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Leap of 2 months

“I wish, to go back in time and correct every incorrect which happened with you laksh” Ragini said looking at lifeless Laksh lying on bed who was staring the ceiling blankly, this made her heart pierced into pieces.

“Everyone says correct I am worst than a enemy, who took his life in the form of a lover”tears were continuously flowing from her eyes

“Swara”said she recieving the call which broked her thoughts.

Swara: Stll thinking about that

Ragini: What should I do then? Today his condition is because of me

Swara: But you were misguided, its not your fault!

Ragini : You tell me, how is Sanskar?

Ragini diverted the topic making Swara sigh as she knew her sister would never come out of her guilt until Laksh himself says this to her.

Swara: He is fine but listen to me Ragini, you have to be strong!

Ragini: Yes i will be Swara

Swara: Just take care as you know na Laksh will not like to see you in this condition

Ragini averted her eyes towards Laksh who was lying lifelessly with many machines attached to him.  Ragini just started staring him.

Swara: Ragini…are you there?

Ragini: Hmm..

Swara: Ok.. take care.. and call me whenever you need anything..

Ragini: There’s no need to say that.

Then they cut the calls.

Ragini(came to Laksh and kissed his forhead lovingly) : ummmm so how was your day? Mine? tooo lengthy  and boring without you as you were not there,can’t you talk with me? I feel so lonely without you and you just keep sleeping whole day..

Ragini was continuously talking to him and then she slept besides him after sometime. She didn’t  notice the shining tear drop which escaped from his eye​.

“I will not forgive this girl, ever sujata. She snatched my Laksh from me”said Annupurna Maheswari to her sister in law with venom filled voice looking at his dearest son condition.

“But I feel that she is the only cure too”said Sujata Maheswari in a mere whisper looking at Ragini and Laksh when Ap walked away in anger

It had been 2 months to Laksh wedding and from 1 month Laksh’s  condition is like this.

In Kali Badi,

“Where this Sanskar went..? He didn’t even eat his food.” Swara was walking having a plate in her hand and was calling Sanskar.

On the other hand in Shumi and Shekhar’s room, the both were sitting on the bed.

“Our lives changed a lot in these 2 months, isn’t it Shumi?” Shekhar asked caressing their family photo.

Shumi passed a faint smile and said,”Who knew that Ragini and Laksh would marry,who knew that Sanskar would come suddenly from somewhere and would marry our Swara?”

Shekher looked towards her and said,”Shumi…we didn’t accepted that our children would be married like this…but our daughters loves their husbands, I have seen the love in their innocent eyes, Ragini still wants to be with Laksh,she accept Laksh as her husband, Swara accept Sanskar as her husband,Laksh also used to consider Ragini his wife and used to love her, but Sanskar….he…don’t even know the meaning of marriage..”

This all was heard by someone, he was Sanskar who was sitting hidden in a cupboard.

“Meaning of marriage..” he mumbled.

Shumi held Shekhar’s hands in hers and said,”Shekher we wanted to give our daughters all happiness…but see na..our Swaragini are so helpless in front of the fate.”

Shekhar nodded his head in approval sadly.

“Shumi…! Shekhar…!! Come we have to go to Durga Ma’s temple…come fast..” Dadi shouted from hall.

They both stood up and went out.

In hall Swara show them and asked about Sanskar,
“I don’t where he is Swara..” Shumi answered, “even I didn’t see him from morning.” Shekhar said.

“Where he went then, he didn’t eat his lunch.” Swara said sadly.

“Swara you live here and after finding him,feed him. He would be here only..we are going temple.” Dadi said and Swara nodded.

Then they all left.

“Just I didn’t check in Ma- Baba’s room..let me check there also.” Swara murmured and went to Shumi & Shekher’s room.

“Who needs Matar Paneer’s Sabji,Kheer and Puri here..? It was for Sanskar but he isn’t here..I think no one is at home now..I am the only owner of this tasty food..yumm…Swara…eat it…” Swara said loudly in a dramatic voice.

“Kheer…puri..” Sanskar mumbled and peeped out from the cupboard which was slightly open, he show Swara taking the morsel of food towards her mouth and he shouted,”No…I want it Dost..!!” , He immediately came out of the cupboard and Swara smirked.

He jumped on the bed were Swara was sitting and opened his mouth indicating Swara to make him eat.

“Why I make you eat this?You are very bad you made me do cho much hard work for finding you.” Swara said with a pout.

“You will make me eat as you loves me…you and me are married but na dost I don’t know the meaning of marriage..what is marriage?” Sanskar said innocently which made Swara’s eyes brimmed up with tears.

She got engulfed in the cyclone of memories now


All were shocked to see Sanskar, the son of Maheshwaris whom they all considered to be dead 5 years back, they were shocked to see him in this condition. They were even shocked by the deed he did i.e., filling Swara’s hairline with sindoor!

Ram and Sujata ran to him and were about to hug him but he hid behind Swara. Swara was also shocked many unanswered questions were there in her mind.

“Sanskar”Sujata touched his face lovingly, she wasn’t believing her son is standing there in front of her, tears were flowing from her eyes.

“Ram jii our son” she said in a shaky voice looking towards RP.

“Laksh.. see Sanskar, your brother” she said turning towards Laksh, happiness and pain were clearly reflecting from her voice.

Laksh who was standing there numb ran to his brother with tears in his eyes and hugged him tightly making Ragini shocked, because the Laksh she knew was a guy who didn’t care about relations.

“Swara…Ragini…what is this? How you both even thought to do this..!!” Shekher shouted which  sought everyone’s attention.

Sanskar who was getting scared second by second got more scared listening shout and pushed Laksh harshly “dur, dur….. Ganda ladka… Dur.. Dur”

“Bhai… it’s me Laksh..” this words escaped from Laksh’s mouth, he got disheartened listening his brother’s words.

Swara who was observing Sanskar getting out of control spoke “Sanskar would you see my room and would like to watch TV?”

“Yes, yes dost. Sanskar will watch cartoons.. you are only one who doesn’t make me afraid… others are scary…” he said dreaming hugging her.

“Come with me..” Swara said and held her hand.

Both walked inside and swara made sanskar busy

“Shekhar ji….now we can’t do anything…the marriage is done..” DP sighed.

Shumi placed his hand on Shekhar’s shoulder and through eyes indicated him to be calm.

Shekhar  looked towards Ragini and Laksh and then peeped in the house, where in hall Swara was sitting near Sanskar.

He went away from there after that and Dadi and Shumi followed him.

The Maheshwaris stood out of the house and were looking Sanskar. One of them was Laksh! Who wasn’t able to understand what is this destiny? He didn’t accept that his brother would come back, he didn’t accept that he would fall in love with Ragini! Yes he started loving her when he was going to be married with Swara and he didn’t accept that he would be able to marry her! Everything was going for him, life was giving him a chance to correct his mistake. He smiled thinking that.

“You did a mistake by marrying me Mr. Maheshwari.. you will regret now..I will make you regret for all the deeds you have done..for playing with everyone’s feelings..” Ragini thought who was standing in the middle of Badi. She smirked thinking it.

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