THE STORY OF US – Chapter 26 by Sana II Women Empower One Another II


The alarm on the bedside table woke me up in the early morning. I quickly brushed my teeth and had a cup of coffee. After doing some work I showered and dressed up. After having breakfast I contacted Soumya and asked her to come at ten.

Everyone gathered in the hall waiting for the arrival if anyone who didn’t have I-don’t-care then it is Rudra. Anika sat next to me and confusion etched on everyone’s forhead.

“Sorry that I’m late.” Soumya apologized and smiled at everyone.

“Begin.” I ordered and wanted to get over it as fast as I could. She nodded and took a deep breath preparing herself like her next step in life depends on it.

“We all live in a democracy country where everyone is equal before the law but is that true? Other than they provide us the right to vote is the gender discrimination completely wiped out of India? There is two sides for a coin but just like everything I agree that there is one side where India is trying to bring women forward but there is also another side where women are still not safe and happy.” She said and everyone nodded their head. Rudra joined having interest in the conversation.

“You all are Oberio women. You have power and respect from the people. Just like everyone is curious I’m also whether your life is perfect. You can get anything you want but then again have you ever felt that once in your life that only if you were born as a men so you get rid of all this things?” She asked as her eyes looked at everyone.

“This is your chance. Speak out and let the people know. I’m sorry but if the people on the streets cried their heart out their problems no one would give them a ear other than false promises. Please, for every single women you have to say what you feel. Be honest and if you had been treated perfectly then it’s fine.” She pushed and set a camera in our direction.

Dadi, Mom, bade ma, Anika and Priyanku all were in their own world lost in their thoughts.

“Please, it’s time to come out of our shell.” She said and urged them to speak.

“Hey there, I’m Anika Bansal, Shivaye’s fiance.” She smiled that smile where my heart’s drops and continued “I always wanted to live like a normal girl. Being a Bansal treated me royally which made me uncomfortable and unhappy. I lived here in the apartment and used to work while I studied my college. When you find me then you would assume that I was homeless one from the way I worked. I worked at a travel agency and also a cafe. I’m a peace maker so when I realized that my money was half of what men received I kept silent for sometime assuring myself that it’s because I didn’t work properly. But in the coming weeks I understood that I did better and more than them but just for spending time there they received twice my salary.” She played with her fingers for sometime and then with a smile continued.

“I enquired about it with the boss and he just asked me to shut up when I said that I will report for this. When I didn’t he…slapped me. He threatened that he will do something to my family.” She said and I shut my eyes and clenched my fist. No one was supposed to hurt Anika and if they did then they will have to face the wrath of me.

“My family is everything to me. I resigned from there and after one year someone went against him and his agency was shut. I felt so weak and I wish that I could punch his face or something. It happens most of the time where women are believed to be weak and vulnerable. They are paid less than men and it’s inequality. I hope everything becomes alright.” She said and squeezed my hand that’s when I realized that I was holding it all time. When that person comes infront of me then the next moment I will make sure he is dead for hurting my Anika.

“I’m so sorry to hear that and it’s a big problem. Thanks for sharing that part.” Soumya said and smiled at Anika. Then her eyes looked at others. “Anyone else?”

“I would like to say something too.” Bade ma said and every pair of eyes fixed on her. It just took some random girl to make them come out of their shell.

“I was born in a high class family. I didn’t have any problem much. My parents always taught me to stand my ground. I preferred fashion a lot and isn’t it upto a girl what she likes to wear? I was uncomfortable in the saree and I wore what was good for me. But being Mrs.Oberio never stopped from people commenting about my clothes. If anyone wore short clothes and then within a minute the conclusion is she is a sl*t. And top it all if that girl was raped then it’s her problem and it is because of her dress. The men who did it are pretty innocent. I’m sick of explaining to people about why I wear what I wear. Society’s mindset is something that needs to changed and such ugly minds. I’m sorry about my temper.” Bade ma said and in her eyes I saw Mrs.Jhanvi Singh Oberoi.

“Seriously, they say that it’s because of short dresses that girls are getting raped. Haven’t you all heard the news of a eleven year old month baby was raped by a construction worker. What the hell was that? for God sake it was a baby. And still can you blame again that it’s women’s fault. This is all bullshit and people who raped are blo*dy criminal. They need to be killed or an action taken against them. And it’s a matter of laugh that those who are caught and sent to jail are becoming fat and healthy. They don’t deserve it. Don’t know what our world has come to.” She said and everyone’s eyes were moisture. It was the reality and the fate of that young child who still haven’t experienced her life makes me feel so weak and I feel guilty that I was not there to help that child.

Om handed Badema a glass of water and she chugged it down. Anika’s tears were racing through her cheeks and I held her tightly.

Mom sighed and looked at everyone with a tight smile and nodded her head. “I have something to share too.” She hesitated for a bit but continued after taking a long deep breath. “Shivaye is the best child that I could ever ask for. I was so blessed to have him. It was no secret that I was married to Shakti ji because of our fathers friendship. I was from a low family and didn’t learn after my tenth class. It was hard to fit in the family. Shivaye always insisted that I attend his school meetings and all. But after one day it was a nightmare for me to go there. When I went there in my saree all I saw was mothers from high class family in their heels. They mocked and made fun of my terrible English which I know. They said that I was a burden for Shakti ji and also a bad luck to the family. I cried there and it was an embrassing moment. From then I never went there and made silly excuse to him. I was always treated as low class and it hurt a lot.” She cried and my eyes filled with tears. I never knew my mom was unhappy in her life. I feel like real shit now.

