The three words


This story is about the love of two person who loves each other from the core of their heart but are separated due to circumstances .The main characters of the story are
Tarun 25
Aditi 17
Jeeva 24(Lead)
Vasu 27

The story starts with Jeeva getting ready in a blue salwar and comes down from her room, she ask the servant whether everything is ready .Servant says yes mam. When she was about to leave ,she sees the servant working with discomfort.She goes and ask “what is the matter deeraj?”.Deeraj says that his wife has been hospitalised due to labour pain and so “.At once jeeva ask him to go and see his wife as she was more important. She hears a clap sound and it was Tarun standing with a laugh on his face.She also smiles at him and ask “what” ,he says nothing, Tarun ask Whether Vikram leaves to office.She says no and goes to meet Vikram.

Vikram in his room was talking to his dead wife priya’s photo and says that he is missing her as his life is empty without your presence.Then Jeeva enters the room and says ‘Vikram ,everyone is waiting for you ,there is a meeting in office’.Vikram nods yes and goes to get ready.

Mrs srivastava comes from mandir and Vikram seeks her blessing.She remains Vikram to come home as soon as possible as there is a puja tonight. Vikram says ‘OK mom’and leaves with Tarunto his office. Mrs ,Srivatsava (Madhuri)says Jeeva , could you help in doing the arrangement ,she says sure Aunty.

When Jeeva was doing the arrangement,she sees a golden statue of Krishna with Radha and was struck in thoughts . Madhuri calls her but she was struck in her thoughts.

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  1. tell ur comment abt this new effort of mine

  2. Nic nic!!!) bt plz tell me who two r separatwd..ill luk frwrd to ur next prt

    1. it will be revealed in 3th update so plse wait

  3. Nyc start dr. 🙂

  4. Nice start janani, all the best for future updates. ..keep it up buddyyy, love you loads

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