The trust of a relationship sdch- part – 2

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Recap – veer cames to know about sanchi mishra truth and takes something shocking decision and says sanchi u have to hate me.

Veer thoughts to spend some time alone and goes toward his car and starts the car sanchi sees him going towards his car and thought wher is veer going now.
Veer is driving car and thinking about all incidents and suddenly increases his speed and says sanchi plz forgive me i don’t know how you will forgive me but i can’t forgive myself i know i behaves rudely with u in anger. As i said to u i will trust u in every situation but i myself insult u i dont know anything but i only knows onething i dont deserve u. U deserve a much guy better than me. Dr kabir is only right choice for u. So i will make u hate me till that extent that u will start loving dr kabir and its my promise.

And suddenly he sees a car running towards him he tries to balance it but speed is not decreasing then he thought to apply break but the car is only few seconds away from his car but he got to know breaks are fails and he suddenly turns it towards the tree. And his head falls on steering wheel and screen freezes there after this ongoing car stops and everone cames out and starts gossiping veer says before closing eyes i really love u sanchi..

At some distance far from this a man informs about it to other man and says sur i have done ur work.
The man laughs and says good ur amount will be deposited into ur account.
The other man reveals to be dr anand Malhotra and he says veer u came to know about my truth so u have to died. Then remember gayatri telling him about that veer hears their conversation so u have to do something. As she saw him on door.

In jaya side she found komal motwani house closed and gets tear and says sorry sunil i failed in giving justice to u.

On accident spot someone call ambulance and luckily its savitri devi college and hospital in hospital everyone get to know about accident. And starts gossiping sanchi is passing from corridor and she hears the staff conversation.
Staff1- did u hear the news dr veer Malhotra car got hit with tree.
Staff2- ya i also hears that he is badly injured.

Sanchi gets shock hearing this and says veer. And goes towards reception to ask about it.
And sees a person is brought by staff in hospital on the strecher sanchi gets shock seeing him and says veer and runs towards him and says veer getup what happened to u he hurriedly shifted to ot.
Prasha comes there and consoles her and pragya says hey just clam down that nalayak will be fine u just stop crying. Isha says yes sanchi pragya is saying right nothing will happen to veer.
Dr. Kabir interrupt their conversation amd says dr sanchi get ready u have to assist me in this operation.
Sanchi says sorry sir i can’t assist u.

Prasha says sir we will assist u in this surgery.
Dr kabur says okay. Savitri comes there and says how is veer beta. Sanchi starts crying and hugs her and says aunty veer is badly injures usse kuch hoga to nhi.
Savitri consoles her and says sambhal putra apne aap ko nothing will happens to him.and makes her sitdown nearby bench and goes to god idols.
Sanchi starts remembering all their moments.

Bgm mat ja re mat ja re from tannu weds manu 2.
After sometime sanchi sees ot light grren and goes toward door from wher dr kabir cames out and she ask how is veer dr kabir.

Dr kabir – veer is fine sanchi and hearing this sanchi tightly hugs and him and says thanks dr kabir for saving veer life u dont know what a favour u have done on me. In mean time savitri comes there and sanchi hugs her and says aunty veer is fine i am so much happy. Isha and pragya also comes out and she hugs them and says i will talk to you two later after meeting with veer.
Sanchi goes inside and sees veer amd gets tear and sat beside him on achair says veer i am sorry i should have tell u truth first only so this wouldn’t have happened with u bt i know one thing i loves u and i never gonna lose u whatever happens. And goes outside. Veer opens hia eyes and says i love u 2sanchi but u have to hate me.

Outside she gets jaya call and says sanchi beta i failed today truth failed.
Sanchi maa calm down u only says na sach preshan ho skta h prajit nhi so we will find a way.

Precap – dr Malhotra comes to know about sanchi mishra truth.

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