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He came back to see her wide awake.

“Good Morning….” she replied softly

Shivay looked at Anika weirdly and murmured in a low voice making faces “Good Morning…”… “in past two days didn’t even greet a morning and today suddenly good morning… what has happened to her??” He thought and again stared Anika weirdly.

“Well I am a human being and not an alien I think” Anika answered looking his weird looks.

“Yeahh… I mean no… no I mean” he was at loss of words to explain anything.

“Whatever billu ji….” Anika teased him.

His eyes went wide, his lips curved in a smile. After a decade he listened his name which she made world famous from her… that too specially in a teasing tone. He couldn’t say more and kept staring Anika.

Anika checked her phone and saw Tia’s message. She kept down the phone and went to get freshened up. All this while Shivay kept staring her through the corner of his eyes. And was hardly trying to resist smiling.

She came out from washroom after getting freshened up and noticed the wet towel above the bed.

“Shivayyyy…” she called out angrily.

Shivay immediately look up to meet her angry gaze. He followed the direction of sight and immediately took the towel and tried to hide it.

“I… actually I got busy on checking the mails…. I mean… I didn’t do” he was stammering all through explaining.

“He he ha ha he he…..” was the sound came from Anika’s side. He looked up to her who was laughing holding her stomach.

“You still look Cute Singh Oberoi while explaining your mistakes” she teased him.

“You know i am not cute I am….” he tried to say but Anika cut him in middle “what hot?? You…. naahhhh” she taunted. She was still laughing. He went close to her.

“Am I not hot?” He asked in his extra husky voice…. “No..” she answered gulping her saliva with a hitching breath.

He went a bit closer and asked the same question again. Anika noticed the proximity and blushed. She noticed the towel in Shivay’s hand, she soon took it and put it over his hairs and went away running before bursting into fits of laughter.

“Heeyyyy….. you can’t do this to my hair…” Shivay said getting out from the sudden shock, but till the time he completed… she was gone from his sight.

Shivay smiled thinking about the incidents that took place a few moments ago. The smile stuck to his lips.


“So friends… today we have gathered here for my engagement” Tia announced and wrapped her hands around Dushyant’s hand. Everyone clapped listening to this.

“The major twist comes after we finish with the ring exchange…” Dushyant said and smiled looking Tia.

“Woohoooo…..” came shouts from the crowd.

“Well well well… after we exchange our rings we will be having a couple dance but the main twist is… is…. is a paper would be there and the music would play. After the music stops you have to fold the paper to half and the couple has to adjust dancing in that area of paper. If anyone’s foot touches the floor out of the paper while dancing then you are out” Tia explained.

A great round of applause again followed. Tia and Dushyant soon exchanged there rings. Papers were arranged and all the couples got on the paper. Shivay and Anika were standing at a side.

“Hey Shivay Anika come…” Tia called them.

“But we don’t have a partner” Shivay and Anika said in unison.

“Ohhh okay if that’s the problem then you two become partner of each other and now no more arguments” Dushyant said

“But…” they tried to explain but Tia didn’t allow “Dushyant baby said na…you two will be partner of each other so come soon.”

Shivay and Anika came on the dance floor. The music started to play. Men wrapped their hands around the women. Dance started. After many times of music breaks only four couples are left on the floor.

The music started again. Two couples got out. Now only Tia-Dushyant and Shivay-Anika are left. They again folded the paper to half. Shivay came close and hugged Anika to adjust over the paper. Anika went up on his toes and hugged him back to adjust. They were much close that they could hear each other’s heartbeat and could count the number of breaths falling over their shoulders.

Shivay asked “now tell me am I not hot??” His breath fanned over her earlobe.

“Hmm..” she could manage to say only this controlling her desires.

“Wooohoooo” Tia shouted breaking Shivay-Anika’s trance. Then when they realized they have won the competition as Tia-Dushyant went out of the paper much time ago. They got separated from each other. Everyone congratulated them for winning and Tia-Dushyant for their engagement.

They went back to their room remembering the moments they spent together since morning.

“What will your husband think Anika when he will get to know that you were dancing with your ex…” his words died in his throat.

PRECAP- COMING CLOSE OR GOING AWAY….. what would now Anika answer to the question that was asked by Shivay. Stay tuned friends to know more. Soon drop all your comments down


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  1. Qwerty123

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    1. Nilash

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    Dear nilash
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    1. Nilash

      Tu 200% sure ho ja I just love love love Tia baby can’t help
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