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Shivay went with him.

“Uncle why did you take the name?” Shivay asked in an irritated tone.

“Sorry Shivay but you have not visited since a year and they are constantly asking for you every day, we are somehow managing them but please visit them once” Mr. Mukesh pleaded folding his hand.

“No…. no uncle please don’t” Shivay requested and placed his hands over Mr. Mukesh’s hand. He continued ” okay uncle I will visit them, I am answerable to them not you… I will visit them soon. I am requesting our group that we will visit them tomorrow only. It’s final. I am sorry uncle I went so busy this year that I cannot take out time for them. Sorry” Shivay said.

Mr. Mukesh brushed his hair lovingly and blessed him. He went back to the back lawn .

“Tia… Ragini… did you arrange any plans for tomorrow… I mean plan for any trip” Shivay asked to which Tia Ragini looked at each other and then nodded a no. Seeing this Shivay continued “okay we are visiting somewhere yesterday and I promise everyone will love the place”

He went back and sat down.

“Shivay that’s fine but what did that man say to you… I mean he took my name so I am asking” Anika asked.

“Don’t worry he is not planning to kidnap you and about what he said you all will come to know tomorrow so just wait for a night.” Shivay said with a smile.

Ragini spinned the bottle.

“Anika…. Anikaaaa…. ” everyone shouted together.

“Okay truth or dare?” Tia asked

“Hmmmm… Truth ” Anika replied.

“Okay then explain us the best moment of your life” Ragini said with a ear to ear smile.

“The best moment of my life… yeah my life…” Anika said and took a pause. Shivay noticed she got lost somewhere. But she continued ” it’s the day when the most special person of my life proposed me and I said yes. His smile…. I still remember… he smiled after I replied. And he got up and hugged me. I love you… he again muttered in my ear. It was the best moment” Anika completed.

“Hmmmummm who is that lucky guy??” Tia asked teasingly.

“Well Tia one question at a time so no answer to your question” Anika said to which Tia pouted.

Ragini again spinned the bottle.

“Tiaaaa…. yaayyy Tiaa…” the crowd shouted.

“Haayyy Tia dare… dare” Ragini requested

“Okay okay okay…. dare” Tia said agreeing to Ragini.

“Okay Tia kiss Shivay” Ragini said winking Tia.

“Whoo… whooaaattt?” Shivay stood up in shock.

“Yesssss Mr. Oberoi since you are the only single bachelor present here so Tia is gonna kiss you. If I would have opted any other handsome men present here then surely their wife or girlfriend would have killed me” Ragini said chuckling. Shivay also smiled listening to her reply.

“Okay Ragini since it’s a game I am ready…. and Dushyant baby you won’t get hurt na?” Tia asked Dushyant , her fiance. Dushyant nodded a no.

Tia kissed on Shivay’s cheek in a friendly manner. Shivay too kissed her back on her cheek.

“Wooohoooo” Ragini shouted and everyone clapped.

“Spin…spin…spin” Ragini said and spinned the bottle.

This time Shivay’s turn came.

“Truth or dare?” Ragini asked

“Truth” Shivay replied.

“Well we all know how much you love your family and your brothers. Now my question is who was that lucky person whom you loved equally to your family?” Ragini asked and everyone praised her for the question except Anika and Shivay.

Shivay looked at Anika and noticed her head bowed down. Maybe she is trying to control her tears like that. Shivay continued “Anika…. yeah Anika… she was the only girl I loved like I love my family. She was my family once but everything is just over”

Anika’s eyes are not stoping the tears. Her tears are flowing down her cheeks. Shivay noticed her smiling through her tears.

“Well no rona dhona (crying) now Ragini baby spin the bottle” Tia said as she never wanted to make the environment serious. Understanding this Anika wiped her tears and smiled. The game continued until everyone for chance.


Everyone got up soon. Shivay has made the arrangements for visiting the place he mentioned last night.

“Shivay where are we going?” Anika asked putting her bangles.

“Hey these bangles?” Shivay asked and went close to her to have a clear view of her bangles. Anika nodded yes. “These are those ones right that mom gave you?” Shivay asked making curious expression.

“Yeah” Anika answered.

“You have still kept this, this much safely?” He asked caressing the bangles.

“When something shows love and blessings everytime then everyone keeps it safe” Anika answered.

“Mom used to love you so much. I still remember the reason why she gave you these” Shivay said getting lost in his thoughts.


“Anika beta… Anika come… Anika where are you? Pinky was shouting from hall.

“Shivay leave me Pinky aunty is calling me” Anika answered trying to free her from Shivay’s hold. Shivay tightened his grip on her waist and dropped a kiss on Anika’s cheek.

“What are you doing Shivay??” Anika asked inhaling uneven breath.

“What? Romancing my girlfriend.” Shivay answered and kissed another cheek of Anika.

“Anikaaaa…. are you fine beta where are you?” Pinky again shouted from the hall.

“Yaaarrrr kya maa mili hai ek taraf bolti hai jaldi bahu banakar ghar me lekar aao aur ek taraf romance bhi nai karne deti” (what a mom yaar…. she only instructs me to make you the daughter in law of this house soon and she is the only one disturbing me in my romance) Shivay said with an irritated yet cute expression.

Anika jerked him off and ran down. Shivay too followed her down.

“Where were you beta?? See what I brought for you.” Pinky said and showed her bangles.

Pinky was making her wear those when she took back her hand and answered “Aunty I can’t take these”.

“Beta… aunty de rahi hai samajhkar agar nahi lena chahti to mat le par maa de rhi hai ye samajhkar to le hi sakti hai” (If you are feeling your aunty is giving this to you then don’t take, but if you feel your mom is giving then you can take these) Pinky said and wiped Anika’s tears. She made Anika wear those bangles and kissed her forehead. “Whenever you will get sad and you will need any support just look at these bangles and remember this bangles has all my good wishes and blessings for you. Always be happy” Pinky said smilingly and hugged Anika.

“If you both are done then can I take her to my room? We need to finish the project.” Shivay said.

“Ohhh shut up I know what you will do after taking her inside so she will now sit with me.” Pinky said and took away Anika with her. Anika looked back and moved her lips “I Love You”

Shivay smiled and went back to his room.


“Hey Shivay let’s go” Anika jerked Shivay.

His trance broke and he replied a yes and went to the direction of the bus with Anika.

PRECAP – VISITING ANIKA….. now what or who is this Anika? Is Shivay related to it? Stay tuned friends to know what happens next.


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