost the little warmth she was getting from the man in front of her but his hands were still on her waist, making circles around there.

“M I that cold?” He, intensely.

Her eyes flared with the proximity they were sharing there. A haggard breath blocked on its way n a haziness looped around her senses.

“” She managed to stuttered out the words.

“I don’t think, u really want me to leave u. Do u?” He, playfully.

He was right. She really didn’t want him to leave her because she was feeling a bit comforted under him. Though he was also the one among them but he was different from others, she felt.

A boyish smile covered up his lips as a concurring silence appeared between them.

“Do u want to get out of here?” He, cheerily.

She nodded in positive, innocently.

“Lets go.”

He removed his hand around her waist n grabbed her hand before storming out of there.

7:00 p.m.(Skylite Bar)

A hot flush of blood she felt into her nerves, hitting on the cells wildly. Her heart thumped inside her chest looking at the thin, black cloth piece that she was given by Juliana to wear.

“What is this? I can’t wear this?” Ragini, curtly.

“This is the only way to get inside the bar otherwise u wouldn’t get the entry inside. Because, this place is associated with a lots of illegal activities n no one would allow inside, but the regular ones.” Juliana.

“But, its too short n thin to cover anything…” Ragini, in a low tone.

“This clothe is meant for that dea. U need to be look s*xy, hot, sensuous, seductive, by every means, if it would be by showing ur a** or *****.”

Juliana’s bold explanation sucked her little strength. She looked back at the clothe piece, once more, disappointed n a thought crossed her mind, tensing her muscles.

“Did Swara also use to wear these shits?”

“Oh gosh! u r brilliant. Wait a minute.”

Juliana ran towards a large cupboard n climb up on a stool. Ragini was looking towards her shocked when she took out a wooden box n placed the box near her.

“Woah! what’s this?” She, befuddled.

“Choose anyone from these.”

Juliana opened the box with that. There was the piles of clothes inside the box. Ragini took a black backless blouse n a familiar scent lingered around her senses.


She couldn’t complete her sentence as a heavy lump blocked on her throat. She felt terrible, imagining her innocent sister doing all this. A tear escaped her vision n she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Control urself. U r doing this for ur sister. Get ready, fast. we need to be there in 5 minutes.” Juliana, walking in front of a mirror, in her skiny clothe showing almost all of her body.

“But what should we gonna be do there?” Ragini, tensed.


Juliana moved her belly artfully n Ragini’s face dulled with the word, dance.

“But, I don’t know how to dance.”

“What? How? But, I mean, Swara was a good dancer…”

“She is a good dancer n I’m a terrible dancer.” She, in a dull voice.

“Don’t worry, u don’t need to do anything much there, just shake ur body n hold on ur pace. Be quick in ur moves n don’t get caught.” Juliana, explaining her clearly.

Ragini felt her body went taut n mind numb. She somehow managed to change into black, backless blouse n long skirt that showing her thighs from one side.

“One more thing.”

Juliana pulled out a black net clothe n covered Ragini’s face below her eyes.

“Ready? Lets go.”

Juliana walked towards a narrow passage, pulling Ragini with her n finally they reached on the spot where a group of girls were already entertaining the inebriated men around, jumping on them like hungry beasts.

“Don’t worry. Chill. U can do it because u r doing this for ur sister. Do it, for once, to get back ur sister. I’ll search whether SK is here or not. U try to control urself. Alright?”


Ragini let out a deep sigh n walked inside the crowd hiding from the sick observers. N suddenly, music changed into an intense one n the lights turned into the blue as the girls, who were around her, dispersed around the massive crowd n she found herself numb, breathless.

“What r u doing? Shake ur body.”

Suddenly Juliana appeared there beside her, she got her breath back but how much she tried to follow her command, she couldn’t do it as her body was out of her control.

“I don’t know what to do? I’m feeling like paralysed.” Ragini, weakly.

“U r grabbing everyone’s attention dea, look someone is coming here. Move before he could catch u.”

Juliana left with that giving her a view of an ugly man approaching towards her.

