The Untold Story (Episode 4)


The day of the new beginning. They were unaware of the phase which will change their life completely. The fate that means to be get them together, loomed around the four.

Suryanarayan Mishra smiled seeing both the boys standing at the doorstep of their ancestral palace, Sheeshmahal, which is going through renovation process. He gave them a warm welcoming smile. Though he was happy hearing their positive responses but he was suspicious as well. He was aware of their differences n the reasons thank to his friend late Surjeet Singh.

“Welcome my sons. I’m glad that u took an apt decision in right time. This works will be done within an hour or two, u guys can check around urself if u needed anything.” He, observing them.

“Sure Sir. I’d like to explore around for a moment, so excuse me.” Sanskar offered a warm gesture n left the place.

“Wont u join ur brother, Lakshman Gouda.”

“No, man.” Laksh, annoyed.

“What happened?”

“Mr Singh, please call me lucky or Laksh.”

“Oh, sorry for that young man but I’d like to introduce myself properly once again I’m Suryanarayan Mishra, ur grandpa’s n ur granny, late Savitri Kapoor Singh’s close friend. Actually, I knew ur granny before I met with ur grandpa n I’m Kapoor’s family lawyer.”

“Oh sorry. I think, I should also go around.” Lucky flung the words n eloped inside an aisle.

“Crazy Chunk.”

‘How will this two opposite poles live in this palace for about six months? One side the crazy chunk n other side the sober sophist. Suri, u did really amazing job.’ The aged man let out a hearty chuckle.

She stepped down the taxi n looked around the place which is shading a different colour from last night, though it’s not showing any sober n serene sights but not that wild like last night. No horrible sounds, no crowd n thank to her stars network was also available, now no more fear like last night. She stepped forward observing n comparing the sight around with last night. The place was less crowded n people around there were looking less harmful than the night. Some hippies were lying on the ground, here n there, senseless. It got difficult for her to remember the narrow lanes exactly but she maintained herself n moved through the narrow lanes n lost her way again.

“Drat it! I again lost myself. ****.” She cried out frustrated.

“Hey! don’t touch me, u a******.” A loud screeching tone hit her ears n her head snapped back at the direction.

“Oh god! what r u doing with that girl?” She screamed out witnessing a sight of 3 boys overpowering a foreigner girl.

Suddenly, every gazes there snapped back at her n her face paled realising the situation she got into.

‘What an amazing performance? What the hell, what will I do now? There r 3 guys, what can I do? Look, how they r staring at me, if they will eat me alive.” She felt unbearable thirst n her throat dried up suddenly, “Cool, girl, calm down. Count, 1, 2………..” She muttered inside her breath.

“Hey! newbie?” A leery tall guy asked her curiously.

“What?” She controlling the unnecessary vibration in her voice.

“Oh god! help me.’

“R u new here, that’s what Vij was asking u about?” A long hair slim man spoke this time, holding the girl’s hand still.

“Yeah. But what’s going on here? She is a tourist, a guest in our country, what r u guys doing with her?” She, looking back at the girl.

She observed daggering gazes full of mockery, on her n a pill of laughter echoed around the place.

“What happened?” She, bit embarrassed not understanding the situation.

“Woah! woah! girl! u r really so innocent, so sweet.” Leery guy, approaching towards her, amused.

She felt her heart dropped down on her stomach.

“Scene is not that what u r really assuming. She is not a tourist n we r not abusing her. She has borrowed 50 thousand rupees n it’s been 6 months she failed to pay interest as well. That’s it, don’t think otherwise.” He, observing her.

“Ok then, please leave her.” She.

“If u want so, then…ok. Guys, leave her for now.” He pointing towards the men, “So, what’s ur name Sweet?”

Her stomach flipped a bit hearing his too much sugar coated tone.

“Ragini.” She maintaining a safe distance between them.

“Nice name. Well I’m Vijay Joshi, u can call me Vij. Hope to see u again Ragini.” He, giving her a seductive grin.

He then left the place with other two. She got her voice back as soon as he left.

“R u alright?” She approaching towards the girl.

“Yeah. Thanks dea.” Girl composing herself, “Well, I’m Juliana. I saw u here last night also, with Kelly. R u watching for someone?”

“Yeah. I’m here for my sister.” Ragini, in a low voice.

“Swara, right?” Juliana.

“How did u know her?” Ragini, shocked.

“We used to work in the same bar. I saw ur pictures. I saw u last night but then u lost somewhere n I brushed it off thinking it was just nothing. But now I’m really happy that u came for ur sister.”

“Where is she?” Ragini, excitedly.

“I don’t know. She left this place 2 months back n then I haven’t seen her.”

“Do u have any idea where could she be? Please, if u can help me in this.” Ragini, haggardly.

“I don’t no if it’s true or not but there was an information I got that time, SK took her with him.” Juliana.

“Who is this SK?” Ragini.

“A well known face behind the **** market. He is a women supplier.”

“What??” Ragini, shocked.

“I hope, this all r just a rumor. Don’t worry dea.”

“How could I meet with this SK?” Ragini, still in shock.

A deep silence, no response. Ragini waited for a while but still she couldn’t get her reply.

“I’ll help u out of that man’s clutch, help me through this.” Ragini, convincingly.

A gleamy softness turned up on the girl’s face n she huffed in inner turmoil. At last her face hardened with a decision n she lift her head up to face Ragini.

“OK. Tonight in Skylite bar sharp at 7, be there.”

“I’m sorry momma-papa. I’m really sorry. I’ll never get back to u from this day. Ragu, hope u’ll take care of them.”

Swara poured out her emotions in tears silently, remembering about the home, family n past.

“Girls! listen here, it’s the time to leave for the venue. So, come out within 5 minutes.” A well maintained beautiful lady said in a commanding tone n left.

“Girls! feel ur potential n show ur charms with confidence. Kill the night. Just remember one thing do everything with an attitude. Alright?” SK, cheering the girls.

“Yay.” The girls hollered in response.


“No SK, please don’t say anything to stop me.” Swara interrupting in middle.

“I’ll not do anything like that but if u r feeling anything weird then don’t hesitate to tell me. I’ll not be there as I have to go for an important work, so tell me if u…” He.

“I’m alright, don’t worry.” She, forcing a convincing smile.

“Alright. Listen to me carefully, be confident n maintain ur attitude. This is a luxurious party of town n there will be a lot of powerful peoples around, u just need to spell ur charm on them if u want to make connection. N most important, don’t forget, u r stepping inside the pleasure trade market where u r suppose to serve urself to ur temporary owner without bothering for their age, physique, behaviour n acts n all. U take one step ahead now n there will be no turning back for u.” He, clearing everything to her.

“I got u very well, SK. Thanks for ur concern. I think, it’s the time to make a move out of here otherwise rich bastard’s party will be spoil without glamour n seduction. What do u say?” She, wryly.

“OK, lets go.”

Thank u so much for reading.


Credit to: RSR

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  1. Superb part
    Will ragini meet swara soon or get herself in trouble too
    Y is swara agree to go to party ???
    let’s see how sanlak bond will build
    N how will they cope with each other
    Their grandpa was really smart lol

  2. Waiting for it long time….pls update soon

  3. rsr ur stories r amazing
    the way u describe the feelings and situation is just marvellous
    and todays episode was also awesum
    hope rags doesnt get into any trouble

  4. Piya

    Awesome story… why swara agree to go to party… why she want to enter tht world… curious to know how pairs cross their paths….

  5. Alishatani

    Who is SK..I couldn’t get that n why swara is eager to go to that party? Update soon

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