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“What will your husband think Anika when he will get to know that you were dancing with your ex…” his words died in his throat.

She turned to the other side to go away. He held her wrist in a tight grip.

“Shivay it’s hurting” Anika said pulling her hand to get freed but Shivay’s grip on her hand became strong.

“I have asked a question Mrs. Anika… what will your husband think?” He asked in a stern and straight tone.

She looked at his eyes which were changing shades. His eyes were always mystery to her, she opted to keep mum.

He moved towards her and she moved back taking small steps till they reached to the wall.

“Shivay leave me…” her voice trembled. Fear of spilling the truth surrounded her. She again pulled her hand.

“What is the name of your husband Anika??” Shivay’s voice was calm but his eyes were reflecting his inner thoughts. She didn’t answer and tried to push Shivay but this attempt of her failed and he glued her other hand to the wall.

After much trial she couldn’t free her arm. “Who the hell are you Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi… to interfere in my life?” she shouted back. Shivay’s grip on her hands loosened but this time she did not try to free her hand.

Anika continued “yes I am married… so what??? Nothing will change between us. You are a stranger for me now and no one else than my past… yeah I have moved on… you got it MOVED ON” she highlighted the word moved on and pushed Shivay. He shifted and allowed her to go forward but then pulled her back and she banged with the wall.

” I have asked what is your husband’s name?” He repeated. His voice breaking with each word. She can see his pain in his eyes. His face was reflecting no expressions but his eyes were saying it all.

“I am not answerable to you” she said pushed him and went away from the room.

He saw her going away. He did not stop her this time. He had no more strength to fight with her. Questions were running through his mind. Tears made its way. He did not try them to stop.

He feared loosing all her memories. He feared getting called Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi again. He feared of getting weak in front of this world. He was craving for her… for her love and now she broke him into pieces. He patiently waited for her but she moved on. He could never think of loving someone else but she married another man. He had no answers to these questions but he for a moment stopped thinking about present and traversed back to their past.


“Wooowww…” Anika said allowed getting into a beautifully decorated room.

Two hands wrapped around her waist and twirled her. She landed on a protective chest surrounding him through her strong hands. He reciprocated back.

“Shivay… thank you so much for coming in my life” Anika said. Her voice was wet. He felt the wetness on his chest. He held her face and lift it up to see the pearls running down through her eyes. He kissed her pearls followed by her eyes.

“It has been two years Anika… we are together” he said and kissed her cheeks. Anika didn’t respond. She was enjoying this special feel. His touch over her exposed skin.

“The first day I saw you… I never thought we will be the couple made from heaven” he kissed her ears and continued “we had a journey from hatred to love… from fights to nok jhoks… from competition to care… we were always the best and will be always best” he said and kissed her ear lobes. “After a week we have our last graduation exam and after that our dreams of flying to abroad and studying. We will be always their for each other at every moment of our life. I won’t allow you to leave me ever. You are mine… only mine” he travelled down and kissed her jaw line.

He pulled back to look at the eyes. She opened her eyes slowly and replied “Shivay if I go away from you ever… believe me you will be my last door to return back ” she said and dropped a kiss on his forehead. He too pecked his lips over her forehead thereafter.

His lips went close to hers. No air passed between them. His lips sealed hers. It was not their first kiss but it seemed so. They were exploring each other. Soon they parted to inhale oxygen. His kissing action on her face got followed and they went to the bed. They made love… the first time. Their relationship got a tag of each other officially. Slumber took over them.

Next morning Shivay got up to check his beauty infront of him. He rested his hand over the pillow and his head over his hand. He stared at her collar bone having his mark. He smiled and slept wrapping her again.


Before blacking out he remembered all these. That night was special for them. Trust was their but now just nothing.


Anika was brushing her hands over his hairs. Tears ran down her eyes. She composed herself and promised to stay strong. She got up and went out in the balcony.

“I know Shivay what day was yesterday” she muttered and stared at the wind chime jingling at the corner of the balcony.

PRECAP – CONFESSING LOVE…. stay tuned friends. I won’t test your patience by questioning stupid. Well keep joining the dots.


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