“Oh! heaven help me!” She suddenly moved back to an unknown direction tripping on her moves. She was shaking like hell. Though now she got a little control over herself but dance was the tough thing for her, still. She moved n moved, from one side to other shielding herself from everyone. Suddenly, tripping on her long skirt, she fell down on a man, her hair streamed down covering them from one side n her mask fell off her face. Her eyes widened with fear n clashed with a swirling-black-hypnotic eyes. Her face paled with the realization that he caught her n an unpleasant sensation stung on her eyes giving the way to the twinkling pearls, down her flushed cheek.

“R u going to do everything here?” A loud wicked voice echoed around hitting their eardrums.

She was just waiting for the time to be get done something by him but he brought his hands up which he was wrapping around her back n covered up her face with t

Surprised by his move she looked back at him.

‘Observing his personality, he is a good looking guy clad in a grey suit. Gelled up hair shining in brown, has a muscular strong body feeling by his solid hold. Actually, he was looking more than good.’ She concluded.

“R u alright?”

‘His voice is also good.’ She thought, nodding her head in positive.

She tried to stand up off him but his hands, around her shoulder, were resisting her from doing so. Her dread eyes snapped back at his but he wasn’t looking that dangerous.

“Excuse me, u can leave me, now.” She, politely.

“But I don’t.”

His arrogant, rude voice hit back on her head n a cry escaped her mouth,

“What r u talking about?”

“Simple. I don’t leave u.”

‘He is an arrogant, beasty, creep, dark headed mannerless jerk.’ She clenched her teeth, irritated.

“Mr Raisingh.”

Suddenly a deep, harsh voice pierced the tension between the two n he pulled her down to him completely, so that she was lying over him n he could see the man looming over them.

“Where is my stuff?” He, authoritatively.

Other man handed him a red pen drive n lost within the crowd. His eyes sparked in victory as he looked towards the pen drive n keep it inside his coat pocket, securely.

“If u r done with ur job, then please leave me.” She, vulnerably, clutching on his arms.

“As ur wish.”

He released her from his hold n she stood up on her feet only to get a view of her torn up skirt which she grabbed instantly before creating an embarrassing scene there. She felt hot n a pink hue covered her face, completely.

‘Oh god!’

She was tensed thinking what to do now. Suddenly, she felt 2 muscular arms on the back of her thigh n shoulder n she float up off the floor in the next moment.

“What r u doing?” She, meekly, looking around the crowd with the corner of her eye.

“Do u want me to throw u down on the floor with that torn up f****** piece of clothe, covering nothing but offering a temptation to commit something very badly, over n over, all the night?” He, flung the words dangerously in a single breathe.

The pink shade darkened into red on her face n she fell silent because it was easy thing she could do compared to be showcased, in front of the hungry lusters.

She looped her one hand around his neck n clutched on his color with the other n he gave her a winning smile n moved out of the place filled with wide eyed crowds.

Placing her inside his car, he took his driving seat n threw a question to her side,

“Ur place?”

“Sehgal Apartment.” She, gloomily.

“Near that catholic church.” He, taking car’s control.

She gave him a positive nod.

“Don’t feel uneasy, the things that happened between us wasn’t embarrassing, instead I enjoyed it.” He, mockingly.

Her mouth opened n closed like a fish. She was angry but she lacked on the words to counter him with n only stared back at him disgustedly.

“What? I’m genuinely saying that. I really enjoyed holding u in my arms, otherwise I’m not a man of a ******* socialist type to help a poor girl in need. I’ve favoured u because u r beautiful, hot n s*xy.”

His voice excessively lecherous struck in her ears n she felt an unbearable pain deep inside. Never in her life, anyone talked like this with her n he was talking about her if she was some roadside sl*t. It was a tight slap on her self respect. Tears streamed down n lost down the eyes dampening the black clothe piece n a deep sob escaped her mouth, sending tremors into every cells.

“R u crying?”

Suddenly he stopped the car on the midway n pulled off the clothe piece from her face.

