The story belongs to us (Part 4)

“Dost, dost i am sleepy” Sanskar yawned cutely rubbing his eyes and lies down on her lap pushing the plate of aloo puri making her surprised

Swara: Oh hoo Sanskar is sleepy.(he nods making her chuckle) sanskar sleeps too much(pulls His nose and he jerks her hand irritated) and what’s this if you want to sleep then sleep on bed na

Sanskar: dost you irritate me soo much. Gandi dost but this sanky loves can’t hate this dost (makes a fake sad) face

Swara: acha ji

Sanskar(smiling sheepishly) :acha you know here on this bed doesn’t gives me acchi wali neendh. Gande wale log comes in my dreams

The smile on swara’s lips got vanished listening his words and her gaze falls on the wounds which have gotten light

Sanskar(shooking her lightly lying on her lap):dost ufff. You bhi na kya sochte rehte hoo

Swara(composing herself) : Acha acha you sleep here only (caressing his hairs) your Teddy where you throwed (looking here and there)ummm. Here is always throw things here and there(gives him Teddy and sees sanskar leaving her to holding Teddy)

“Haww…meri toh koi value hai hi nhi.. baas Teddy mil gaya sanskar ko abh swara ki kya jarurat”(Haww..there isn’t my valueh..Sanskar got teddy now who needs Swara.) She said dramatically with open mouth looking at Sanskar who was giggling lightly with closed eyes.

She moves towards him with light steps and started tickling making him laugh.

” Meri koi value nhi haina sanskar”( There isn’t my value right Sanskar.)

Sanskar: v. a.. lue woh kya hota hai dost. I don’t know any value dost but i love my dost dher saara ( Value..what is it friend? I don’t know what is it..but I love my friend very much.)

The smile and laugh which were on her face got vanished in an instant listening his innocent innocent words which were having some meaning or connection with her.
She makes him sleep caressing her hairs like a mother)

Just then they felt winds a due to which a book fell from shelf

“Umm kehte hai na dosti mein no sorry and thank you”echoes a male voice in her head making a curve on her face, her eyes were shining with some happiness

She walked towards it and A voice started echoing in her mind.

“oh meri phuljadhi”

She picked up the pic and her smile faded.

“I loved you soo much, you were with me like mine shadow. I used to love you for this for your selfless thiswhen you got a place in this heart even i don’t know but you also proved me that i used to do right keeping my heart locked for outside world”

The tears which she was holding were now flowing continuously

“I loved you soo much but why you betrayed me. Still after your betrayal this heart beats for you”

She kept the pic in the book and placed it again between​ the other books.

The pic was her pencil sketch in which it was written “I LOVE YOU DHEER SAARA
The pic falls from her hand but composing herself, she places the pic again hugging it tightly showing how much that piece of paper matters her.
She places the pic again in the book and starts moving back

She started moving back murmuring”I can’t hate you ever”

She was trying to run away from her past not knowing that destiny would not allow her ever to do soo.
Destiny is planning something again


“I love you ragini,loving you was my life’s biggest gift but it looks like our relation till here only”says Laksh smiling to ragini who was crying continuously

“No Laksh, you can’t say like this, I know i did a….”Her words were interrupted as Laksh put his finger on her lips

“Shhhh(he puts finger on her lips making her quite) .., I forgave you long back but it looks like destiny was not in our favor. When you loved me, i didn’t and when i loved you, you hate me.
You said once seeing my face makes you feel disgusting, now this laksh would never come infront of you
” the hand which laksh was holding got slipped and he gets lost in darkness making ragini scared

“LAKSH”ragini wakes up shouting his name and was shivering in shock, she immediately looked towards her side where laksh was lying.

Tears started flowing from her eyes and she leans on his chest hearing his heartbeats to soothe her burning heart in pain where she feels his presence.
His every beat was making her remember everything

Laksh entered in their room with a tray in his hand,he was nervous and many thoughts were there in his mind,he saw ragini who was in her casuals.

“Ragini”he called.

But he didn’t get any response whereas ragini was just doing her work.

“Ragini”he again called.

Again there was no response, she started removing decoration around bed ignoring him

“I am sorry Ragini.” he said softly,”I—I brought breakfast for you…” before he could even complete Ragini turned to him and pushed the tray away.

“I don’t want the things which you even touched Laksh…no need of doing any favour on me.”She said coldly looking in his eyes which were showing hurt.

Ragini(st):you are feeling hurt laksh. They also felt hurt.

Laksh was hurt by her words and shocked too because the Ragini she knew is a girl who cares for everyone, cares everyone’s emotions. Hurting anyone is not her nature.

“Then what you will eat?I have made today’s breakfast. You have to eat this only.”he said composing himself and gave a smile to her

“I don’t want to eat anything you just go away, even i don’t want to see you also. You and everything related to you just makes me feel disgusting !!”She shouted angrily.

Laksh: If you loathe me this  muchthen why you married me ragini. I know you are disturbed due to sudden events. You don’t want to eat this yummy food na, ok i will bring something else for you.

She averted her gaze towards him angrily,her eyes were red due to anger seeing him smiling at her.

“These eyes are filled with anger for me today but soon they will surely have love for me.” Laksh thought and smiled.

He went out of the room.

Ragini:I just married you to save my swara from you. You changed this Ragini and I will hate you more and more with time. 

This is my promise to you Mr Maheshwari.


“Laksh Maheswari and Sanskar Maheswari would never come back” a voice echoed in dark room.

To be continued….

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