The Untold Story (Episode 3)


Ragini reached the venue, a faint lighted n quite crowded area of the glorious city, where her friend asked her to be. Her steps stumbled a little as soon as she stepped down the taxi n many pairs of ill, amuse, curious, darted n heated gazes clashes onto her vision. She felt terrible for being there, when she doesn’t belong to the place. A dread expression covered her full posture observing one tall n broad tattoo guy, out of nowhere approaching forward towards her among the crowd. Her hand worked in a haste, in the terror, to get her cellphone out of her sidebag n as soon as she got the hold, she punched on the screen while moving opposite to the approaching figure n to her badluck, her phone was in out of coverage area. She cursed for her stars which seemed not on the right place, today. To avoid the man behind her, she increased on her pace n took some turns to the narrow lanes which at last ended to The Daredevils, a casino n dead end of the way. Her throat dried up n body drenched in sweats. There was no network facility n over that she have no way to escape unknown stalker of her, now, her head buzzed up with the thought.

“U r really fast, beautiful.” She heard a manly husky voice near her ear from the back.

She jumped forward a little n glanced back at the source n a chilly shiver passed through her nerves seeing the same tall n broad guy, with the tattoos over his masculine arms n neck, displaying him as a perfect badass, with a candy smile, just in a little distance.

“Don’t worry, u r safe. I’m not a sort of guy doing things going out of beautiful girl’s consent. I’m a gentleman…. Well, its Rishi.” He said with a meaningful glance over her fear ridden posture n forwarding his right hand, maintaining his smile.

Her heart skipped a beat hearing him but she got a hold on her breath after a while. She felt something friendly in his approach.

“Wont u say anything?” He, pointing towards his approaching hand.

“I want to go out of here.” She, in a low voice.

His face covered with a warm smile hearing her.

“Well, u can at least shake ur hand with mine, trust me I’m not that injurious to health.”He, with a humorous smile.

She, seeing no escape shook her hand with his.

“Wont u say anything about urself?” He, without leaving her hand.

“Ragini.” She pulling her hand from his hold.

“Ragini, nice name. U can meet me here if u want in future. This is my casino.” He, pointing towards the horrific casino with a big skull as a front face n the deep black hole of the mouth portion as an entrance.

“Thanks.” She, uninterested.

She stepped back to the direction she came but not before hearing his cheesy comment on her.

“Ragini, u r really soft.”

She faltered on her move but composed herself n rushed out of his range.

She was walking around from past half an hour but the narrow lanes jumbled up on her head n felt like a puzzle to her. Her inner bones drained entirely n screamed out for rest but she was completely lost in there, the world of lost n isolated peoples. Her head heated up in frustration upon herself n on the situation. She was on the verge of crying when her eyes caught a pair of leery eyes approaching towards her n she closed her eyes in dismay.

‘Not again god!!’ Her inner soul screamed in disappointment n she felt a band of arm around her shoulder. A sharp tremor spread all over from her deep inside n when her eyes met with the pair of black twinkles her tensed muscles released, finally, its her friend, Kelly.

“What girl? Scared?”

Her eyes fixed on the person for a moment n then a clear frown covered her face.

“U moron, stupid, where were u?” She cried out infuriated, pushing him away.

“Oh god! Is this the same Rag who used to scare us during school days.” He, in a teasing tone.

“Just stop chanting n come to the point, now.” She, irritated.

He dragged her with him to a side from the crowd.

“What??” She, irritated.

“OK, no more nonsense. I was transferred here 6 months back n these areas comes under the most sensitive areas of the city. Its about 2 months back, I was here for some info regarding an extortion case, then I notice a girl, dancing with a group of girls. I was bit confused at first but then I realized, she was Swara.” He exclaimed n her heart clenched in pain hearing him, “It took a little time to recognize her after all, I saw her after 5 years but she ran away before I could reach her. I didn’t have ur contact no. n address that time but thanks to ur article on the paper about the matter, I got it.” He, concluded.

After walking around for half an hour she already came to know about the place but his information about her sister was something she couldn’t digest, completely.

“Thank u so much Kay.” She choke up on the words.

“No formalities dea, now let’s get out of here. Actually I was given duty of taking charge around here today n really busy since morning that’s y I couldn’t welcome u n over that, called u here.” He, apologetically.

“I want to go inside Kay.” She, in a cracked voice.

“U’ll not get anything there. She left this place after that incident. I also searched for her but in vain. I saw an article a week back about her being lost from 4 months n then reality stroke my mind.” He, calmly.

“I don’t know y she took such a drastic step but I’m sure there must be something big behind her such step.” She, confidently.

“OK, now lets get out of here.” He, dragged her reluctant n drained posture away from there.

“Wear that golden heels, it’ll match with ur gown n highlight ur personality as well.” A mid-aged lady, her fashiontrainer.

“U r looking really gorgeous Shona.” S.K. exclaimed from their back.

Swara gave him a faint smile.

“So u r ready, right?” He, unsure.

“Oh, please S.K. we’ve already talked about it.” Swara, wearing those heels.

“Sorry. So, take rest for now, ur task will be start from tomorrow n ur first appearance will be on the State’s MP’s son Rahul Gill’s bachelor party.” He, calmly.

“Yeah.” She let out a deep sigh thinking about her new life n the motive.

Lucky stood in front of the main door of a big-posh-bungalow, his father’s possession. He was about to ring on the call bell but door opened suddenly n there the headache, his hot-n-young stepmother with a man,.their family lawyer, encircling his hand around her slim waist n the hand pulled back instantly. His temper rose up seeing them like that. Her eyes gleamed up in a mirth looking at him in front of her n she acted like stumbled in her move n intentionally fell on him. He felt her soft body all over him n a wave of disgust passed through his demeanor where the other man came to her help.

“Kavyaji, r u alright?” man concerned.

“Look carefully before stepping onto anything, MOM.” Lucky flung the words dangerously n rushed inside, leaving a fuming figure behind.

Sanskar lie down on his king sized bed after shooting orders to his manager regarding tomorrow’s schedule. His new day in the new place, new environment n most important with a monkey whom he hates the most in his life. Something flashed in his mind n something hardened inside.

‘I’ve to live with him, god! help me. How will I tolerate a him for 6 months. If not for the Sheeshmahal, the place of my mom’s beautiful stories n memories, I’d have never agreed to this condition n all. I don’t need anything else but that Sheeshmahal, because of which I lost my mom n the reason was her own sister.’

A stinging sensation pierced inside his heart.

‘Fake. everything is illusion, love, trust, relationship, care everything. People only knows to deceit, cheat n how to reach on the top. Laksh Gouda, I’ll teach u an unforgettable lesson in these 6 months. Just wait n watch.’

Thank u so much for reading.


Credit to: RSR

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