The Unrealistic Yhm


Hi everyone. M khyati and I really feel that yhm is unrealistic does not make any sense. I used to write an ff but now I have left writing it because I really do not feel reading any update of yhm. It is just boring and does not have sense.
1. ishita’s character is too much mahaan and in today’s time no one actually cares for others. I m not saying that it is wrong to be good and care for others but sometimes it feels like it is just acting and has no real emotions in it. she cares too too too much for others which gives a feel of being unrealistic.

2. raman is sometimes too rude. how many times will he change his wife. for gods sake cvs should just make it a little apt according to indian culture. too many divorcs, too many marriages it is sooo not apt according to r culture. everytime for children and that too what changing wives. great !!!

3. their family members r seriously unpredictable. are they humans or weather. they change more than the weather changes. sometimes they want ishu, sometimes they insult her. I feel like they use her for their work. and mrs bhalla specially. she is like a chameleon. she wants ishita and then throws her out when she feels to do so.

4. ruhi is acting like she does not have brains. she is ignoring her parents without thinking the about the circumstance from which ishu had to deal. and how can a person live with nidhi. ruhi should talk to her parents or with anyone and cool down.

5. shagun and ashok r made for each other coz they do not have feelings for anyone. seriously guys shagun wants to settle her life no matter with whom she is living etc.. and that ashok runs only for revenge. soo much revenge.

dont u all feel that it just drags its story and all with the same concept. raman being rude ishita becoming too mahaan and then at the end uniting. they unite and then break. I have never seen such things in reality. i know it is a serial but still it should be a little realistic and the story should be such that we can relate it with the society. ekta maam has ruined the serial. i wish cvs bring some change in their character sketches and changes the plot of the story. another thing irritating is that whoever helps bhalla family he or she becomes a part of the family on the request of ishita. the family sometimes looks more bigger than kauravas in mahabharat. it is disgusting. i would like to know ur views in the comment section. plz do comment and sorry if I hurt anybody’s feelings.

thanks for reading

Credit to: Khyati

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  1. Siddhi

    I totally agree with u khyati

    1. thnx siddhi.

  2. Exactly Right. Me Too Totaly Agree With U. Ekta Mam, I Kindly Request To U. IF U Cn Gv A Good Story Without Dragng. Then Continue. Otherwise Plz Stp This….. V Cnt Tolerate Anymore. Sory If I Hurt Anyone.

  3. Omg yes. Very true…

    And also shagun is back to the bad form. Wo ab acha shagun nahi hai…?

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