The TEI Competition

The TEI Competition

Hello everyone! It’s Ria and Kruti together. We’re here with something new and interesting. Although the article is being uploaded from Ria’s account today but, we’ve already registered for the new account.

Well, here’s a competition for all of us. So, basically the competition is among the readers and not between the authors participating.

It is said that every author has its own unique style of writing and describing things. So, that’s what the game deals about. The readers need to guess who are the authors of the articles we’ll be uploading which won’t have their names.

We’d like to know how many of you, the authors, are actually interested in participating. What this competition deals about is you need to write a One Shot and forward it to our ID. We both will just add the author’s note below and submit the same article you send us.

The competition doesn’t deal with any particular theme. You can write on whichever theme you want to. For the time being please let us know who all would like to participate. We need to know the names of your stories by the 25th and we would start uploading the articles from 28th and up till 30th.

The authors participating aren’t supposed to comment on any of the articles we’d be submitting. May be you could just privately message us or mail us on the same email ID. Once you let us know the names of your stories, we’ll be giving you all a time slot in which you all shall send us your stories.

We hope you all have plenty of time to think about it and then start writing so, please participate. It would be fun and we hope the game isn’t judgemental at all.

So, here’s the comment section below. Please drop down your names if you want to participate and do not mention the names of your stories if you’re participating.

Our mail ID:

[email protected]

You all can surely ask us below if at all you’ve any confusions.

Best regards,
Ria and Kruti

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  1. Me in!

  2. Meeta

    Baby, count me in.
    I’ll Dm you, okay.
    Looking forward to it.
    Loads of LOVE♥

  3. Chiku

    I am in??

  4. Ayu

    Sounds amazing!!❤️
    Me in?

  5. Ranabulbul

    Me me…and mujhe bhul gye the na …very bad..but main in hun

  6. Trisha

    I’m in!

  7. OMG!I seriously feel u guys read my mind I SWEAR I was thinking of doing this like since a week because I wanted to do something special for you guys on my birthday ? ❤
    You guys are seriously sooo special and kind and lovely seriously cant imagine being happy without u ???

  8. Sara28

    Count me in. Seems like fun ?

  9. Adya

    I’m in……let’s try…….seems exciting……

  10. Roshini125

    I am also in

  11. Maggi

    I’m in☺

  12. mee too in….!!!!

  13. Jasmin

    M in dii..add mee…today only i was writing an os in seems really fun..i m in..count me too…

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow cool and i also have a story in my mind in my weekends will defiantly go for it Good job Ria and Kruti ???

  15. Kritika14

    Okay, I am in! Just cause the two of you wanted it so yea ?

  16. Ramya

    Seems interesting

    1. OneShots_Space

      Ramya, please let us know whether you’re participating or not. It’ll be easier for us to work out on the number of participants.

      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

      1. Ramya

        No dear I have exams right now I’ll try to guess who wrote
        So sry yr

  17. iWozwww riya di and kruti di loved it seems very very interesting and all the best to all the authors as well as readers and riya and kruti di u rocked itf nice idea…..

  18. Angita

    I’m in
    Seems awesome

  19. SidMin

    I am in 🙂

  20. Sriya

    I m in guys ??

  21. Zuha Fatima

    Definitely there guys…Wonderful effort by you guys 🙂 keep it up guys 🙂 I AM IN❗❗

  22. Affaa

    I’m in… ?

  23. Ria di I am also participating I will send the os to jas and she will send it to you sooo add me plz haaa don’t forget.

  24. Anushka

    I m in☺

  25. Tvfan1

    So we basically have ti write about anything like a short story? And we can base it on a TV series or a normal story? But does one shot mean one part?

    1. Ria

      Well, one shot means only part. It’s about how you portray the story in a go. Umm..this is a competition based on Tashan-E-Ishq with the lead Twinkle and Kunj. So, they shall be your characters. Hope you get it.

      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

      1. Tvfan1


  26. Tvfan1

    Sorry for the long questions

  27. Can i participate in it

    1. Ria

      You surely can. Please drop down your name quickly in our recently uploaded article. We’ll count you in.?

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