The Serial 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update


The Serial 17th January 2013 Written Episode, The Serial 17th January 2013 Written Update

The episode starts in a gym where paras is working on his biceps and shoulders (as suggested by Sara in the earlier episode). One guy in the gym is finding it difficult to lift weights. The nstructor asks him to think of hot actress and try counting. He takes Sara’s name after a while and comments on her personal life that she is divorced and available. Paras gets angry and argues with that guy.

At kacha’s house, he gets a Sorry card from Soumya. Soumya calls him and says that Kundra needs to understand that he is her boyfriend and that she will talk to him. Kacha is happy that Soumya finally decided to leave Kundra.

Soumya goes to talk to Karan at the terrace of his house, he takes her to the end and asks her to enjoy the air and not to look down. Soumya tries to talk to him but he is joking at every sentence of hers. Soumya asks him to get serious for a while as it’s important. But he refuses saying that he doesnt know how to get serious. Right now the only serious issue is Arjit cheating on Pooja.

Next day at evening, All are reaching Arijit’s sister’s engagement where few ladies recognize kundra as the host of Gumrah and click photographs with him. Soumya and Kacha enter at that time. Seeing kundra talking freely with Soumya, kacha realizes that Soumya still hadnt talked to him. He gets angry.

Billu is bringing the girl (arijt’s girlfriend) with him. Vikrant asks Soumya why she hadnt talked to Karan, she replies that right now Karan has other tensions and that he is trying to expose Arijit. Vikrant mumbles under his breath that Karan will never change.

All the cast dance on Disco Deewane song from Student of the year. The exchange of rings takes place and Raj tells Pihu that soon they’ll exchange too.

Pooja tells Karan that she has decided, she’ll give Arijit a chance as he is a very good guy. Karan tells her that Billu has brought a girl, who is right now talking to Arijit. She is Arijit’s girlfriend and he is cheating on her. Pooja is shocked.

Karan’s plan fail and Soumya tells Karan the he should have confirmed. Pooja apologizes to Arijit on Karan’s behalf. Vikrant tells the girl (Arijit’s girlfriend) that she should come for Arjit’s wedding too. The girl gets shocked, Arijit’s wedding?

Update Credit to: AquaNymph

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