THE STORY OF US – Chapter 25 by Sana


We were all seated in the hall. Shivaye set next to me and kept his hand around my waist. I felt so safe with him and not even a single second I regretted for coming here. Everyone tried their level best to cheer me up. Shivaye was understanding and I quote ‘I have the best fiance in the world.’

The girl named Soumya who looked so cute with chubby cheeks sat opposite to me. Rudra was stealing glances of her there and then. Something is going on between them and since they have history I guess I wouldn’t be surprised.
Soumya’s face was red with anger that it confirmed that her cheery mood evaporated to the air. She didn’t look like an ex- girlfriend and also Rudra never had girls like her.

Shivaye told me once that Rudra was known as the player of his college and school. Girls attracted to him like he was a magnet but other than a few stolen kisses there was nothing more. Rudra was the charmer of his college and attention was his middle name.

Jhanvi Aunty came with a tray of sweets. It was like I was their own daughter when I came here. Everyone hugged me and happiness radiated off their face. She said that the occasion needed sweets as they got a new daughter and son Sahil.

“What is this laddo doing here?” Rudra asked as he look a large bite of the laddo. When it comes food he is a pig.

“I thought I will distribute some sweets for this happy moment.” Jhanvi explained and I took one from it. Shivaye shook his head saying that he don’t want it.

“I didn’t mean this laddo.” He pointed to the one he is eating and continued “I mean that laddo.” I pointed his finger to Soumya and she shoot daggers at me.

“I will seriously kill you-” Soumya scoffed

“Rudra, you are not allowed to say something like this. This girl is so beautiful and cute.” Pinky aunty said and Soumya blushed. I still call her Aunty even though she insists I call her mom. But I have never said that word and it’s kind of hard for me.

I never had a mother figure in my life. It was always my father. I learnt to do everything on my own and I wished I had someone like that to lay on her lap and hear her tell me bedtime stories. To comb my hair and tie it. To dress me up and tease me about my marriage. I was excited about my marriage with Shivaye but there is no one important going to be from my side. Tears threatened to come from my eyes but before they could slip I felt the laddo in my hand feel lighter.

Shivaye grinned and took another bite from my hand and I blushed like a tomato. I knew that he didn’t like them and I knew he did to take my mind off from things which depress me. I mouthed ‘Thank you’ and was glad that no one saw it else they would tease the hell out of me.

“I think you have to check on a doctor, Chotte ma.” Rudra said.

“This looks like a sappy romantic teenage movie and let me tell you I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw you both married next year.” Priyanka said and laughed.

Today is the first time I met Oberio family’s Princess. She was shy at first but later it was like I have to stuff something in her mouth to stop her from speaking. She obeyed her brothers and they were her life. She is beautiful as her long hair fell to her waist and she wore a red flare churidar and I was wondering why didn’t anyone steal her till now. She was like a sister from another mother for me now.

“Trust me, even if it was her the last girl on this earth. I would kill myself rather than being with her.” He said

“Really? That will be the moment I will regretting for being on the earth and I will have second thoughts about my birth.” Soumya said rolling her eyes.

“Now I think Priyanku is right.” Dadi said and we all looked in her direction with our eyes so wide.

“Not you too.” Rudra whined at her and everyone laughed including Soumya.

“Shut up, Crybaby.” Om and Shivaye said and Hi-Fi each other.

“My own family is not there for me.” He said.

“Leave the drama behind, what’s your story?” Jhanvi Aunty asked.

“He is my college mate. We are seat mates in English and unfortunately he is my partner for the project. I’m new and I don’t even know his name. But who cares about his name since I knew he is this high headed stupid fellow.” She said and Rudra kept his hand on his heart. She rolled her eyes and continued “I suck at this project and thought he would help me. He said and agreed to meet on his house. He said his name is Alex and gave an address. I went to his house and there was this big boy named Alex asking what the hell I was doing at his home. This ‘crybaby’ cheated me.” She finished and breathed.

“That was bad.”

“It is horrible.”

“How can you do this to a sweet girl like her.”

“Son, I’m disappointed in you.”

“That was unexpected of you.”

Comments followed and Rudra closed his ears and screamed “Stop.”

“Okay, enough for today.” Dadi said and stood up.

“But, Dadi I have to take an interview….” Soumya’s face fell like she was staying here for only that sake.

She said she wanted to discuss something about her project but didn’t reveal it yet.

“Don’t worry beta, why don’t you come tomorrow in the morning and talk? Everyone is tired now and a fresh morning to a new project.” She said and Soumya’s face shined.

“Thank you so much. That sounds good.” She exclaimed.

“Okay, now Rudra I want you to drop her home.” She said and Rudra was about to protest but Dadi raised her which means end of the conversation.

“But that’s okay and nice of you Dadi. But I will take a cab.” Soumya said but Dadi had already retired to her room. Rudra took his keys and unwillingly she followed him like a lost puppy. They can’t stand each other in this room then how can they survive in a car. At last it was me and Shivaye only left.

“So, what doing?” He asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Want to go outside?” He suggested and I thought for a while. I just reached in the morning and I was still tired.

“No.” I said and yawned.

“Okay, then let me sing lullaby for you and make you sleep.” He said winking and stood up. I took his arms and linked it.

“So sweet of you.” I laughed and he kissed on my my hair.

“We can watch movie for a while.” I said when we reached the guest room. It’s my room for now.

“That’s sounds great.” He said

“Yeah.” I agreed and sat on my bed.

“Why don’t you choose the movie and I will come now.” He said and didn’t even wait for me to say anything back and vanished.

I stood there wandering for sometime but then I selected one and eagerly waiting for Shivaye because I know he isn’t going to watch it anyway.

