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The bus stopped at a wide plot. “This place….” Anika murmured softly. She looked towards Shivay who was in turn looking at her. His lips curved up in a soothing smile. Gradually everyone went down. Lastly Anika got up from her seat to go down. “Welcome to my palace ANIKA” Shivay said aloud. Everyone’s eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Small children are staring them with glowing faces. “Shivay bhaiyaaaaaa” everyone shouted in unison and ran towards Shivay. Shivay too sat down and extended his hands. All of them came and hugged him as tight as they could.

Anika was mesmerized to see Shivay like that. She always knew how much Shivay lives children. Her eyes got filled up thinking about their past.


“Shivay this place is so amazing” Anika said looking around the beautiful green plot infront of her.

“Yeah… bade papa is intending to buy this plot soon and set up a factory here” Shivay answered.

“No Shivay we won’t set up a factory here. Listen na we will build up an ORPHANAGE over here…. an orphanage to help small children to grow up in a protective environment, an orphanage which will never allow the children to feel lonely…… please Shivay talk to Tej uncle about this.” Anika said with a shining smile.

Shivay could not deny her. He pulled Anika in a tight hug. “I will Anika” he muttered. Anika smiled.


Anika smiles through her tears seeing Shivay playing with the children. She went near him.

“Shivay……” she softly called.

Shivay turned back and saw tears in Anika’s eyes. He got up and gently wiped them away nodding a no.

“Shivay bhaiya…… Shivay bhaiyaa…. she is our Anika didi na???” A small girl asked.

Shivay turned back and sat down to her height. “Yes Rimy” he answered.

Rimy went to Anika and held her hand. She gestured Anika to sit down. Anika sat down. Rimy hugged Anika. Anika too reciprocated and broke down in her tiny arms. Shivay soon went close to them and wrapped them in his arms. His tears too threatening to fall down. Rimy came out of the hug and wiping their tears said “Anika didi…. Shivay bhaiya has narrated many stories related to you”

Anika looked at Shivay whose head was bent down. He was trying to control his tears. Rimy continued “you know didi…. we hate him he didn’t visit us from long… and and…. no nothing else we hate him” Rimy said showing anger. Shivay held his ears.

“I am sorry my prince and princess. I was very busy but see I brought all your Anika didi to you as gift.” Shivay answered holding his ears.

“That’s why to we forgave you” Rohan, another child of the orphanage, said.

“I love you all too” Shivay said and extended his hands for a hug again. Everyone ran to him and hugged him. Anika too joined their hug.

“We all love you Anika didi and Shivay bhaiya” the children said in unison.

Shivay and Anika spent long hours narrating different stories to the children. The lunch time arrived soon. Orphanage authority called everyone inside to eat. Shivay said them he is going to the back lawn to spend some alone time. He went. Anika too excused herself and went behind Shivay.

“Shivay…” Anika called Shivay who was staring at the flowers. Shivay looked back.

“You made this orphanage??” Anika asked. Shivay just nodded.

“You have given me the best gift of my life Shivay thank you so much….. you just don’t know how happy I am today thank you so much for this. Anika said and hugged him tight. Tears made its way down her cheeks. Shivay wrapped his hand around. He brushed his hand over her back to calm her down.

After sometime Anika breaks the hug. She wipes her tears.

“Anika… see I have tried to make the orphanage as you wished” Shivay said showing her the park. The beautiful fairy swings.

Anika looked at him in disbelief as this man still remembers what she desired.

“Shivayyyy… we have decided the name of our orphanage as SHIVIKA… but you….” she was cut by Shivay “I kept it ANIKA…. THE ANIKA… I always got my positive strength back by this name so I named this place , this orphanage as THE ANIKA…. actually another reason was there…. I never wanted my Anika to go away but she went away…. so I found another ANIKA for me… and I know this ANIKA won’t leave me ever…. this ANIKA belongs to me, only to me” Shivay’s voice trembled while speaking.

Pupu, another orphanage girl, came and called them inside for lunch. Shivay and Anika followed her. They were taken to a different room. All the children sat in a circle surrounding them. Shivay and Anika were at the middle. The small children fed them. The morsels seemed to be heaven’s drink for both of them. Tears again oozed out from their eyes. Small hands wiped them away.

The day ended on a good note. Everyone thanked Shivay for such an amazing trip. Everyone went to their respective rooms and Shivay Anika too went to their room. They didn’t speak anything to each other and went to sleep.


The sun rays peeped in disturbing the beautiful souls. Shivay got up from his sleep. He saw Anika sleeping cuddling to him. He didn’t disturb her and got up slowly. He sat up beside her. Slowly he started brushing his hands through her hair. Her lips curved up just like before. He dropped a kiss over her forehead and went to get freshened up.

PRECAP – ENGAGEMENT PARTY….. well friends what do you all think after this will ShivIka reunite?? Who’s engagement party will it be?? Comment down friends. Thank You so much friends for all your comments and support.


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