The three words (part 49)


Jeeva sees Vasu dancing with Rafhiks and gets hurted.she tries to walk away when so.e one hold her from moving,it turns to be Rohit.Rohit says “Ms.Jeeva,my would be is very much angry with me ,would you dance with me “Jeeva doesn’t find right to deny and goes to dance .Vasu and Radhika sees this and The music changes .Rohit and Jeeva dances for khamoshian song .Risha sees all thus performance and didn’t tell or have any expression.

after the performance,Jeeva sees Vasu avoiding her and moves somewhere .she trues to to talk with him but Mala request her to go and see the foods .Jeeva sees Vasu and goes to check the meals.Vasu avoids her and turns ,he sees sivaraman standing there with hands folded .He says “Mr.Vasudev,I need to talk to you ,would you ?”.Both of them go and sits in a sofa parallel to entrance.

Rohit sees Risha very much disturbed and asks “What is the big deal “.Risha says”Nothing,you won’t give importance to my feelings ,don’t fake “.Rohit laughs and says “OK ” and turns to other side and sees Srimathi talking with someone over phone.Jeeva sees thefoid ready and informs the guest .Vasu sees Jeeva coming and walks away.She comes near her father and asks “Appa,what is His problem “.He says “Nothing I assure you that things will get well in two days ”

All of them go to have their food.Rohit brings a plate to Risha and says ‘Have it madam “.Risha unwillingly gets the plate from Rohit’s hand and says “no need for all this “.He says “the need is there because we are engaged “.Radhika sits with Vasu and says “wait Vasu I will bring roti for you “.Vasu sees Jeeva coming and says mmm.Jeeva smiles at Radhika and asks about her dance performance.Radhika says “It is in day after tommorow “.Dev comes and shouts ‘Mummy ‘.Radhika says “See Vasu ,she is having a child “Vasu says “Enough ” and walks away.

Vasu drives back to his home and thinks about how he purposely ignored Jeeva and feels bad.Rohit says “Jeeva you must take care of the decorations “.Jeeva smiles and says sure and sees Risha still very much upset .Vasu reaches his house and sits on the bed thinking about all incidents and closes his eyes.Jeeva comes to Vasu’s house and knock at the door.Vasu sees her and gets surprised.He says “Actually I “.She signs him to close his mouth.

she says “I came to asks your help yo do the wedding arrangement ,if you ate free ,you can come or else I will manage it by myself “.Vasu says “OK,you just come in ” She says no need and tries to leave.Vasu says ‘Bye ‘ and closes the door . Vasu sees her going and says “You will understand who I am ” and goes yo sleep.

next day,Vasu and Jeeva goes to a card shop.The manager recognises them and adkz them to sit and see the cards .they see the variety of cards .
Vasu:this one seems very nice.
Jeeva:very bad

Vasu:what about this ?
Jeeva:I prefers this own very simple and nice.
Vasu:Mmmmm very poor selection .
The manager:sir,both of you look really nice as a pair .
Both:you are mistaken we we
The manager:wat happened mam
Jeeva:we are not the couples .

atlast they select s nice purple color card and asks to print it and leaves the shop.Vasu sees A panipuri stall and says “I need to eat something ,if you want you can come “.Jeeva sees the shop and says “Very unhygienic ,I don’t ” and wakjs to car.Vasu leaves to have panipuri. Jeeva sees her phone ringing and says hello
Jeeva:hello,is there anyone on line ,hello
The person :yes .
Jeeva:who are you ?

The person :we are calling from press,welcome to know about Vasu sir proposing to Radhika mam on airport,wat do you want to say”

The man cuts the call,Radhika gives him bundle of money and smirks .She thinks “Vasu,now no one can change anything “.Jeeva sees her email and finds The video of Vasu hugging Radhika in the airport .She drops her phone and sees him eating in distance .She cannot control her anger and walks towards Vasu.Vasu says “mmm nice ,do you want one puri ,”.Jeeva throws the puri and shouts “do you think I am a puppet ,you are cheating me as usual ” and cries.

precap:Vasu takes Jeeva to a place which is isolated from city .

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