I have done the same mistake. I misjudged people who were from low income family. I even insulted them and didn’t value them when I have the same blood running in my body. Words can never be taken back and no sorry can make it alright.

“This is a cruel world. No one is treated the way they deserve to be. In my college, there is girls who left their dream to study to make their parents dream a reality. I never understood the logic in it. Those who scored good marks were ordered to sit home and feed babies. No matter how much of a loser the boy is but still his family will support him and will even beg on the streets so they can educate him. I always considered it as some dramas but today I realized the deep thing in it. I’m sorry but I will never let anything like this happen to anybody whom I can protect. I’m sorry very much that you all Anika di, Mom, Chotte ma had to go through that phase of life and still is.” Rudra wiped his cheeks and gave every one a small smile. I was proud to say that he was my little brother.

“Yes, we shouldn’t take others words. They are just jealous and if they made a comment about you then that shows what they are. We all need equality but still women are facing a lot of problems. I’m so proud of you all that even after all this things you are still here and that’s fighting.

I hope one day India will be clean but for that some major changes should be done as mom said. Laws should be amended and those who ruined a girl’s life needs to killed. People have to be afraid of the law for their life. If at least one action is taken then they could ignore and save hundred girls life.” Om said with a determination in his face. I stick to his words.

“I’m so happy that I brought such golden boys up. I’m so proud of you three.” Dadi said and engulfed all in a hug.

“We need to change ourselves and then the rest will be followed. I have heard people say one hour speech on this topic but they themselves haven’t changed. We have to be the change that we want to see in our country.” I added and joined their hands.

“Thank you so much for opening up. I’m really glad that I chose you people. I appreciate it and I know I’m no one to make the entire India change but still I believe in myself. ‘I can and I will’ is the mantra that keeps me going in my life. I am alone in my life and I don’t have any single relative there. My childhood was hard and like others I didn’t have any memories of my parents together with me having a good family time. I was the witness of my father’s abuse towards my mother. He beats and kicks her whenever he want and it scared me. I tired to pull him away some days but I was so small and I couldn’t. At the end my mother died and my father killed himself because of guilty. Life has never been easy for me. After a this things I tried my level best and got a scholarship to the college. Students there made fun of my weight but I just showed my middle finger to them. I’m strong and I know it.” Soumya said and Rudra kept his hands on her shoulder comforting her.

“I’m sorry.” He said but Soumya didn’t react at all.

“I guess that is for today. I will keep you updated of the project and this means a lot to me. Thank you Shivaye sir. I’m glad that I spend my morning with a great family again. Thanks again. I will be leaving now.” She stood you and shoved everything in her bad. Then she took the camera and closed it and kept it safely in her bag.

She smiled and waved to everyone but before she could take a step further more a voice stopped her and freezed us.

“I would like to say something also. No, I must say this.”

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Thank you so much for the wonderful comments, votes and support. I’m not a feminist but I want equality over the power and everything for women too. Last night when I heard the news of the 11 month old baby got rapped I was shocked to the core and I needed to do something. I don’t know whether I was able to convey everything. I don’t hate men or anything. I respect them too and there are men who are the real man of the world. I hope you all support me with this and share as much as you can. The next part will be updated soon and who do you think owns that voice. I love you all so much and I want the country to be in peace. I want everyone to be Happy and safe. I want to call my country my home where I will be protected and saved. The matter is getting out of hand and we really need to do something. It’s like rape is a game for them now. I wish to threw non stop punches to all those heartless morons. I’m sorry if I hurt any one and I know that sorry won’t change anything but still I apologize. Thank you tons again, follow me and share your thoughts. Hugs and kisses ?

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      Hey you! The person who makes me so happy with their comments. Thank you so much and I’m really happy to know you liked it and I haven’t put you down. Stay blessed and be happy dear ❤

  4. WOW.. i mean i am amazed with the way you dealt with this chapter.. everything you wrote about in your are absolute true.. and as om said we will be hoping for a clean India.. glad that you wrote about these things.. actually for the men those who rape must be slaughtered publicly by judiciary(someone may feel i am being feminist or something but this is what i feel when i hear such thing).. will be waiting for the next to know whose voice it is..

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      Thank you so much and trust me it hurts to know all these things. I hope that I can do something in the future and when I have the chance in my hand. I’m glad to know you agreed with this. Your support means a lot and thank you for it. It was thoughtful of you to drop the comment here and together let’s make a clean India together. Stay blessed and may god bless you ❤✨

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    Rape is a sensitive matter and still a matter which many of us havent completely comprehended. Our country isn’t divided into half regarding this matter but rather in 3, I opine. One where rape is condemned, the other where rape is supported and third, a section which nos bits and pieces of it and ain’t able to comprehend and digest the fact, whole. Equality we all speak about is infact a real thing. That is one thing that doesn’t separate between the poor and the rich. As we progress ahead in this technological world, we move behind with our derogatory thought process.

    When we say women ain’t getting fair rate for their work or are mistreated. Heck, I say we are condemned for our own existence! People consider us impure for we “bleed” every month. People condemn us for going through a very basic biological process. We talk about preventing rape and such…. But when people fail to accept that we do undergo cyclic process and it’s normal and healthy…. How can we expect our country to progress?

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