He came after there and my heart melted when I saw the tray in his hands. There was popcorn and cans of seven-up. We were having a movie night and damn, I love him so much. The smile on his face fell when he saw the screen.

“Don’t tell me you like it.” He said

“I wouldn’t put it if I hate it. We are going to watch this.” I said and hid a laugh.

“I knew the lines by my heart. I have watched the movie like hundred times.” He said and my eyes widened.

“Are you serious? You love it? Shivaye…” I trailed off.

“No, not that way. You know that I have a sister who is so girlish and loves the color pink so much. She was our baby sister and she would make all of us watch it or else she would cry. I would do anything to prevent her tears from dropping.” He said and I smiled. They really cared for Priyanka.

“That’s so sweet of you.” I said and kissed his cheek. His body stiffened for a second but then he relaxed.

“Do we really have to watch ‘Mean Girls’?” He air quoted it and I laughed. Pinching his cheeks I showed him another movie in my hand.

“You always surprise me Anika.” Shivaye said as he inserted the movie ‘Three Idiots’ of Amir Khan into it.

I loved that movie so much that it would make me laugh so much and also I would have a tear shower from my eyes. It was my favorite movie about their friendship, love, dream and everything. A.Perfect.Movie.

Shivaye put them and joined me on the bed. We watched it while eating the popcorn. The only scene that got me emotional when his best friend jumped from the building. Shivaye engulfed me in a hug followed by a light chuckle.

When the screen started showing the thank you message my eyes started falling and it felt heavy that I finally gave in to sleep.

“Goodnight, baby.” Shivaye’s faint voice was heard and he kissed my forhead. Then the shut of door matched the way I shut my eyes.


Hey there, sorry for the late update as usual and I’m sure I better dig my grave because you people are gonna kill me for being late. My exams are going on and finding some time is difficult these days. What do you think of the chapter? I would really love and appreciate if you left a comment. Thank you so much, I love you all, hugs and kisses ?

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  1. Niriha

    Awesome ???loved it
    Take care and stay safe dear…

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      Thank you so much, means a lot to me. keep smiling and reading 🙂

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    It is awesome

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  3. loved the chappy .. post the next whenever you are free

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      thank you so much sweetie, will update soon 🙂

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    Awesome update

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  5. Harshada

    Well… Thou shalt not be worried about getting killed. For that deed wud indirectly kill us as we wud be left dangling in this maze of curiosity wondering what wonders are in spree for us.
    Eagerly waiting for the next part!!!!

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Aww… that’s so sweet of you. Never knew I had such great readers. Thanks girl and this time I will update soon and I mean today or tomorrow. Keep showering your love and sorry again, thanks for bearing me ❤

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    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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  8. Maryam_ishq

    Anthr beautiful chp !! Two chps back to back… authors way of sayin sorry for being late ?.
    Anika happy with the new family she has got… the love they shower on her and try to make her laugh and lessen her sorrows ?… she was happy tht she came here. Shivay sat by her side with his hand on her waist ??… how sweet. Anika has understood rudy very well… she knws his choice in girls as well and knw how his affairs were. Jhanvi gave thm all sweets to celebrate the occasion of anika and sahil coming home… a sweet welcome to their family. Rudy asked why this big laddo is here referring to soumya ?? while she shot daggers at him by her eyes. Prinku sayin tht they look like those teenage lovers frm movies ? and dadi sided with her…. everyone were shocked and laughed at it… rudy was shocked to see his family goin against him and reprimanding him for hurting soumya like this and cheatin her in the project. Anika loved the bond they all share with each other and how happy they all are… she was surprised tht prinku talks non stop as when she saw her first she thought tht she was a shy person ?.
    She loved pinky aunty a lot but she couldn’t call her mom as it’s very hard for her… she has done everything by herself in childhood when she longed for her mom by her side… her eyes were filled with tears thinkin abt her mom and her childhood… the struggles of stayin without a mom ??. Before the tears could fall… she saw shivay taking a bite of her laddo tryin to lighten her mood and cheer her up… he was successful in tht ??. She felt really lucky to have shivay in her life who supported her… encouraged her… lessend her sorrows and comforted her… she felt blessed tht she has him in her life… he took care of her aftr her father’s death, she wouldn’t knw wht she would have done without him.
    Dadi insisted rudy to drp soumya home… soumya tried to deny but dadi’s decision was final and no one could object to it.
    Shivay thought to go on a walk with anika but she was too tired for it and suggested to watch a movie… shivay head off to get sone snacks for them. He came back to see her ready with the movie “mean girls”… he was fed up with tht movie a lot… he watched it many times just for the sake of prinku so tht she wouldn’t cry… how sweet of the obros to do this for their sister ?… anika kissed him on his cheeks for being such a good brother and fiance as well… she surprised him with the other cd in her hand of 3 idiots. They both watched the movie together enjoyin every bit… shivay consoling her when she cried seeing an emotional scene. He kissed her forehead and bid her goodbye as she slept.
    I really really love how u portray their thoughts… it’s written really well ???. And this stry gives u a feel of reality as well. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤.

  9. Thedreamsoul

    Omg! I love you so much and your comment more. Seriously, girl you retold me the chapter in the beautiful way in analyse. Thank you so much and I felt bad that I didn’t reply to your comment last time, just caught up in school web. They are one beautiful family and I’m really happy to know you enjoyed and liked it. Thanks girl, you don’t how much happy you made me with this. You took your precious time to write such a long comment and it’s means all the nutella in the world to me. This is so sweet of you and trust me, I don’t have words to thank you. Do you write as well? Because your comment is beautifully written.
    Thanks again, love you and hugs ❤

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