“When u can’t even handle my comment here, in a closed place, without anyone near us then what were u doing around there, inside the crowd of f*******? It must be money, that dragged u there right? U r looking well educated, y don’t u go for a job than getting into this kind of stuffs? If u do that then u don’t need to hide urself from anyone with this kind of clothe piece.” He flung the words shooting daggers at her.

She felt humiliated. Terribly Humiliated.

‘So he was thinking about me in that way. How could he? He is no one to question me. He is no one to interfere in my matter. He helped me but that doesn’t mean, I owe him.’ She, frustrated.

“What? U r staring me as if u will eat me raw, here.” He, mockingly.

“U know what, I never saw a man like u, in my life. U r the one judgmental, selfish n rude type of man.” She, sharply.

His hand clutched on the steering wheel tightly as he drove off again. But she could feel the heat transmitting through his body.

‘So he is angry.But I just don’t care. I haven’t done anything compared to him.’ She, annoyed.

A deep silence occurred between the two for a long n it broke when the car took a turn from the main road inside a lonely road, covering with the big trees from both sides.

“Where r u taking me?” She, tensed.

Her eyes flashing the terror at the situation thinking about unpleasant things that can happen with her.

“Just stop ur wild horses inside that useless head. I’m not a rapist n if I want to do anything then I don’t look for a place, I can do that even here, understood.” He, curtly.

“Then where r we going?” She.

“I’ve to take something from my place.”

Their conversation stopped. The car stopped in front of a beautiful house with tall pillars n he get out of his seat. She waited for him inside the car n finally he came back with a hanger in his hand. He opened the door of her side n pulled her out of her seat.

“What r u doing?” She, haggardly.

“Oh, just stop irritating me. U need to change into something good before going for ur place. I know Sehgal Appartment is a place for high class socialites n u can’t go there like this.” He, sharply.

She got a strong blow because he was right n her look changed into a sorry one n lips struggled to apologize to him.


“Go, change into this.”

She uncover the dress n her face stressed in tension. There was an orange saree.

“What?” He, observing her.

“I don’t know, how to wear saree.” She, innocently.

He gave her an annoyed look n pulled her inside the house. She screeched seeing him shoving at her hand clutching on the torn off skirt.

“What r u doing?”

“Enough. Now, I don’t want to hear anything irritating. Don’t act like a touch-me-not baby, ok. There is no need to cover up ur body, I’ve already got the view. Take off ur hands or else I’ll throw u on the road like this, got it?” He, gravelly.

“OK. I’ll do it by myself. Give me 5 minutes.” She, in a pleading tone.

“Fine. Don’t be late otherwise I’ll leave u here alone.” He warned her n moved out of there.

He was waiting for her from 10 minutes but she was nowhere to be seen. Finally the door got open n she came outside in a orange saree. He looked mesmerized at her, wrapped in his momma’s saree, looking extremely beautiful. clutching on the plaits she approached towards the car door, followed by a pair of gleaming eyes but before she could get inside, another car stopped beside his car n an old man stepped out of that.

“Thank god Sanskar beta, I got u here.”

“But what r u doing here Sir?” He, surprised.

“Lucky took a girl with him n he was saying that she is his girlfriend n he’ll only marry her. But Suri n I have already fixed u n Lucky’s alliance with my granddaughters. What should I do now?” Old man, thoughtfully.

His head spun around n an idea struck on his head.

“Sir, what to say, but I also can’t marry ur granddaughter.” He, in a sorry tone.

“What? But y?” Old man, shocked.

“Because, I’m engaged.” He, curtly.

The old man’s eyes snapped towards Ragini n then on a ring on her ring finger. A soft smile appeared on his lips.

“She must be ur girl?”

She was baffled by the old man’s guessing. She stared down at her ring finger n Reshav’s irritating face flashed into vision. Exasperated, she was about to clear the confusion when Sanskar pulled her near him in a possessive hug n dropped down the bombshells,

“Yeah. She is my girl.”

Thank u so much for reading.

Guys, I won’t be able to give my updates till 21st july, I’ve my exams over the period. So, enjoy ur days, I’ll be back after my exams.


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