The shining tears……


Heya guyss!!!!!
Well I’m New here I’m raksha this story was just my weird idea Idk whether you ‘ll like it
well I’ll kick start with story
A girl was standing in balcony of a flat in middle class apartment…. wearing dark red oversized t-shirt covering her wrist air blew sideways her hair moved
showing her bloodshot eyes shining with tears
Thuddd!!!! a slap she turns it’s out swara with a very stained voice which is evidence of pain ‘pappa!!’ yeah it’s her father
his eyes red due to smoking said ‘who asked you to come here you are going to Aryans aunts house back tomorrow ‘
She said okay papa
*****swara smiling and running to him world’s most sweet father’papa!!!’
his voice with warmth telling ‘Shona you are staying here for only one week’*****
swara back to actual world shouts in her mind “shut up swara!!!”
her chain of thoughts interrupted by a ringtone a photo flashed Aryan !!!!
his bright smile made swaras lips curve she picked the call he said “heyaaaaa!!!!!!! were you in your dream world ….no!!! she mumbled he said
‘you’ll share house with only ragini di as my aunt is going away for a month”
She said ‘Okay !!!’
He said “call me when you are not crying ”
she said ‘no I’m not crying ‘ he knew what she would do next …….She stomped her feet ……….. In b/w chain of laughter he said
he said bye!! sleep don’t cry !!

I’m fine with promo if you guys feel this would be a good story support me with your comments
Swara is lonely so she daydreams a lot **indicates her dream …..Aryan knows she daydreams but doesn’t know reason I will reveal it later and pairs are #SWASAN# RAGLAK AND AARA
my story is free for critics
I will continue based on your support …I’m waiting

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  2. Wooowww!!! different concept… loved it… plzzz continue…

  3. interesting..continue soon..

  4. Yeah, please continue… Seems interesting..

  5. Mica

    awesome one, continue dear

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