The three words (part 72)


Jeeva asks Rohit not to take stress while the nurse tells them about the patient calling for Someone named Rohit.Rohit runs to see Risha in the ward.Vasu follows him but he was stopped by Jeeva holding his arm and not letting him to leave,she says in a husky voice”Vasu,they need privacy”,he agrees to her words and sits in the chair.Jeeva smiles .

Risha sees Rohit and tries to get up from the bed.He asks her not to do so and sits next to her holding her hands,they remains silent without talking for some minutes.Rohit sees her tears filled eyes and wipes it with his hands.They smiles forgetting their past .
Rohit:You,you are OK na?
Risha:Mmmm but you are very much dull.
Rohit:Certainly because I didn’t eat .

Risha:But why rohit,sorry Sir
Rohit:No need for this sir,call me Rohit.
Risha:But .
Rohit:Please forgive my mistakes.
Risha:Who I am to forgive your mistakes
Rohit:You are my
Rohit: wife
Risha:do you think it is easy to forgive you and your silly anger.
Rohit:No not but I know you will .
Risha: Will you be with me till my death.
Rohit:My death.

Vasu asks Jeeva whether she want anything to eat or drink because she is seen so much tired.she denies it with a small smile and says “Will you do me a favour?”.He asks her to tell the matter.she signs him to come out.they walk outside the hospital and stands in the verendha.Jeeva asks him to forgive Srimathi.He remains silent for a moment and says’What will I get back from this ?”.She says quickly’A happy family ‘.He sits in the canteen chair and says”Will you marry me once again ?”.She gets shocked.He laughs and pulls her towards him saying “I will try to accept her but I cannot tell it surely”.

after three weeks,Rohit gets ready in early morning to go somewhere ,he comes down and sees Jeeva doing packing for leaving somewhere,he asks her the matter, she says about going back to Kolkata.He tries to say something when Vasu enters the house after completing his jog.he asks about Rohit’s formal dress,he says about going to meet Risha in her house with a smile.Vasu asks him about Srimathi.Rohit tells that she would come back in one month from madurai where her mother lives with elder son,he runs to meet risha.,Both Vasu and Jeeva sees each other and smiles
thinking their plan is going to be fulfiled. He goes to
meet Risha.

Jeeva thinks about the big changes that happens in this small time,Srimathi accepted Rihit new relationship without remembering the old problems ,and Vasu accepted Srimathi as his mom after 15 years whole heartedly.She prays to the god to keep them fine without any problems.Vasu asks her for coffee and says about going to attend the reunion party by night.she doesn’t give reply and sees him with happiness in her eyes.She says”Vasu,I need to say something to you “.He asks her the matter.She says “I actually”,her phone rings.she picks the phone.
Varun:Jeeva,badima is very serious ,you please go and meet her.

Jeeva:Where are you ?
Varun: u am in Kolkata but she is in London,she went to meet Her sister in London and
Jeeva:You don’t worry,we can do something,you first say,how is Swetha.
Varun:Mmmm fine,the doctor says about the delivery only.
Jeeva:There is no need for any explanation.I will go.

She tells the matter to Vasu and asks him book her ticket to London.Vasu says that he will book ticket for all of them so that they can be together and meet Madhuri aunty.She asks him to do it quickly.She thinks of the days when Madhuri treated her like own daughter.She sits without doing anything for almost five hours.Vasu gives her the ticket.
Vasu:I didn’t get mine .
Vasu:You, Dev and inba are going,you can stay in Mathew’s house .he is my friend.

she leaves and board into the flight.Dev and inba plays with each other in the flight.she thinks about the moments which she spend with relations and prays for madhuri’s health.she turns and suddenly finds Dev missing..She searches him and sees him talking with someone.
Jeeva:Hello, I hope he didn’t disturb you.
The lady:Mmmm no
Jeeva:My name is Jeeva sivaraman.

The lady:hello I am Maya.
Jeeva:I have seen you somewhere.but don’t remember where.
Maya:I am not such a well known face.
Jeeva:let’s meet after a while.

She comes back to the seat and asks Dev to be quiet until the end of the journey. He smiles and keeps finger on his mouth.Jeeva enjoys his mechief attitude and laughs.Inba wakes from sleep and kiss Jeeva,she searches for Vasu and begins to weep.Jeeva consoles her and sees Maya crying.

precap:Jeeva asks Maya not to worry.

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