Heyaaaaaaa Darlings…… NILASH back again with the next part. Well well THANK YOU all so so so much (PKJ PEOPLE LOVE YOU) for sooooo many likes and comments. Well I am apologetic for not posting EXOTIC LOVE. But you will get the next part of that by yesterday.

Shivay got up and checked his phone which had a message from Tia.

The message read “Hello… this message is to inform you that we all will meet at sharp 6 PM at the back lawn of this hotel. Till then do enjoy by yourself. Happy day. Bye”

Shivay smiled and asked Anika to check her phone.

“My phone… my phone… where is my phone?” Anika asked Shivay. ” I kept it …. uuhhhhh it is maybe at the balcony.” she was getting up to take her phone but Shivay stopped her and went to take her phone.

He reached the balcony and saw her phone lying at the corner. He took it and pressed the power button. His lips curved up to see a picture of Sahil and his parents are adorning her screen. He clicked the home button and thus reached to her home screen from gallery. He pressed the power button again and went to give the phone to her.

She took the phone And checked the same message. She brushed her hands to the bottom of her hair and placed the phone on her side table. She held her head and rubbed her forehead.

“Are you having headache Anika?” Shivay asked looking at her deeds as he very well knew she rubs her forehead when she is having severe headache. Anika nodded since she knew there is no point in denying.

“Okay fine I am giving you a head massage. Just wait I am coming back” he said getting up.

“Are you going to get your black coffee?” Anika asked to which Shivay nodded and hummed. Seeing that Anika continued “then please get one cup for me too.” Shivay was shocked to listen to this. She hated black coffee the most and now she is the only one asking for it.

“It’s not my Anika… how can she be??? My Anika never used to drink coffee but she is demanding for black coffee. I… I have lost my old bubbly, cheerful girl.” He thought and without asking anything he went to get coffee for both.

He came back soon and saw her massaging her head by own. He soon went to her and kept the coffee down on the bed side table. He removed her hand and started massaging.

“Who has said you to cry whole night haan?? You are still so careless. You cannot even sleep properly. You are not going to have this coffee. Just lie down and close your eyes.” He said without a break. She could see how much he is in tension. She did as he said.

A tear drop ran down her right eye. He very carefully wiped it. She opened her eyes to meet his. She saw his eyes red. Yeah as she expected he is crying too. He knows if Anika cries for long then she has immense headache. This pain is very severe. She never discloses this pain to anyone but it seems her head will burst. Shivay was the first one to know about the pain. He signed her to close her eyes. She followed.

She remembered how he used to take care of her when she used to have headache. A small cut in her hand is also taken care by Shivay as if she had an accident.


“Hey Anika are you feeling relieved??” Shivay asked messaging her head and rubbing ice on her forehead occasionally.

“Shivay I am fine please you sleep it’s almost 3:30 please Shivay” she requested.

“You just shut up… dont talk to me. I hate you.” Shivay said angrily. He saw her smiling at this. “Am I a funny joker??? What are you laughing at?? Just close your eyes and try to sleep” he said irritated again.

“Why do you love me so much?” Was Anika’s simple question.

“I don’t love you I hate you” Shivay answered.

“But I love you a lot.” Anika said with a wide smile on her face.

Shivay saw her cuteness “Pagal (mad)” he muttered to himself”


Anika was thinking all these and trying hard not to cry. He was rubbing her head, pressing her forehead and brushing his hand occasionally on her hairs.

After sometime he felt she went to deep slumber. He stared the coffee which was cool now. He slowly got up from his position but soon sat down feeling Anika’s hand over his hand. He caressed her hand and went away.

Its evening time. No one disturbed Anika as Shivay has instructed everyone. She got up and saw Shivay getting ready. She understood he was getting ready to go down. She soon got freshened up and went to get ready.

Shivay and Anika went downstairs together. Everyone was present there.
They both sat down.

The entire gang decided to play some games. Lastly it was decided to play truth and dare. Ragini was to spin the bottle when a man came to call Shivay.

“Mr. Shivay I want to talk to you” the man said.

“Mr. Mukesh… hello uncle how are you?” Shivay asked

“Shivay I want to talk to you about ANIKA” Mr. Mukesh said and left everyone in shock.

Shivay went with him

PRECAP – TIA KISSES SHIVAY……. who might be this ANIKA about whom Mr. Mukesh came to inform Shivay. What is the matter? What will Shivay do now?

Stay tuned friends to know what happens as the next chapter rolls. Thank You for fulfilling the target. Thus I decided to write. I hope you all enjoyed the chapter. Soon drop all your comments down. BUH BYE- NILANJANA/ NILASH

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