The Untold Story (Episode 1)


Hello friends. I’m back with this new ff on Ragini-Sanskar n Swara-Laksh again, n please don’t be sad Ragini-Laksh n Swara-Sanskar fans because ‘Psycho’ will be there for u. So, let’s go to The Untold Story…

She was standing at the middle of the hall, with a lot of complains, questions n dissatisfaction in her eyes, in the presence of all her family, her momma, papa n sister. The situation there, was describing some unpleasant events.

“I always have a thought that my parents are the world’s best parents, ever, who can understand their daughters, but no, I was wrong. Totally. You proved it momma-papa.” She, extremely disappointed.

“Do u even have an idea, what r u talking about?” Sumi, her mother, furiously.

“I’m telling the truth, Momma. How could u even believe on such nonsense. Papa, we know her, just think…” Ragini, trying to give them a reason.

“U r blaming momma-papa, u know?” Tapsi, her elder sister, cutting her off.

“Oh, yeah. There is no point to blame anyone here. All useless to do so, n well, who m I to do so, right? Oww… what r u thinking about? Is that, disowning me too?” Ragini, critically.

Just then a tight slap thundered on her cheek n several others.

“Is this the way to talk with ur elders? Don’t try to take advantage, be in ur limits. Don’t u dare to bring this topic again. She is dead, for us. Now, no more discussion, understood?” Sumi, sternly.

“Clearly. How easily u said about her being dead.” She, in tears, “….Now, I’m confirmed, u can even quit calling me ur daughter because I can never be a perfect daughter for u. N what’s the need of us, when u already have ur dreamed son-in-law, the Great Dev Khurana, the future of TSR Enterprises, right?” She, hurt n at last composing herself, “U can go on with ur principles n all momma but I’ll go on with my own.”

“Don’t u want us to live rest of our life peacefully, with a little of the status left with us, in this society, thanks to ur dear sister.” Tapsi, annoyed.

Ragini was about to counter her when her father, Sekhar Gadodia, break his silence.

“There left nothing to think about her. Y should we think or even talk about her when she didn’t think for once before leaving this house for a man, without even having a discussion over the matter, with us. U know, from how much pain, guilt n embarrassment we r going through. Pain, because she broke our trust into millions of pieces. Guilt, because I always thought my daughters as my proud, who will never let my head down by their deeds but she slapped me tight on my face with her deeds n realised me I was wrong, in her case. U r right, absolutely, we couldn’t even be ur good parents. Because of her, a question mark is tagged on our prestige n upbringing in this society. This is the limit, I can’t take anymore on this. After all this also, we got a good alliance for u, thanks to Tapsi n Dev. Focus on ur future with Rishav. He is a perfect match for u. He is ur di’s brother in law, came back from US a year back n Now, I don’t want anymore discussion regarding any nonsense.”

Sekhar, left the place without listening further n with him everyone left to their respective rooms, leaving her there, alone, but something was there, in her, still, a determination.

A girl was staring outside the glass window, into the darkness looming around, all lost. There were only hurt, failure n complains swirling around in her big brimming orbs. She was standing there, from a long, like that, fighting inside, with her inner soul.

“What have u decided?” A manly voice hit her from behind.

She closed her eyes, a twinkle rolled down her cheeks n a deep sigh escaped her mouth.

“I’ll do that.” She, heavily.

“R u sure?” He, bit unsure.

“Yeah.” She, in a whisper.

3 men, in a closed, spacious, isolated room, where an aged man is sitting opposite to the 2 handsome young men, observing their clear frown n displeasure, for each other.

“So, as a family friend n lawyer of the Kapoors, I’ve a ‘Will’, that my friend, ur Nanu(maternal grandpa), Late. Surjeet Singh, has made before his death. As u guys r the only heir to his whole possessions that he left behind him, I wanted to talk to u guys personally. I’ll disclose the ‘Will’ after u living in the house together for 6 months because its a condition of the Will.” Lawyer.

“What the hell is this condition n all?” Lucky, irritated.

“Aren’t there any way to skip this condition?” Sanskar, hopefully.

“No. This is his hearty wish to see u both together in the same house, ‘Sheeshmahal’, a century old possession of ur Nanu’s generation. He always talked about u guys. He had a hearty wish to see u both in his heaven, his Sheeshmahal, together in his life. U have to live there for 6 months otherwise I can’t disclose the ‘Will’, I won’t.” The old man, sternly.

“Is there any way to get things into the process, quickly?” Lucky, with a clear hint of bribery.

“Yeah. U guys need to shift there at Sheeshmahal as soon as possible, so that the days comes into the count.” Old man clipped in a clear n cut tone.

“Is that all? Or something more?” Sanskar, instinctively.

“This is just a one condition, consisting in a clause (a) of the ‘Will’, there r 7 more clauses from the Section 1 of the Will n 13 more Sections.” Lawyer, with an observing glance at them.

“What???” A word escaped as a blast n a posture straightened up off the chair.

“Mr. Laksh Gouda, please sit down. I haven’t completed yet.” Lawyer, putting his glass frame up on his eyes slightly, “R u ok, Mr. Sanskar Raisingh.” throwing his sharp stares on him.

“Yeah. I’m alright.” Sanskar, fumbling a little in between.

“OK, so young men, when will u start living together there, because if u don’t do so, within the end of the year then the entire properties, that worth 3 million crores net, will be gone to the charity fund according to the Section 13, Clause (b).” Lawyer, resting his back on the chair while looking at the tensed lines creasing on the foreheads of the men.

“We’ll think about it for a little, Sir. I think I should take ur leave now.” Sanskar stood up off the chair n shook his hand with the aged gentleman, Suryanarayan Mishra, the lawyer.

“I think, I should also need to leave now. Thank u so much Mr. Singh.” Lucky, trailed the steps of Sanskar.

Thank u so much for reading.


Credit to: RSR

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